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10 Amazing Food Places in Independence Virginia

10 Amazing Food Places in Independence Virginia

Independence Virginia is a super small town. In that regards, there are 10 food places in Independence Virginia that could very well be the only places to eat.

I would like to start off by telling you that Independence Virginia is a super small town and in that regards, the 10 Almost Amazing Food Places in Independence Virginia could very well be the only places to eat. I do not account for the families that home cook, or church dinners, but wanted to mention this as it is a big thing for this little town to give free meals out to those who need it, you just have to know where and when.

10. Ciro’s Pizza & Subs Located at 430 E Main St, Independence Virginia 24348

This place has been around forever and is a smaller building and not super clean. The staff turns over a lot and the prices are a bit higher, but most of the food is really good. It takes a bit to get your order and there are a few places to sit and eat inside. You can watch the staff cook in the open kitchen and there is sometimes delivery available for a fee. I am not one hundred percent about it being authentic Italian (all turkey based products, no pork), but in this small town I do not think anyone notices or cares and it does fix a craving for pizza.

9. Paul’s Restaurant located at 333 E Main St, Independence Virginia 24348

I have only been to Paul’s a few times, and it was awkward because the super small space is filled with townspeople that will stop what they are doing to stare at you, the staff is not friendly and the whole experience felt super rushed like they did not want to serve me. The chicken is probably hands down the best in the town, the prices are higher, but if you do not mind a longer line depending on the time of day, this is a worthwhile stop off. It is also connected with the gas station. In the middle of town.


8. Aunt Bea’s BBQ located at 529 E Main St, Independence Virginia 24348

The food at this place is dynamite good. They do have a drive thru but it is by no means, fast food. You will have to wait for a good long time depending on the time of day and that is ok because if your in the restaurant or at the drive up window you can clearly watch the staff prepare the order. The only downside is the bathroom is in the back of the building and not very sanitary and the prices are through the roof high.

7. Pizza Plus 106 Grayson Ave, Independence Virginia 24348

The staff is unfriendly and if you have to call in an order, but are not sure what you want, there is no patience at all for your call. The food there is good, but the sizes are smaller. There is a buffet, but it is also smaller and you do have to be prepared for people to watch you eat. Privacy is limited. The prices are higher for the amount of food you actually receive. It is a great place to stop at for ice cream and also to watch the town fireworks on the fourth of July. If they had a staff that actually wanted to be there and lowered the prices, this would be a favorite of mine in the town because they do have a decent bathroom and it seems to be sanitary.

6. Rio Grande Independence Rufino located at 314 E Main St, Independence Virginia 24348

The food is excellent and the staff is mostly friendly. It is a Mexican restaurant and the only one of its kind in town. It is located in a super small space and the kitchen is open enough to be able to watch your food be prepared. There is a decent amount of seating options both in and outside. Now depending on who is preparing your food the experience is going to range. Also what you choose to eat will determine the lower or higher priced menu options.


I have been there several times and each visit the food changes taste. What I mean is the last time I was there the amazing salsa was not even mixed and one cup had like soapy watered down juice in it while the other had chunky ingredients with no water. Sometimes the food is cold and on a few occasions the order was a complete mix up from what I asked for. If you get the right cook, the experience is very good. The desserts are worth trying.

5. Subway located at 580 E Main St A, Independence Virginia 24348

The town’s big name restaurant, but most people just get to go orders. It is a fairly decent smaller sized area located in the smaller strip mall in town. There are places to sit and eat, but everyone in line, including anyone walking by, will see you doing so. I am sure everyone has seen or been to a Subway, but the friendly staff and service make this a great experience. The line can be super long at times, so be prepared to wait, but there is always a good conversation going on, even if you are not included. The prices are the same as most Subway restaurants. From what I have encountered the food is fresh and tastes very good.

4. Grayson Express located at 2686 Grayson Pkwy, Independence Virginia 24348

Yes this is a gas station, but this is also a hidden gem, when they serve food it is really good. The chicken is spicy but delicious. They also have a Hunt Brothers Pizza most days as well. The staff is super nice and make the experience very well worth stopping in.


The next set of places are not really super amazing, but you can eat there. You will probably have to create the dishes yourself, but they do feature items you can purchase grocery style and eat if you have no other options.

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3. Food City located at 568 E Main St, Independence Virginia 24348

My understanding is that there is a place now by the meat department that cooks burgers for you. Otherwise, this is a grocery store and the only real one in town, so I am sure you can find food to eat. While not everything is fresh, especially check the strawberries for mold, just a little tip, you will find a smaller amount of options at prices that are midway affordable.


2. Dollar General located at 572 E Main St #6, Independence Virginia 24348

This one is a bargain retail chain selling a range of household goods, groceries, beauty products and more. For this reason it is going to be a bonus experience to both shop and find food. You are not getting gourmet and the food will not be heated, but you can find things to eat. With the lower pricing options, you can shop as well. I would like to point out that it is the biggest store in town as far as shopping goes and the only one if you are trying to buy something that Food City does not sell.

1. Roots At Grayson, Bistro & Tavern located at 203 N. Independence Ave.

Independence Virginia is just forming and super new on the scene. An American Bistro & Tavern, serving traditional American style cuisine, steak, seafood, sandwiches, salads, house made soups, etc. I have yet to go and can not offer my opinion as of yet, but I do see mixed reviews on social media. My thought is that it is just opening and needs time to pick up speed. It is located in a hard to get to part of the towns side street and the parking is not good. Actually every restaurant that has tried to open there has failed. The building is not great and the sanitary aspect in the past has been less than par. I think that the advantage is that they are kind of reopening after moving from the best possible location in town and also redesigning this place to be family friendly instead of a bar.

Honestly, I really hope that this place has a great start and makes it. I hear that formerly the only bar in town was once the biggest place for locals to drink, play pool and gossip, was actually burnt down. This is kind of the reopening and relocation, so they deserve the extra support.

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