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5 Amazing Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes You Need To See

5 Amazing Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes You Need To See

5 Amazing Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes You Need To See

Many people think that having brown eyes is difficult when it comes to makeup. Yet on the contrary, brown eyes go well with most vibrant and metallic colors as this warms or sharpens your features. Here are some makeup looks for brown eyes you need to try right now!

1. Rose Gold Eyeshadow

This pretty makeup look will give you an amazing natural glow to your eyes. Your brown eyes will look warmer as gold and brown compliment each other very nicely. This eyeshadow look can be very versatile, it can be used either for a night or day look. To do a similar eye look check out a Charlotte Tilbury makeup tutorial here!

Few items that are great to complete this look:


2. Pop of Blue

This eye look will give you a great pop to your brown eyes. This eye look is for someone who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. Combined with a red lipstick this is the ultimate definition of badass boss.  This can be used for a formal event in which you are guaranteed to steal the spotlight. You can find the eye look in this tutorial by makeup artist Ariel Tejada, and actress Shay Mitchel here!


Some amazing products you may want for this look:

  •  I Heart Revolution Blueberry Crush Eyeshadow ($7)
  • Milani Bella Teal Eyeshadow Gel Powder ($5)
  • Sephora Turquoise Shadow and Liner ($14)
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Turquoise ($25)

3. Orange Eyeshadow

This makeup look on Emily Ratajkowski is a very subtle yet beautiful look. This is another look that warms up the brown eyes. Giving you a natural look, this look is also a versatile one being one that could be used from day to night. Try this beautiful trendy fall look with Ivy Boyd tutorial for a similar look.


To complete  this natural fall eyeshadow look you can use:

  • Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsession eyeshadow pallet ($27)
  • Makeup For Ever Tangarine Metalic Eyeshadow ($15)
  •  NARS Voyageur Copper Mini pallet ($32)
  • BH Cosmetics Nouveau Neutrals pallet ($10)


4.  Cobalt Eyeshadow

This look is one that makes you stand out from any crowd. The nice thing about this look is that this one will only focus on your eyes, therefore saving time on the rest of the face. The monochromatic look will also make it easier to match with whatever outfits you have in mind. For a similar makeup look, check out Meghal and Natasha makeup tutorial here!

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Some products you could use for this amazing look:


5. Plum Eyeshadow

This vampy look will highlight any night look. This amazing look darkens your features making them more prominent. Matched with a dark lipstick as Lily Collins will give it an amazing darker pop. Check out a similar makeup tutorial to this look by Beauty Bird here!


Some reccomended product for this look:

Regardless of what they say for people who have brown eyes, these amazing eyeshadow makeup are guaranteed to blow anyone away. From a natural effortless look to spolight steal makeup looks.

What did you think of these makeup looks? Would you try them on? Let us know in the comments below!

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