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10 Amazing Food Places In Geelong

10 Amazing Food Places In Geelong

I know where to eat in Geelong. Trust me, I’m a local. If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love these food place recommendations!  Geelong is packed full of sweetness and so is it’s amazing food. There’s a diverse spread of amazing  eateries . So, if you’re feeling adventurous and in the mood for a fantastic feed Geelong has at least 10 amazing food places to enjoy!

1. Donco

Donco is a new addition to Geelong and the locals cannot get enough. A tiny space that is always packed with happy diners, this Korean infused cuisine is fresh and innovative. It’s hard to pass up one of their rice bowls. They are perfect whether your in the mood for a cosy dine in experience or casual takeaway with friends. How does grill’d salmon, fried chicken or beef bulgogi sound!

2. Winters Cafe

Don’t let the name fool you, Winters is open and chocka-block all year round. The menu has always followed the best, in season produce. It’s the place for breakfast! Perfect place for a celebrational brunch, early morning breaky or a hot cuppa coffee. Winters current Summer menu offers eggs benedict, avocado on toast, snickers hotcakes, chilli scrambled eggs and so, much MORE!

10 Amazing Food Places In Geelong


3. Burger Inc

Who doesn’t love a good burger with the lot. And chips. Or sweet potato fries if you’re feeling fancy. Do you prefer a chicken, beef or vegetable patty? Or three sliders with each? Burger Inc has it all. This establishment has been around for years and never ceases to serve the most juicy and amazing burgers.

4. Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar has trend, great staff and good vibes. You’re in for a tough decision with a menu like this one. That’s why the staff are the greatest. They’ll never let you leave with regret, which wouldn’t happen anyway with amazing pizza toppings like Smoked Beef Brisket, fresh tomato onion slaw, BBQ & ranch sauce or Bacon, Prawn, Pepperoni, Chilli, Garlic, Tomato & Egg.    

5. Born and Bread

Small space. HUGE fanbase. Born and Bread is a delightful bakery that is never quiet. It the go to place for freshly made bread of all kinds. AND! From the front counter, where a glorious array of masteries and baked goods await, customers are able to see the chefs in action. There’s also a heap of other food to choose from! My favourite part of Born and Bread are the sandwiches. Made daily, my favourite picks are poached chicken, pulled pork or tuna.

10 Amazing Food Places In Geelong


6. Nordenfine

In the mood for ice-cream? The amazingly creamy Nordenfine ice-cream and gelato is made locally and there are countless flavours to choose from. From old time favourites like cookies and cream and rum and raison to M&M heaven or rocky road. Geelong is lucky to have Nordenfine, and is, if I dare so, the number one place to get amazing ice-cream.

7. Ripper Roast

Opposite the Geelong Cats football stadium and on one of the busiest main roads in town, Ripper Roast is a small shop with Ripper food. When you not feel like cooking but crave the essence of a home cooked meal, Ripper Roast has all of your favourites for a spontaneous and easy Sunday roast dinner.

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8. Little Creatures

Little Creatures is a like a small village. With a cafe, restaurant, open cinema, bar and barrel room, its a fabulous venue for almost anything. A refreshing (locally sourced and brewed) drink with a shared menu, including delicious pizzas, Geelong is lucky to have their own Little Creatures.


9. Geelong Cellar Door

Hidden in Little Malop street, an energetic and up and coming street in the CBD, Geelong Cellar Door is a divine wine bar and store. There’s an open fire in winter, outdoor seating in Summer and regular tastings all year round from a selection of local wine! It’s certainly the place to go for a wine and dine with friends.

10 Amazing Food Places In Geelong

10. De Tox Superfood Bar

De Tox is the latest addition to Geelong. Finally jumping on the smoothie bowl bandwagon, Detox opened right before the start of summer and has taken off ever since. In the central hub of Newtown (a lovely, leafy and inner suburb of Geelong) Detox offers amazing, healthy smoothie bowls and snacks! Including açai topped with berries, peanut butter and granola!

Next time you’re in Geelong, you have to try these amazing food places. And I promise, there’s so much more.

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