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10 Amazing Food Places In Las Vegas, NV

10 Amazing Food Places In Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is quite a city to live in. From the entertainment to the food, there are endless possibilities. If you are just stopping by for a visit, make sure to try these amazing food places in Las Vegas.

Living in Las Vegas seems like a dream to a lot of people. Being a Vegas resident since 2003, I can say that I’ve had my ups and downs with the city. One of the things that I do love about Las Vegas? The food. There are endless options for great food places in Las Vegas that you have to try.

Until recently, literally 2016, I joined the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers and was able to find amazing food spots that were hidden gems or new joints! Here are my top ten amazing food places in Las Vegas.

Pinches Tacos

My first pick is tacos because who doesn’t love tacos? Created in 2007 by the Anaya family, Pinches tacos serves in 6 locations, two of those being here in Las Vegas. The menu offers everything from tacos, burritos, sopes, tortas, a gringo menu (highly recommend), enchiladas, taquitos/flautas, and more. I was lucky to enjoy one of their blood orange margaritas during my experience there. If you’re looking for an affordable taco joint with Mexican corn on the cob, gringo tacos, and horchata, make sure to pay Pinches a visit. Who doesn’t love tacos? This is one of the food places In Las Vegas you can not miss.


Pinches Tacos Vegas Locations: 707 E. Fremont St Suite 5 Las Vegas, NV 89101 and 9205 W. Suite #190 Russell Rd Las Vegas, NV 89138 at The Gramercy Place

Gyu Kaku

Korean bbq is really good. But have you tried Japanese bbq? It’s very similar but the experience is the most different, in my experience. My first time eating Asian BBQ in general was here at Gyu Kaku and I couldn’t wait to try Korean BBQ next. I went with a group of close friends during happy hour, that was around 9pm, and the place was still packed! I ordered the Bistro Hanger steak, and a side of cabbage kimchi since it was my first time trying it because I wanted to pick something I was familiar with. The portions don’t look huge when you get them, but I was so full when we were done and I didn’t have seconds!

A note about Gyu Kaku, they don’t grill your meat for you. I didn’t mind it as I like my meat well done but this is just a heads up!


Gyu-Kaku is located at 3550 S Decatur Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103 inside Chinatown.

8oz Korean Steakhouse

Speaking of Korean BBQ, 8oz Korean steakhouse was developed just last year, in 2017. 3,930 square feet and industrial style, this restaurant really offers a lot. It even features its own bar! Prices range from $59 to $169 for all combos. You can choose between beef and pork. Plenty of food comes with the combos. Side orders of Veggie Skewer, Egg Stew, Cheese Fondue and Kimchi Stew or Soy Bean Stew, or Tofu Soup comes free with the combos. As far as the meat, you get at least 3 different meats with your order.

The cheapest combo comes in at $59 and comes with beef brisket, rib fingers, and grilled pork bulgogi. At 8oz they have cooks that grill your meat to perfection for you, right in front of you. It was an amazing experience. The side dishes are refilled for you upon request. Honestly, I would go here just for the atmosphere and industrial décor.


8oz Korean Steakhouse is located at 4545 Spring Mountain Rd. B #105, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Culinary Dropout

“We’re not easily definable and even harder to forget.” Culinary Dropout couldn’t be more honest with themselves. This restaurant gives me old school diner/modern earthy/high-end and classy/comfy and affordable vibes. So, it really isn’t easy to define them.

However, what is easy is the food. From pretzel buns and fondue, to antipasti, to chicken and shrimp kabobs (AKA Korean shrimp and chicken on a stick), Culinary truly has it all.
My favorite dishes are the pretzel buns and chicken and shrimp kabobs. The portions are hearty and the prices are affordable! The food places In Las Vegas do not disappoint.


Culinary Dropout is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel 4455 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169


I’ve only been here once but it made me feel like a celebrity. The décor, the music, the layout, the light fixtures, even the staff and food were top pick. I went for Friendsgiving with a huge group. We enjoyed, you guessed it, Thanksgiving food. I also enjoyed the Anything for my princess cocktail featuring sake. It was delicious.

The prices range from $5 for appetizers, all the way to $225 for the whole beast feast (24-hour notice required and family sized!). Most of the dinner plates are between $20 and $40. While it’s not 5-star prices, it’s also not for the faint, or frugal, in my eyes.


Searsuckers is located inside the Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino. 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89109

North Italia

Handmade pasta made right in front of you. Established in 2002, The Las Vegas location opened back in the winter of 2017. The décor is full of plants, modern touches, and industrial furnishings. There’s a huge fireplace outside the restaurant, a bar, outdoor seating and the kitchen is in full view for those that like to watch their food being made.

Prices are moderate and affordable. The pasta is something you must try for yourself. Also, I used to be a “Olive Garden has the best Chicken Parmesan!” person. My whole life was a lie. Okay maybe not my whole life, but North Italia’s chicken parmesan was that good. Being one of my favorite dishes, I was thankful the taste and presentation (because let’s admit it, we all want good Instagram opportunities with food) was beyond my expectations.


North Italia is located at 1069 South Rampart Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145

7th and Carson

This is an extremely fun place to eat. Located downtown on the corner of 7th and Carson, this restaurant features a cozy outdoor area surrounded by brick walls and lots of beautiful green plants and succulents. The inside is also a cozy setting, a bar and huge windows to watch tourist and natives exploring downtown Vegas.

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The prices range from $9 to $17 for their brunch menu (which I highly recommend!) so they are very affordable! For brunch you can choose from the categories of Jar, Earth, Oven, and Land & Sea. There is such a variety of food places in Las Vegas, all you foodies should be super excited. There are plenty of affordable food places In Las Vegas.

7th and Carson is located at 616 E Carson #110 Downtown Las Vegas, NV


I have to admit, being in Las Vegas for over 10+ years, I am not a fan of being on the Las Vegas Strip. However, there are a lot of tourists that want to experience a show with some food while still close to their hotel. Margaritaville is one of those restaurants you can do exactly that. During your time there, you’ll get at least two views of their pirate and mermaid show, they have retail, and they have an events page you can check out!
The Lava Lava shrimp is crisp and spicy, it’s one of my favorite dishes. It looks like popcorn chicken to be honest. If you love shrimp and heat and crunch, you won’t be disappointed with this. If you’re looking for a cool drink to calm down the heat from the food, try the Bahama Mama: two rums, crème de banana, pineapple and orange juices.


Margaritaville is located at 3555 South Las Vegas BLVD Las Vegas, NV 89109


Is there still not an In-N-Out on the east coast?? Every time sometime asks me “What’s In-N-Out?” I am shocked. Literally every time. There’s so many out here but my favorite spot is across the town, for me anyways. Located on W Sahara Ave, this location gives me super south-Cali-in-the-summer vibes, even if it’s winter. The food is always fresh and plenty. Other locations don’t give me the best experience but I can always trust this one.

Find Inn-N-Out at 2900 W Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102


Jack in the Box

Okay I know this is another one that’s pretty well known, but hear me out. The Jack In The Box located at W Tropicana is my favorite one. Now, there’s nothing special about this place, it’s located between a Chevron and a Denny’s and the parking lot is crazy, the drive thru is hard to get into…but listen, the food is amazing. I don’t know what this specific location does any different from other ones but this location always has fresh food, filling food, and delicious food.

It’s safe to say that I’ve tried half of the menu, however my favorite meals are quite simple: the chicken strips and curly fries combo, and the ultimate bacon cheeseburger with curly fries. The Oreo shake is a must try. Whipped cream and cherry on top!

Visit this Jack In The Box at 9360 W Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89147

What are your favorite food places in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments below!
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