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30 Amazing Fordham University Dorm Rooms

30 Amazing Fordham University Dorm Rooms

Nothing sucks more than having lifeless and boring dorm room. Here are amazing Fordham University dorm rooms for inspiration so that doesn't happen to you.

Nothing sucks more than having lifeless and boring dorm room. However, Fordham students don’t have that problem. Whether you’re in McKeon or McMahon Hall at Lincoln Center or are a Rose Hill resident, these dorm rooms are sure to make you step up your game and have pride in your Ramily’s creativity.

1. The true vintage hipster

2. The skyline lover

3. The collage minimalist

4. The studious simplistic

5. The Pinterest queen

6. The pattern lover

7. The window decorator

8. The monochromatic


9. The wanderer

10. The optimist




11. The calm and collected


12. The Zen friend

13. The pink and gold decorator

14. The world traveler



15. The cute collage artist


16. The musician


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17. The busy social butterfly

18. The soul surfer

19. The pastel princess

20. The clothesline creator

21. The color-coordinated decorator

22. Black and white with a view

23. The balanced minimalist

24. The Chanel chic

25. The graffiti lover

26. The online shopper

27. The tribal guru

28. The Europe enthusiast

29. The teal-themed dorm

30. The eclectic old-schooler


Which of these Fordham University dorm rooms is your favorite? Share in the comments below!

Featured image: Pinterest