9 Amazing Makeup Tips For People With Hooded Eyes

Having hooded eyes can be annoying. Here are some makeup for hooded eye tips. Say bye to being hooded eyed and master hooded eye makeup tips with eye-liner.

Do you have hooded eyes? If so, you know how difficult it is to apply eye makeup. Half the time what you apply isn’t even visible and you’ve wasted precious time getting ready. Here are 9 useful tips for those of you with hooded eyes!

1. Winged Liner.

Using a cat-eye look will make your eyes look as if they are pulled up. If you have hooded eyes, you know that your eyes often look like they are being pulled down. You don’t want the liner to be too thick, or else your entire eyelash will be black. Emo isn’t what we’re going for here beauty babes.

2. Tight Line Your Upper Lash.

By using a tight line on your hooded eyes, you don’t waste lid space when creating a winged cat-eye.

3. Avoid Glitter and Shimmer Based Eyeshadow.

Shimmery eyeshadows used on your crease will create an effect that goes against your hooded eyes. It will make you look more tired! Big no-no!

4. Use Matte Shadows.

Instead of those shimmery eyeshadows, use matte based shades to create the appearance of bigger eyes. Make sure to use the matte shades above your create.

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5. Cut-Crease Eyeshadow.

This cut-crease look will give you the appearance of having a higher crease. As we know, for hooded eyes, is totally not the case.

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6. Use Eye Primer.

Eye-primer will help make sure your makeup doesn’t smear. If your eye makeup smears and you have hooded eyes, you’re basically fucked. Urban Decay has the greatest eye-primer!

7. Apply With Eyes Open.

If you apply your eye makeup with your eyes open, you will only be applying to the visible parts of your eyelid. Talk about perfect since you usually apply to your entire eyelid if you have hooded eyes.

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8. Use The Straight-Line Technique.

Use a napkin and place it on the outer corner of your nose. Then angle the napkin up to the corner of your eyebrow. This technique when applying eyeshadow with make your hooded eyes appear bigger. They will also look lifted!

9. Waterproof Mascara.

If you don’t already use waterproof mascara you’re an idiot. Not sure why anyone would want to use anything other than H2O proof. Waterproof mascara makes your makeup smudge-free. This is crucial for hooded eyed babes. It will lift your eyes instantly.

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If you have hooded eyes, let us know your makeup tricks! Drop us a line!!
These are the most amazing makeup tips for people with hooded eyes!
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