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10 Amazing Food Places In New York City

10 Amazing Food Places In New York City

New York City is filled with so many different places to eat that it can be hard to know where to start! Here are some of our favorites!

Whenever you think about New York City you probably have certain images in mind. For example, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, etc. Sure, there are a bunch of attractions to see, but what do you do about food? It can’t always be pretzel vendors or McDonald’s. Yelp is great, but it might be hard to narrow down a place based off of thousands of reviews. So here’s a list of eateries you should be sure to check out whether you’re just visiting, or you’ve lived here your whole life!

1. Nakamura NYC

Don’t mistake this for your regular instant noodles, Nakamura is one of the best places to go if you want a great bowl of ramen that packs a punch of flavor. Opened by Chef Shigetoshi Nakamura, revered as a “Ramen God”, Nakamura NYC is a small restaurant around Delancey street whose size and décor emphasize the quality of the food. You can pick from more traditional flavors like their Torigara ramen with a soy-based broth, or try something new like their Truffle Miso which has been aged to perfection!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

2. Clinton Street Baking Company

If you’re in the same area as Nakamura, then you should definitely stop into this beauty for some brunch or even a quick, baked good. As the name states, this popular spot is right on Clinton and cranks out some of the best American fares around. This is probably one of the few places where you’re going to love everything on the menu and won’t mind the wait to get in, but arriving a little early won’t hurt either! This is one of the best food places in New York City!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

3. Szechuan Mountain House

Probably one of the most well-known branches of Chinese cuisine, Szechuan/Sichuan food is what you’re looking for if you want bold flavor and a ton of spice. Szechuan Mountain House is located at the heart of St. Marks Place. As you enter, you feel like you’ve been transported to a traditional restaurant at the side of the road and the fragrance of peppercorn and garlic waft in the air. There is plenty on the menu, many of which are a seafood lover’s heaven. If you’re up to trying new things be on the lookout for their more unique dishes with ox tongue, tripe, and even frog!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

4. Carroll Place

A favorite for bottomless brunch, this Greenwich Village spot showcases delicious pasta and a great ambiance to wine-down and get together with friends. Bottles of alcohol line the walls of the bar area inviting you to have a drink, while the backroom and upstairs have comfy, velvet chairs allowing you to relax and enjoy your meal! This is one of our favorite places to eat in New York City!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

5. TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle Brasserie

An udon lover’s dream, TsuruTonTan doesn’t just place it in front of you, you get a mega bowl bigger than your tummy to fill your appetite. A definite Instagram worthy shot which will have people thinking you entered a special food challenge. Diners can choose from an extensive menu ranging from traditional dashi broth to interesting cream based ones like their truffle. And don’t forget to order an appetizer or two when you’re there!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

6. Lamarcapasta

Only a block away from Baruch College, this casual spot will satisfy your Italian craving any day. The pricing isn’t too bad for a college student, and you’re going to be getting your money’s worth with any of their dishes. There’s plenty of space to have a meal on your own, with some friends, or maybe even a date and just indulge on some carbs! This is definitely one of the best spots to grab food in New York City!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

7. Cocoron

If you’re craving soba Cocoron is the place to be. They have locations at Kenmare and Delancey; both eliciting a homey feel. With regards to the menu, you get the best of both worlds by picking one of their either nice, hot broths, or crisp, chilled, dipping sauces. They also cater to vegan customers with just as flavorful options. Whichever way you choose it’ll be sure to satisfy a grumbling tummy!

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10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

8. Izakaya MEW

Trying to find a place with tasty food and drinks? This hidden gem is located in Midtown West sandwiched between a karaoke bar and a Korean restaurant (all the makings for a glorious night on the town). An izakaya is basically a Japanese pub offering small dishes to nosh on while you enjoy a couple beers or cocktails. You can go for the typically grilled skewers or have some of their hotpot options to awaken your senses. Whatever you pick, it all tastes just as good as it looks on the menu!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

9. Fiat Café

Not far from SoHo, Fiat Café is a trendy spot paying homage to the iconic, Italian brand. The bright pink walls brighten up the fun little cafe, with mini fiat toy cars adorning the walls. Sit down and enjoy their lovely brunch items, or order one of their savory pasta that will be sure to fill you up!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

10. Thursday Kitchen

If you’re partying up around the East Village checkout Thursday Kitchen for some tapas and drinks. You’ve probably seen those lit-up, adult Capri Sun cocktails floating around your feed and most likely they’re coming from here. Pair their fun, alcoholic pouches with some Korean fusion bites like kimchi paella, or their eel taco!

10 Amazing Food Places in New York City

What are your favorite New York City restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!
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