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10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

We've put together a list of ten of the best places to eat in San Francisco. We're guarantee you're going to love these spots!

I am finally considered a local San Franciscan! WOO. After living in San Francisco for one year and learning about all the best places to grab a bite, I am going to share with you the 10 most amazing food places in my city. Proceed with caution, all of this food talk WILL expect you to jump on a plane and visit the Golden City.

1. Devils Teeth

San Francisco has plenty of amazing food places, although starting this list off strong, Devils Teeth is the best place to grab some homemade breakfast. Devils Teeth is a local baking company in the Sunset District that has something special about every dish. This local spot is very well known to the Sunset District community and many local San Franciscans. Although offering a wide menu, their ‘special breakfast sandwich’ is the sandwich everyone is standing in line for. Scrambled eggs, avocados, crispy bacon and there famous lemon garlic aioli sauce on their homemade biscuit, is what makes this bakery so special. Visiting for a weekend, grab this on a Sunday morning when they are cooking beignet’s in the bakery, easily this spot makes top 10 places to eat in San Francisco.

10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

2. Grubbin

Grubbin IS the place to go when you want a sandwich in SF. Grubbin has the best ‘Grubbin sauce’ and menu that includes a way to completely make your own sandwich. Keeping it unique and strictly Grubbin is the sauce that makes any sub the best sub. There menu also includes Grubbin garlic fries, tater tots, chicken strips and a large range of grub wing sauces. This spot is known for its sauces and its spicy way it crafts each sandwich!

3. Thai House Express

The Castro is such a fun area in San Francisco to explore, and if you’re in the mood for Thai food this in the best place to be at. Thai House Express is such a cozy restaurant with huge windows and a beautiful look onto the Castro streets. This restaurant serves delicious beef, rice, curry and rolls. If you’re in the mood for Thai food the location and menu serves best at Thai House Express. Located near yoga and art shops, this is the perfect place to grab lunch on a day out, making it an spot on the top 10 place to eat at.

4. The Pizza Place

Looking for a slice of pizza, find it at the Pizza Place. Always expect this place to be buzzing and prepare to wait, not only for an amazing slice of pizza but a great dining environment. The Pizza Place, also located in the Sunset District always has a younger fun crowd, people drinking beers and tons of fresh crafted pizza. This is the perfect place for friends or family to share a meal over a pitcher of beer!

5. Souvla

Souvla is the place to get your Greek food on. This restaurant is a bit more fancy and always always guaranteed to be busy and filled with people. Souvla specializes in everything Greek, from sandwiches, salads to beer. This is a classy place to bring a date, a loved one, or as a celebratory event. Souvla is great for big party occasions and accommodates with huge appetizers, delicious sandwiches and plenty of wine, firmly placing it on the top 10 list.

10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

6. Sakesan

Felling like you need some sushi? This sushi place is unlike any other that I have visited in the city. Sakesan is located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, and alters a different experience for its dine in guests. Tables where you sit on the floor, shoes off, and legs dangling in an empty box beneath you. This dipping floor gives a raised table and comfortable dining experience. Friendly employees, and a dining experience that you can really enjoy while eating great sushi with friends and family. The Lion King roll, a customer favorite, smoked and baked salmon, with a side of lemon slices this is the best way to kick off your weekend with a glass of Rose, fitting it perfectly in our top 10 places to eat out at.

7. Outerlands

Outerlands is marked one of the best places to eat in the city! This little quant restaurant is a secret to the tourists, but talked about among the locals. Outerlands is focused on its community and the Sunset District. This is a definite spot for locals to bring there furry friends and pop a squat outside on the patio. They have a wide menu, but particularly focused on there waffles and grilled cheeses. Outlerlands is a comfortable spot to soak up some sun and eat some comfort food with pals.

10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

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8. Blue Barn

Blue Barn is the ultimate salad spot. Located in the Marina District Blue Barn has absolutely everything you need to create your own barn salad. These salads are packed with nutrients, protein and last all day. There filled in a box thats large enough to snack on for lunch and dinner! They have an absolutely packed menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads, and everything is fueling while filling!

10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

9. Glaze

This is the spot for chicken and rice cravings. Little did I know working next door to  Glaze would slowly but surely steep into my wallet. Glaze is built to make the best teriyaki chicken and side this with ride or brown rice. There menu is a build your own plate that includes short ribs that fall off the bone with a spicy Asian sauce. Please, if you’re feeling teriyaki stop by the best place in the city for your chicken bowl!

10. Trouble Coffee

Trouble is the name of one of the cutest coffee shop in the city. This spot is a bit more grunge, skater kids run the counter serving hot and ices chai’s daily. They are best known for their toasted cinnamon bread that is served on a thick loaf creamed with butter and extra love. Stop by here on the way to work, or the way out, and grab a small peanut butter melted cookie with Reese’s for dessert. You won’t regret this Trouble, easily concluding this list of top 10 places you MUST try in San Francisco.

10 Amazing Food Places In San Francisco

These conclude the spots you MUST try in San Francisco! You won’t want to pass these spots up! Visiting for a weekend? Stop by at least one of these food places and your guaranteed to make it on YOUR top 10 list!
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