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12 Amazing Phone Accessories All Nerdy Girls Need In Their Lives

Almost nothing is more fun than finding new phone accessories that are not only cute but satisfy all your nerdiest fantasies. Whether your nerdier interests are anime, DnD, classic shows like “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock,” or in popular series like “Star Wars” and “Lord of The Rings,” there are phone cases and stands out there that will fulfill all your nerd needs. Here are some of our favorite nerdtastic phone accessories that even the pickiest nerd girl will love!

1. My Hero Academia Cable Covers

On my list of necessary phone accessories, I would never have thought about the options available to make my iPhone charging cable cuter – but that’s exactly where we are. No phone accessory left unturned. There are countless cute cable covers out there, from Pokemon to Disney-themed, but today I wanted to shine a spotlight on these adorable MHA character covers. Whether your a Bakugo stan or a Tokoyami simp, there’s a character cover available for every MHA fan!

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2. Floral DnD PopSocket

Sometimes we want a pretty, girly pop socket. Sometimes we want a nerdy, “iykyk” pop socket. And sometimes we want both, which is where this floral DnD pop socket comes into play. As far as nerdy phone accessories go, this pop socket is subtle enough that you won’t be shouting to everyone who sees it “Hey, I’m a giant nerd!” But it’s also nerdy enough that it will make all the pals in your campaign insanely jealous. Chaotic good at its finest.

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3. Millenium Falcon Phone Stand

As far as nerdy phone accessories are concerned, this Millenium Falcon phone stand is incredibly extra in the best possible way. For one, it’s not only useful as a phone stand, but it’s also big enough to make a cool decorative piece. Do you need a phone stand this large? Probably not. But do you want it really, really badly? Yes, completely. This would also make the perfect Christmas gift for any of the Star Wars fans in your family (because, as we all know, Christmas is the time to rewatch every Star Wars movie).

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4. Playable Gameboy Case

For all my gamer girls looking for phone accessories that are both incredibly cute and useful, this Gameboy case is the one for you. Not only is it adorable and vintage in the best possible ways, but you can also actually play classic Gameboy games on it. And not like through your phone, but through the actual case! I don’t know why that seems so magical to me – maybe because I don’t understand all the mechanics to it, making it magic, plain and simple) – but ever since I saw this case on TikTok, I’ve wanted one. You will have to deal with kids asking if you have games on your phone.

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5. Gamer Couple iPhone Case

Calling all gamer couples – I have one of the most perfect phone accessories for you. These matching pair phone cases will let everyone know exactly where the priorities in your relationships lie: firstly in each other, secondly in video games. Will you argue about who gets to play “Player 1”? Possibly. But these phone cases are cute nonetheless, and way better for nerdy couples than matching T-shirts or pair rings.

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6. Chaotic Gay PopSocket

I see you, LGBTQ+ nerdy girls, and I have the phone accessories for you. This Chaotic Gay popsocket not only provides the perfect phone accessory, but it also clearly shows the only alignment we ever really need. I’m not saying this is perfect for the local bard in your campaign – actually, I’m totally saying that. It’s fun, it’s loud, and it’s exactly what every LGBTQ+ DnD player needs.

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7.  Les Mis Phone Case

Some nerds like school, some nerds like TV, and some nerds have a slightly unhealthy obsession with musical theater (it’s me, I’m those nerds). For any theater buffs looking for phone accessories that fit their interests, this funny Les Mis case is the only thing you need in your life right now. Whether your team Javert or support Jean Valjean, this case is still speaking undoubted truths and will make the rest of your castmates and fellow theater nerds incredibly jealous.

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8. Acrylic Cell Phone Charms

I wish I’d found these phone accessories when I was in middle school because I would have loved to have had cell phone charms as cute as these. These charms are incredibly well designed and adorable – plus, they have charms from so many different nerdy interests, from Mario to Adventure Time to Harry Potter. There is literally no way you won’t find at least one you like, it will add that extra touch of cuteness to your life.

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9. The Office Cable Covers

According to TikTok, Tinder, and literally anyone ever, The Office is one of the greatest shows of all time – so why not have phone accessories to show your love for such a classic? These cable covers will have everyone in the office pulling out their wallets, and all your friends will be asking you where you got them from. Plus, you know Michael Scott would buy them, and that’s reason enough to get them.

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10. Darth Vader Air Pod Case

I’m back for all my Star Wars nerds looking for cute phone accessories with this absolutely adorable air pod case. I don’t know what it is about mini Darth Vader that makes him so cute, but he’s the perfect case for carrying your Bluetooth earbuds. Plus, Box Lunch also offers other Star Wars-themed air pod cases, like The Mandalorian, The Child, and a Storm Trooper case. You could just get one for yourself, or buy different characters for your friends and family to enjoy!

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11. Yee Hawful Good Phone Case

I love a good pun, I do, and I can’t pass up the opportunity to show off phone accessories that cross my love of puns with my appreciation for DnD. Plus, if your personal alignment isn’t chaotic gay, then there’s always the opportunity to make it yee hawful good (a solid choice, in my opinion). So take your cowboy subclass character and give them the only case they need in their lives.

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12. The Child Portable Charger

One final plug for star wars fans looking for fun phone accessories: you’ve got the phone stand and the air pod case – now it’s time for The Child portable charger. It’s adorable, it’s useful, and it’s perfect for bringing when you go to a con or just a fun day out. May the force (and the phone charge) be with you – but only when you get this cute, nerdy portable charger.

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Know of more cute and nerdy phone accessories that we need in our lives? Tell us in the comments!

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Draven Jackson

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