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10 Amazing Food Places In Littleton CO You Need In Your Life

Eating out in a small city can be quite tricky, because more often than not you find yourself eating at the same chain restaurants that you would in any other city. Even if you do go someplace local, more often than not it still feels like a gimmicky sports bar. That’s why for this list, I’m staying away from the restaurants on Main Street, because there’s a lot more to the Littleton food scene than Merle’s and the Melting Pot. Check out these 10 food places in Littleton CO if you want to experience some truly great foods.

1.) Harley’s Hot Dogs

Hidden in the back of the ARC parking lot, Harley’s is a diamond in the rough. They provide hot dogs with the insatiable flavor that everyone needs, with wonderful sides to boot. They have something for everyone, from their Eddie Spaghetti dog (a hot dog smothered in pasta and cheese), to their Spicy Buddha Dog (a vegetarian option covered in cheese, veggies, and guacamole). And don’t skimp on the tater tots! Though it may be a bit hard to find, Harley’s is the best place to get a Hot Dog in Littleton. This is a hidden gem of the food places in Littleton CO.

2.) Café Terracotta

There’s plenty of places for brunch food places in Littleton CO, but if you don’t want to brave a two hour wait at Toast or face bar brunch mediocrity, you should dine at Café Terracotta. It’s in an old converted house a block or so North of Main Street. They offer three benedicts and a slew of omelets, and as any good brunch place does, a hearty wine list. For the under-aged, the hot chocolate is the best in the city, and their mixed berry French toast makes for the perfect pairing. And in classic Colorado fashion, they have a breakfast burrito stuffed with potatoes and smothered in green chili. It’s a nice hidden breakfast gem that’s good for the whole family. Who doesn’t love family friendly food places in Littleton CO.

3.) Damascus Grill

Just a little further east down Littleton Boulevard, you’ll find the end all be all of Mediterranean cuisine. The merit of a solid Mediterranean place can be found in three things: their hummus, their gyro, and their falafel. Damascus Grill’s hummus is the ideal balance of creamy and flavorful, their gyro sandwich holds a perfect ratio of meat to sauce to veggies, and their falafel is somehow both dense and light at the same time. There is no going wrong with anything on their menu. The grilled mushrooms are fantastic, the cheese pies are amazing, the baklava is heavenly. If you haven’t been, you truly must go. There are some great diverse food places in Littleton CO.

4.) Latke Love

This is a nifty little deli, also found along Littleton Boulevard. For the uninformed, a latke is a fried potato pancake that is traditionally served with applesauce or sour cream. You can get a traditional latke at Latke Love. Or, you could get a crazy topped latke, topped with smoked salmon, or brisket, or all the fixings of a Cuban sandwich. My personal favorite is the Rabbi, I’m Confused which is topped with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, and pickled onions.

5.) 3 Portrillos

It’s a good rule to not trust a restaurant with a Mexican Pizza on its menu, but every rule is made to be broken. You can find 3 Portrillos off of Bowles in the parking lot that can’t seem to keep a grocery store in business, next door to the gun shop and the fabric store. It is a Tex-Mex place, so don’t go there looking for the most authentic Mexican food, just go there looking to have your mind blown by a burrito. The Burrito Loco Azado is unparalleled. I have had it now at least six times, and each time I return it’s like a warm hug from an old friend. Truly breathtaking.

6.) Hogback Barbecue

Though the restaurant itself isn’t within city lines, the smell of Hogback’s slow smoked meat meanders out of Columbine Hills to entice all Littletonians passing by. For the especially hungry, get a platter with a rack of ribs or half of a chicken. For the casual diner, they have plenty of sandwich options and hearty sides to boot. The true star of the restaurant is, like most BBQ places, the sauce. It’s not quite Kansas BBQ, nor is it Texas or Carolina. It’s truly a local flavor that you can’t find anywhere else.

7.) The Donut Hut Cafe

Plain and simple: best donuts in town. It’s a quaint little shop on Lowell, and they have a large variety of donuts as well as breakfast sandwiches and other assorted pastries. It’s family owned and cute as a button. If you need a quick breakfast bite this is the place to go.

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8.) Inside Scoop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for strawberry basil ice cream! Which is one of the 24 flavors made in house at Inside Scoop’s Littleton location. If you aren’t in the mood for ice cream, just walk past the shop on Prince Street and let the smell of freshly made waffle cones change your mind. When it’s too cold for ice cream, you could just get a scoop in one of their hot chocolate floats. Or if you don’t want ice cream, and are very set on that, you could also just get one of their paninis or soups. They want you in their shop no matter what. And trust me, it’s worth it.

9.) The Bistro at Aspen Grove

In a shopping center filled with primarily chain food, The Bistro is frequently forgotten. Heck, I almost forgot it on this list because I discounted Aspen Grove on the whole. This is a grave mistake. The Bistro is an excellent place for pretty much any meal. It’s one part French café, one part 50’s diner, and one part classic brunch bar. Their 11 page menu is extensive and eclectic, with a touch of class and a full bar. You could have a veal parmesan, escargot, and a banana nut waffle all in the same meal. It’s a euphoric experience.

10.) Manna Bakery & Deli

At the eastern edge of Ridge Road there lies Manna Bakery & Deli, and as the name so aptly suggests, the pastries are heavenly. The glass case is filled with cookies and brownies of every variety, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re best known for their chocolate eclairs, which emit decadence. They also have plenty of pies and quiches to choose from for those inclined to dine on a crust. The unsung hero of Manna is its deli, who makes phenomenal hot and cold sandwiches fresh to order. It’s a great place to get lunch and satisfy a sweet tooth.

Have you been to any of these food places in Littleton CO? Let us know in the comments below!
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