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10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

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Finding good food places in Duarte, CA can be hard since Duarte is a relatively small and unknown city in California, unless you are a local and you know exactly where to go. Let this local girl guide you to all the best food joints in town that you should definitely visit if you ever stop by this small city when you are traveling between the two busy metropolises that sandwich our small town. Here are 10 amazing food places in Duarte you need to try.

1. Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine

If you have wandered into town late at night and after a long drive, you will probably want some solid food to eat before you head off to bed. Skip the fast food drive-thrus and come down to Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine. Open until midnight, they will have some good Mexican food that is so much better than any fast food joint. Forget about getting break-outs and greasy skin from eating defrosted burgers tomorrow morning. It won’t happen if you choose Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine for your late night snack. Not to mention, the atmosphere in this place alone warrants a quick visit.

2. One Veg World

Being a traveling vegan can be hard, especially when you are in a new town and your only food options are restaurants. Luckily for all of the vegans and vegetarians, Duarte just got a new One Veg World. This restaurant has an all-vegan menu so you and your friends should not worry about not finding something you can eat. No more flipping through the menu to find only one salad option or telling the waiter a long list of adjustments to the club sandwich. Just order off the menu without any fuss and enjoy your evening with your friends!

10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

3. Tsurugi Ramen

Do you have craving for some chewy noodles and warm soup? Ramen is perfect for those cold, winter days to warm you up and will not leave you feeling heavy or bloated. Try Tsurugi Ramen on Huntington Drive and you will be surprised at the wide variety of ramen soups to choose from. For tonkonstu ramen alone, there are six flavor options! Don’t worry that someone won’t find something to eat, Tsurugi Ramen will be able to keep everyone happy.

4. Villa Italia Ristorante

What if warm broth and wet noodles are not what you are craving for? If what you really want is creamy alfredo sauce and penne pasta, where would you go? Don’t stress. Head over to Villa Italia Ristorante and you can satisfy all your carb cravings. With their three menu pages of pasta, pizzas, and salads to choose from, you and your friends will definitely be able to find an Italian dish you want.

10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

5. Peach Cafe

Brunches with modern decor and cute breakfast dishes are your friends’ thing. After staying up late with your girls and catching up on all your gossip, drive down Huntington Drive and take a quick visit to Monrovia, the town right next door. The Peach Cafe has all the brunch classics like avocado toast and eggs benedict so you and your friends will be full and ready for your day of adventure. Also, not only is their food delicious but it will look great on that foodie Instagram account you have.

10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

6. Nano Cafe

Maybe, you and your girls do not want to deal with poshy brunch places. What you really want is a laidback diner so you get a hearty breakfast to fill your belly and some simple hot coffee to wake you up. You will still want to take that trip to Monrovia because that’s where the Nano Cafe will be. The Nano Cafe is a classic diner where you can go with your friends or your giant family. Don’t worry about looking cute for Instagram photos or trying to get the perfect lighting to get an bird eye’s view of your breakfast plate. That won’t happen here. This is the place to go if you want good food without all the frills.

10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

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7. Tacos Ensenada

Tacos are exactly what you want for lunch if you are a busy traveler. Just swing by Tacos Ensenada for a quick bite to eat before you continue down another long stretch of road for that cross country road trip or head up to Malibu for a chill day on the sand. You will not be disappointed by their fish tacos, especially if it happens to be Taco Tuesdays and they are only 99 cents each.

8. BBQ Indian Cuisine

If you want to some spice in your food, try the BQQ Indian Cuisine restaurant. Before you sit down at your table and decide to order off the menu though, you should wander over to their buffet table and consider the All-You-Can-Eat lunch option. Their lunch buffet option is less than 10 bucks Mondays to Friday.  As long as you have the time to sit down and eat, this is a great place to consider for lunch.

9. Tropicana Market

A restaurant inside a market is a brilliant idea. Not only can you order some food to satisfy that grumbling belly now but you can run an errand and do some grocery shopping while your tasty sandwich is being prepared. For you busy tourists, this is the perfect one-stop shop to get some good food and get some snacks to eat on the road later!

10 Amazing Food Places In Duarte, CA

10. Janet’s Mediterranean Cuisine

Are you in the mood for Mediterranean food? Venture down the road to Janet’s Mediterranean Cuisine. Not only are their chicken kabobs are juicy and tender and their salads have an awesome garlic and lemon dressing but there are even vegetarian options! If One Veg World is not your favorite place to eat, you can always visit Janet’s Mediterranean Cuisine and see what looks good. The only downside to Janet’s Mediterranean Cuisine is the garlic breath you will have after.

Which of these food places in Duarte, CA would you visit? Tell us in the comments.

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