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10 Amazing Food Places In Daphne Alabama

10 Amazing Food Places In Daphne Alabama

If you live in Daphne Alabama, then these are the amazing food places that if you haven't eaten at already, you need to go too.

Baldwin County Alabama is made up of artsy, rural, and touristy towns. We don’t travel farther than Bay Minette, for there’s nothing passed it, and we go as low as Gulf Shores because anything farther is the Gulf of Mexico. We stay in our county which is roughly the size of Delaware. We have everything we could need except maybe Ikea or the Powerball. While each town in Baldwin County has its own unique qualities and amazing restaurants, Daphne is where you’ll find the most diverse restaurants. Here are 10 amazing food places in Daphne worth the visit.

1) Guido’s Restaurant

Located in downtown Daphne, Guido’s Restaurant is the most well-known homemade Italian restaurant in town. They serve a variety of Italian food like pasta, seafood, and pizza. They also have all you can eat Italian bread and olive oil with different balsamic vinegars to try. In their restaurant they have what is called “The Board” which is a chalkboard featuring their entire daily menu. Guido’s Restaurant shares the same roof with Cousin Vinny’s, a pizza restaurant owned by the same family, so they share trademark dishes. However, Guido’s menu is based on seasonal produce and seafood. Guido’s Restaurant is an amazing food place to check out if you’re ever in Daphne. You’ll leave with a full belly and the satisfaction of a cooked homemade Italian meal.

2) Cousin Vinny’s

This little pizza restaurant is located in downtown Daphne adjoined with its relative restaurant Guido’s. Although it shares a family business with Guido’s, Cousin Vinny’s has its own unique atmosphere and menu. While Guido’s features homemade Italian recipes, Cousin Vinny’s features homemade pizza and wings. You can choose between Vinny’s gourmet pizzas like florentine, veggie revival, and steak formaggio, Vinny’s favorite’s like meaty Hawaiian, Mediterranean, and America’s favorite, or build your own pizza. As for their wings, you can choose between a half order or a full order with your sauce choices being hot, BBQ, plain, or hot BBQ. Cousin Vinny’s is the go-to pizza joint in Daphne for its homemade pizza bread, rich Italian sauces, and at the vineyard atmosphere.


3) Teak House

If you’re looking to shake up your taste buds with some pad Thai, Teak House is your number one destination. Asian variety flavor lacks in Daphne, but Teak House doesn’t disappoint. It has a large selection of signature Thai dishes that include noodle dishes, Thai style fried rice, wok tosses dishes, Thai salads, Thai soups, colorful curry dishes, and signature Teak House dishes. It will take weeks maybe even months to try everything on their menu. Their grilled teriyaki chicken is my all-time favorite, and I’m never disappointed.

4) Daruma’s

This has to be the best Japanese Steak house in town. It’s located in the Publix shopping center off of highway 98 right next to China Chef. They offer amazing bento boxes for lunch that are served with soup or salad, fried shumai, California roll, and fried or white rice with your choice of meat ranging from teriyaki chicken to sushi. You’ll want to try ever bento box combination by the time lunch rolls around. Their all-day menu is just as good as lunch. They offer nine menus for their entrees like a la carte (sushi and sashimi), teriyaki, tempura, sushi, chef specials, rolls and hand rolls, yaki soba or udon, and hibachi. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have an all you can eat lunch special from 11 AM to 3 PM. It’s all you can eat from their menu and sushi for one set price. The only catch is you cannot ask for a to-go box, and whatever you don’t eat (mostly sushi), you pay full price for. So, pace yourself before over eating everything on the menu and leaving behind leftovers.

5) Kravers

Since Daphne is about 45 minutes away from the Gulf Coast, it’s only natural to find seafood restaurants around town. They are located on highway 181 next to Allegri’s farm market. Kraver’s serves fresh shrimp and crab caught right in the Mobile Bay or Gulf of Mexico. Kravers is constantly packed with hungry customers and families as this restaurant is in a perfect location. Out on highway 181, the area is mostly residential and going to a chain seafood restaurant is all the in Spanish Fort which is about 20-30 minutes away depending on traffic. So, whenever you’re craving some crispy fried shrimp or savory crab meat out in the country, Kravers will always have you craving for more.


6) The Wacky Shrimp

If you love shrimp, fish, or oysters fried, sautéed, boiled, or grilled, this is an amazing restaurant to try out. The Wacky Shrimp is located on highway 98 next to the only Chik-Fil-A in Daphne. What’s unique about this restaurant is that not only can you choose dine-in, but you can order at their drive through. Plus, for the amount you pay, you get a lot of shrimp. Even though this restaurant is set up like a fast-food joint, they make their food in-house and use fresh seafood. When you take a bite of their shrimp, it just melts in your mouth like butter.


Baumhower’s is the ultimate sports bar and restaurant in Daphne. Although it is a chain restaurant, it is only found in Alabama. The restaurant is designed to feel like you’re at an Alabama or Auburn University football stadium while watching the game play out on TV. Their entrees include fried shrimp, burgers, steak, sandwiches and wraps, gourmet bowls, and even a naan bread series. This restaurant is located in jubilee square right off of Daphne highway. You can find it by following the large Baaumhower signs and crowd of college football fanatics.

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8) Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant

In the mood for something spicy? Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant is the most visited Mexican restaurant in Daphne. It’s .25 away from I-10 and the ever-busy Eastern Shore Centre. If you’re ever in the mood for a frozen or on-the-rocks margarita, Don Carlos has daily lunch specials on Wednesdays and Thursdays for $2 margaritas. Aside from their amazing chips and salsa, their entrees are just as good. Their enchiladas are to die for along with their sizzling fajitas.

9) The Sugar Kettle Café

Brunch is an over looked meal of the day that’s actually a great way to get your day going with friends or family. At the Sugar Kettle Café, brunch is their specialty. They’re only opened from breakfast to lunch, but that doesn’t stop us from dining in when we’re in the mood for some pancakes or chicken and waffles. Their menu changes daily, so if you’re new to the area, you might be sad to find out that the amazing strawberry and spinach salad won’t be on the menu the next day.

10) Chicken Salad Chick

This has become a popular chain in the south that is quickly expanding across the nation. It can be found right across Daphne Avenue from Target. Their chicken salad is the best I’ve ever had along with their most popular soup the loaded baked potato. Their chicken salads vary from traditional to savory and fruity and nutty to spicy. What’s amazing is that one scoop of their chicken salad (which is the size of your palm) will leave you full and satisfied but still craving more.

If you’re from Daphne, what’s your favorite place to eat? Let us know in the comments!
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