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7 Amazing Gifts To Get Your Nerdy Partner

Surprising your partner with amazing gifts can be a very rewarding experience. Gifts can show you care while also revealing how much you know about your S.O.  It’s normal to face a challenge when finding the right gift because you want to find a balance between emotional connection while proving you put in the effort to take care of them. For those with nerdy partners, you might find that you aren’t familiar with the details and specifics of their interests, whatever they may be. If your partner intensely loves gaming, movies, or some other aspect of culture, there are always gifts you can get to show them you care. Here is our list of some amazing gifts to get for your nerdy partner.

1. Games

Everyone enjoys some type of game, whether they’re online, a board game, cards, or many more. Knowing your partner’s game preferences is a huge help, but there are plenty of alternatives.  Whether it’s D&D or first-person shooter, there are always good options.

One great tip when looking for these games is how many people can play. If possible, you should aim for two-player games.  That way, you can play together with your partner!  The gift itself is nice, but it also presents you with time to bond and find a shared interest. After all, games are much more fun when you can share them and your experience with someone you care about.

2. Fan Art

Art is one of the most versatile of these amazing gifts.  Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find all the amazing art there is for just about any subject of interest you can find. Artists all over the internet have their own merchandise in all varieties.

There are the simpler options, like posters or wallpapers but there’s so much more too.  You can find T-shirts, mugs, socks, mousepads, keychain charms, buttons, and just about whatever you can think of.  Because of the many online communities sharing and combining art, there are endless options to find.

3. Childhood Toys

Gifting toys from your SO’s childhood are one of the most sentimental gifts you can get them.  Nostalgia plays a large role in our lives, and while you may not play with the same toys you did as a kid, they still have an important value.  Sometimes, just looking at your shelf and seeing a toy can bring a smile to your face.  They stir up the innocent memories, and you might just hear stories from your partner that you’ve never heard.  Even if toys weren’t a huge part of their childhood, just knowing what your partner liked is a sign that you know and pay attention to them.

4. Books

Find your local bookstore or library and have a quick look around.  Another diverse option for gift-giving, there are books for just about every subject of interest, no matter how specific or niche.  Even if your partner isn’t very excited about reading, there are still plenty of good options!  There are many books about movies, TV shows, cartoons, and anime, many of which are filled with concept art and design images behind your partner’s biggest interest.  You’re also bound to find a slew of related comic books or graphic novels, or even coloring books, for partners who are more interested in the artsy and visuals.  While it might sound like a boring gift, as long as you know your partner, you can find many exciting choices that they will love.

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5. Plushies

Plushies and stuffed toys are an adorable option that can melt anyone’s heart.  Like most of these amazing gifts, you can find tons of cute plushes based on your partner’s interests.  Even if you are struggling to find specific plushes, there are plenty of more generic ones that can earn their place in your heart.  It can even be as simple as knowing if your partner is a cat or dog person since there are tons of plushes for animal lovers.  You might be surprised at just how many plushes are out there, for things you wouldn’t associate with these soft toys.  These plushies can find permanent spots in your bed, on your desk, or on shelves around the house.  Of course, they are cuddly enough you may want to bring them around with you everywhere!

6. Blu-ray/DVD

Blu-rays, DVDs, or any physical media of your partner’s favorite media can be excellent presents.  Sure, there are lots of ways to watch movies and shows that are simple and do not require physical copies.  However, owning a physical copy can be very valuable to some people, and gives the media a sentimental factor.  For die-hard fans, there’s something to be said about being able to touch your copy of your favorite film or see it filling up your shelf.  Some people even think they gain value over time.  This definitely holds true for franchises, where people can become collectors of their favorite series.  It’s the difference between saying you can watch a movie and you own that movie.  Maybe it’s not the best idea if it’s something your partner is only a casual fan of, but for the movies close to their heart, the physical copy is irreplaceable.

7. Props

This might sound vague, but these types of gifts are instantly recognizable once you see them.  Objects like lightsabers from Star Wars or the ring from Lord of the Rings are some very popular examples and are usually not too difficult to obtain.  Objects from movies or games are nice reminders of something close to your heart and bring reality a little closer to the fantasy.  There is something unique about being able to physically see and hold something that’s brought you joy in media form.  These can be very fun gifts, as long as your partner never gets carried away using them!

These were our best nerdy gift ideas.  Hopefully this has helped you out in your gift search.  Would you enjoy receiving these gifts?  Do you have your own best-recommended gift?  Let us know in the comments!

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