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10 Amazing Free Places In Edinburgh

10 Amazing Free Places In Edinburgh

Are you looking to visit Edinburgh in the near future? If not, then you should! We list all of the reasons why you should see this European city!
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When the willingness to explore a city is more powerful than the amount of money that is currently in your bank account, I am sorry to say that you have to find a compromise. If you live in Edinburgh and you feel like being a tourist or you have simply decided to visit it, then you are very lucky! Edinburgh is full of spots that are not only free but also remarkable. Check them out in the below list and sees what inspires you the most.

1.The Terrace On Top Of The National Museum Of Scotland

The elevator to get to the terrace of the National Museum of Scotland is more difficult to find than a sunny day in the Scottish capital. No, really. It took me ages to find it. Even after some pretty clear directions from a nice guard. However, when you finally get on top if it, the view is really amazing. You can basically see the all city and its landmarks and take amazing pictures.

2. The National Museum Of Scotland And Its Collection

Located on Chambers Street, very close to Southbridge, this massive museum is the perfect place to spend a day full of culture, entertainment and science. A special mention to the fashion area, the miniature coffins found on the Arthur’s Seat and eleven Lewis chessmen pieces from the 12th century.


3.Tone Your butt By Climbing The Arthur’s Seat

The fact that it was once a volcano, it is only half of the reason why Arthur’s Seat is a cool place to visit. The other half is because legend has it that it might be the place where Camelot was located. So, this means that there is a high chance that King Arthur has climbed the same hill. This should be an enough good reason to do the same. And of course the view is nice as well.

4.Fight Your Hayfever By Strolling Around The Royal Botanic Garden

The 72 acres of breathtaking scenery are really worth all the sneezes you are going to bear during your visit at the Royal Botanic Garden. There are trails to explore and a magnificent Glasshouse as well, the very highlight of the all place.

5.Make Your Butt Even More Toned by Going to Calton Hill

If you look for Edinburgh on Google, the first picture that appears is exactly Calton Hill and the Dugald Stewart Monument. Being a renowned landmark of the city, the location includes the National Monument that you can climb and take Instagram worthy pictures, the Nelson Monument and the City Observatory.


6.Go Back In Time By Visiting The Dean Village

Following the Water of Leith from Stockbridge, you reach the highly picturesque Dean Village. The Village has been a grain milling area for 800 years and all the working mills were driven by the Water of Leith’s strong currents. You can walk around this highly recommended area and enjoy its stopped in time atmosphere.

7.Be Overwhelmed By Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Not only it is interesting from the inside, but the outside, with his Gothic revival style, it is really peculiar as well. The collection includes portraits of very important Scottish personalities like Mary, Queen of Scots, Robbie Coltrane, Tilda Swinton and Robert Burns.

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8.Get To Know Three Famous Scottish Writers At The Writers’ Museum

This is really a must for book lovers. Its focus is on three famous Scottish writers: Walter Scott, Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson. There, you will be able to see their rare editions of their books, personal items and their home portraits. It is located in the top part of the Royal Mile, Lady’s Stairs Close and the peculiar architecture of its building and the uniqueness of what it shows inside, makes it really a hidden gem of the city.

9.Discover the Secret Garden Of Dr Neil

Dr Neil’s Garden is one of Edinburgh secret gardens created by the famous Dr Andrew Neil and his wife Drs Nancy, both highly interested in medicine and horticulture. It is famous for being a little piece of heaven in the middle of the city and an inspiration for art lovers.

10.Learn About Farming At The Gorgie City Farm

What? A farm in the city? Yes, a farm in the city. I know it sounds strange and quite unusual but if you want to make a new experience why not giving it a try? You will have the chance to learn about farming hands-on and you will see a lot of different animals such as cattle, pigs, sheeps and goats.


Do you know other free places in Edinburgh? Comment below with your picks and let us what your favorite one is!

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