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25 Amazing Graduation Cap Decorating Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

Summer is approaching quickly, and for future graduating students, that means it’s time to start thinking about graduation cap decorating ideas. Students can use so many graduation cap decorating ideas for their hats, all with different styles and meanings. Each one of these graduating cap decorating ideas can give the graduate in your life the perfect cherry on top to send them off to the next chapter of their life, looking fresh and stylish. Here are 25 fantastic graduation cap design ideas that you’ll want to copy! Hopefully, these ideas will inspire the graduate in your life for their upcoming graduation day.

1. So Long Succas

Out of all the graduation cap decorating ideas on this list, this one is perfect for plant lovers! It’s also super easy to make yourself, oo. All you’ll need are a bunch of plant stickers and some letter stickers.

2. Dwight and Jim

There are so many The Office-inspired graduation cap decorating ideas out there that this is one of two on our list! Most people leave college with a lot of outstanding debt, so why not joke about it?

3. Best Friends Started From The Bottom

This graduation cap decorating idea is PERFECT for best friends or siblings who might be graduating together. These Drake lyrics in particular are relatable for any graduate.

4. High School Musical

This one is for all the Disney Channel/High School Musical fans out there! If you’re graduating from high school, you could also put “This was nothing like High School Musical” for a fun twist!

5. Avengers Endgame

Anyone who is graduating from college knows that college takes everything out of you as a person, so getting a degree really does cost everything sometimes. This graduation cap is perfect for any Marvel fans!

6. On To My Next Adventure

This is one of the more simple graduation cap decorating ideas on this list, and it’s great for pretty much everybody. You can even personalize it by using your favorite inspirational quote instead of the one seen below!

7. As Cher Once Said…

I mean, who doesn’t love Cher?! Cher in particular has so many amazing quotes that would be perfect for anyone’s graduation caps. Just print out one of her many fabulous tweets and glue it on!

8. Spongebob

There are SO many Songebob-inspired graduation cap decorating ideas out there that it was hard to pick just one to include on this list. This graduation cap is super easy to DIY!

9. Bedazzled

This bedazzled graduation cap is incredibly easy to make. Go to your local crafts store and buy A LOT of stick-on or glue-on embellishments. Draw your school’s logo onto the cap and apply the rhinestones around the design, as seen below. So adorable and incredibly easy! 

10. You Get What You Work For

Have you ever heard the quote “You get what you wish for”? This graduation cap challenges that by saying that you only get what you actually work for, which in my humble opinion, is true! You can customize this graduation cap decorating idea by using whatever color background and letters your heart desires.

11. Mama I Made It

It’s not a graduation unless you thank your loved ones for helping you get to where you are. This one in particular is a shout out to mom, but you can personalize it by shouting out whoever is most important to you in your life!

12. Hamilton

Just like The Office, there are so many Hamilton-inspired graduation caps out there, too. Hamilton graduation caps in particular are great for any theater or English majors out there!

13. John Mulaney

John Mulaney is a hilarious stand-up comedian, and I’ve actually seen a few of his jokes used on graduation caps. This graduation cap decorating idea is great if you don’t want to paint or permanently alter your graduation cap because all you need are letter stickers (and a printout of John Mulaney if you want to include that, too)!

14. Dr. Seuss

When my cousin graduated from college, she got FOUR copies of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go as presents from people because this book in particular has so many quotes that are perfect for graduates.

15. Inspirational Quotes

This graduation cap is another example of a graduation cap decorating idea that’s very easy to make yourself. All you need to do is print out some inspirational quotes from Pinterest and glue them onto your cap!

16. Pantone

This Pantone-inspired graduation cap is super minimalist and simple, and you can customize it by using your favorite color, putting your major, and including your graduation year!

16. Lisa Simpson

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, then this graduation cap decorating idea is for you! There are so many Lisa Simpson memes you can use to inspire your graduation cap.

17. The World Is My Classroom

This graduation cap design is for all the education majors and future teachers out there!

See Also

18. What, Like It’s Hard?

One of the most well-known pop culture college students ever is Elle Woods, so this graduation cap is ideal for any strong, independent women out there who know that they can accomplish anything!

19. Moana

The song “How Far I’ll Go” in the movie Disney princess movie Moana is perfect for graduates!

20. Adventure Is Out There

Here’s another graduation cap decorating idea inspired by a Disney movie, but this time, it’s Up! Instead of decorating the cap with balloons like in the movie, use flowers to add a classy and personal touch!

21. Music Inspired

This graduation cap decorating idea is inspired by Panic! At The Disco’s song “Death of a Bachelor,” but I’m sure there are so many other music-inspired puns you could make that would be perfect to put on your graduation cap.

22. Cinderella

We’re all hoping to live “happily ever after” after graduation, right? So, why not put a quote from the movie Cinderella on your graduation cap?

23. Michael Scott “That’s What She Said”

Here’s another The Office-inspired graduation cap decorating idea! Michael Scott is infamous for making inappropriate “that’s what she said” jokes around the office, and there are plenty of puns you can make for your graduation cap design.

24. The Incredibles

This graduation cap design is ideal for all you badass feminists out there! 

25. Bible Verses

Finally, a graduation cap decorating idea for anyone out there who really values religion. Find your favorite bible verse and paint it onto your graduation cap!


Graduation day is a special and unique day that people will remember for the rest of their lives! People will be looking at graduation day pictures and videos in the future that is long after graduating. If you want to look your best on your special day, you need to copy one of these great graduation cap decorating ideas. Students have many regrets in school, and this is one aspect that they won’t regret! Comment which design is your favorite, and be sure to save and share this article with family and friends so that they can have stylish graduation caps, too!

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