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10 Amazing Food Places In Baton Rouge

10 Amazing Food Places In Baton Rouge

These 10 restaurants are some of Baton Rouge’s finest. If you are looking for good food and good company check these places out!

There is no doubt that Louisiana knows how to do food right and Baton Rouge is no exception to that. These 10 restaurants are some of Baton Rouge’s finest. If you are looking for good food and good company check these places out!

1. Tsunami

Wondering where to go for a night out with friends? Head over to Tsunami! This restaurant can be found at the Shaw Center downtown. The only thing that beats the delicious food is its view. Guests get to enjoy a view of the river while enjoying some tasty sushi.

2. The Overpass Merchant

This uniquely located restaurant certainly lives up to its name. Placed just under the overpass on Perkins, this hip spot is the perfect place to go for brunch. Their constantly changing menu always offers a fresh and different meal for diners to try. Their cocktail menu isn’t half bad either!


3. Louie’s café

Louie’s is the perfect place for a late night bite. Just steps from campus, Louie’s almost always has a crowd enjoying their food. Breakfast is served all day and you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. The checkered floors and red stools at the counter give the classic diner feel that make it that more loveable. Stop by and place your order and I promise your stomach will thank you.

4. City Pork

This is a Baton Rouge BBQ spot that just can’t be missed. Well, its tucked into the Perkins overpass area so I guess it could be, but don’t give up looking for it because it will certainly be worth it! Each piece is slow-cooked, braised, or smoked to perfection then put right on your plate for you to enjoy. If you can’t make it over to Perkins don’t worry, LSU’s design building now has its very own City Pork for those on campus to enjoy.


5. Rum House

Rum House, located on Perkins (which is seeming like the place to be) is a Caribbean Taqueria that is perfect for a night out or happy hour after work. Taco Tuesdays are always packed because how could you miss the opportunity to get $5 house margaritas and $3 tacos?? If you’re looking for a good drink and some good food order a margarita and some jerk chicken tacos and enjoy some time on the courtyard’s rope swings.

6. Bistro Byronz

A welcoming neighborhood family favorite is what you get with Bistro Byronz. Enjoy good conversation, memories, laughs and quality food in this southern version of a quaint café in Paris with the flare of a New York bistro.


7. Mansurs on the Boulevard

They said it themselves, “Fine Creole Cuisine, a friendly staff, and warm, inviting surroundings are what devoted regular customers expect when they step through the doors at Mansurs on the Boulevard.” Menu items like Cream of Brie and Crabmeat Soup have been on the menu since 1989, only proving their excellence.

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8. The Little Village

Italian and creole dishes meet at this local favorite. Specials change daily and operate on a three-week rotation so there is always something new to be tried. Fried chicken with beans and spaghetti Bolognese are some of the favorites that The Little Village has to offer.

9. Pastime Restaurant

This gem is one of Baton Rouge’s oldest restaurants. Visitors of Louisiana should try the famous po’ boy that Pastime offers but they also specialize in an array of pizzas and calzones. In addition to their excellent food they are also known for having lots of events and music listings. Head downtown to enjoy a real Baton Rouge classic.


10. The Chimes

Last but certainly not least, for over 25 years The Chimes has been feeding the fine people of Baton Rouge. This is the place to go to get some Louisiana comfort food and you can choose from their extensive beer menu if you’re in the mood for a drink. You can’t say you’ve been to Baton Rouge unless you’ve been to The Chimes.

Baton Rouge has many great places to try but these are some of the city’s oldest and best. Let us know your favorites if you don’t see it on the list!
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