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10 Amazing Food Places in Norristown, PA

10 Amazing Food Places in Norristown, PA

One of the greatest things about Norristown is its history and the diversity of the people in the community. All around town you can find the most authentic cuisine from Mexican, Italian, to Thai and much more! You have to check out these food places in Norristown, PA.

While it may not be the largest borough around, Norristown definitely has it’s low-key, fan favorite food spots that everyone needs to try! One of the greatest things about Norristown is its history and the diversity of the people in the community. All around town you can find the most authentic cuisine from Mexican, Italian, to Thai and much more! You have to check out these great food places in Norristown, PA.

1. Corropolese Bakery & Deli

Easily one of the most well-known food places in Norristown, PA; Corropolese Bakery and Deli is home to everything Italian, but the most well known item on the menu is their famous tomato pie. Since 1924, their pie has been a favorite not only in Norristown, but all over Philadelphia. Corropolese has been pleasing the community for years, perfecting their famous pie, pizzas, deli sandwiches, pastries and much more.


2. El Primo Taqueria

In the front of El Primo, it may appear to be just a Hispanic grocery market, however when you walk to the back you are welcomed into a small, yet authentic, Mexican restaurant atmosphere. This hidden little gem to many locals, is one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Norristown. They are open for breakfast, lunch or dinner and have an array of Mexican specialties such as Enchiladas and Carne Asada, but if you’re thirsty you may interested in trying their homemade Horchata, or Tamarindo. El Primo also serves homemade Mexican pastries! This is a fan favorite spot to get some grocery shopping done, and enjoy an authentic Mexican meal afterwards.



3. Thai Orchid

While it lies on the end of a strip mall in a large shopping center, do not be fooled by the location, Thai Orchid is a hidden gem for amazing Thai food in Norristown, and is well known to many locals. They use fresh produce from the local market as well as herbs and spices from Thailand. Thai Orchid offers a relaxed and cozy atmosphere that is suitable for any occasion. As well as takeout and delivery, they offer everyday lunch and dinner specials, and have a variety of traditional Thai dishes and homemade beverages to choose from.


4. Zachary’s BBQ & Soul

In this locally owned, fan favorite eatery, Zachary’s will “satisfy your soul” and their “gracious hospitality” will keep you coming back for more! Here you can enjoy popular southern foods, cooked on a wood-fired BBQ, along with amazing sides and sauces, desserts and more. The chef uses recipes created by his grandmother that have satisfied souls for 75 years and counting! Zachary’s offers options for lunch, dinner and dessert, along with catering for any kind of event!

5. Gangster Vegan Organics

What was once a small, grab-and-go vegan food store is now a hip, and very popular spot in Norristown. Their vision is simple, they are “committed to making it ‘Gangster’ to eat healthy, to spread Love, to be Kind to one another and the earth”. They offer a variety of vegan meals, sandwiches, salads, desserts and even fresh homemade vegan juices. All menu items are VEGAN, 100% organic, 100% gluten free, 100% soy free, refined sugar free and made with love!



6. Pho Thai Nam

Whether you’re in the mood for Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup or even a Thai Dish, Pho Thai Nam has you covered! Not only do they offer traditional Pho Soup, and other Vietnamese appetizers, drinks and desserts, they even offer traditional Thai options as well. As long as you’re in the mood for great Asian food, Pho Thai Nam has you covered! Not only do they offer lunch and dinner specials, they even offer takeout!


7. Via Veneto Pizza

No matter which part of Norristown you are from, everyone in town knows the place to go for pizza is at the one and only Via Veneto’s. It is a family-owned pizzeria that offers handmade favorites from Sicilian pizza, to even fresh Italian water ice. They offer takeout, dine-in and even private parties along with trays for catering and more. They own a couple locations in the area, but it is definitely a favorite to just about every local in Norristown, as it has been for many years and more to come. One of the classic food places in Norristown, PA.


8. Zwahlen’s Ice Cream & Chocolate

Although our parents always told us ice cream was not actually “food” when we were young, it is definitely something everyone enjoys no matter their age. Lucky for Norristown we have our very own homemade family-owned Ice cream shop known as Zwahlen’s. This establishment sells homemade ice cream and chocolates, along with waffles, crepes and more.

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The original owners traveled all over the country, and even attended chocolate and ice cream school to perfect their craft. They offer a variety of chocolates, chocolate covered everything, and even the most unique and delicious ice cream selection. This is a great family and friends spot, that is very cozy on the inside and during winter you’ll find a fireplace lit and in the summer, outdoor seating is available. No matter the age, Zwahlen’s Ice Cream and Chocolates will bring out the kid in all of us! There’s such a great variety of food places in Norristown, PA!


9. Aman’s

Aman’s is a hidden gem restaurant in Norristown, serving up the freshest and most authentic Indian food you’ll find in town. The staff is very knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving and providing an authentic experience for all who come dine. Whether you’re in the mood for lamb, chicken, curry or chili, Aman’s is sure to satisfy your cravings! In addition to lunch and dinner options, they offer a variety of traditional Indian desserts, and even beverages including Mango Lassi, and other refreshing items!


10. Minado Japanese Seafood Buffet

Located in a large and always busy shopping center, Minado is the ultimate seafood buffet! Serving freshly made sushi, noodles, rice and dessert for lunch and dinner, this is definitely the spot for a family dinner, large events, or even a simple dinner hangout. The options include sushi, stir fry’s, seafood, pastries and more. The buffet is kid-friendly and definitely the place for any sushi lover!


What do you think of these food places in Norristown, PA? Let us know in the comments below!
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