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10 Amazing Food Places In Abbotsford

10 Amazing Food Places In Abbotsford

10 Amazing Food Places In Abbotsford

If you’re from Abbotsford it’s safe to say you probably know your way around, not that our little city in the country is a hard place to navigate but it’s nice to know all the hot spots. But that’s the thing about Abby, there really isn’t too many of them.

Small town charm can be a good thing and while we don’t have too many bars or clubs we definitely have a lot of good places to eat.

1. Gians Indian Cuisine

The amount of diversity within our city is abundant so naturally there’s many different cuisines to choose from. We’ll start with one of the local Indian restaurants that’s very well known for it’s authentic eats. Gians Indian Restuarant is probably the most popular Indian place in Abbotsford, almost everyone knows it and they’re always serving up some spicy, delicious dishes. As with most Indian restauarnts in the lower mainland, the ambiance is sort of non existent and the decor is plain and basic at best but it’s important to know that that’s not what you’re paying for. The food is and always will be the main focus and worth every penny.


2. The Greek Islands

Next up, some true Greek food. Their calamari is to die for, along with their spankopita, souvlaki and endless greek salad. A hearty meal is always promised at The Greek Islands Restaurant, there’s even 2 locations in Abbotsford and Abbotsford isn’t a two location kind of city. As soon as you walk in, the busy streets of Abbotsford slip away, it has that essence that makes you feel as if you’re somewhere else entirely which can be a nice change of pace. And with good food you can’t go wrong.

3. Ann Marie’s Cafe

Now if you’re like me and can eat breakfast at absolutely any time of day you have to check out Ann Maries Cafe. It’s located in downtown Abby, which is home to quite a few quaint cafes and restaurants. Ann Marie’s is a 50’s style diner, complete with all the breakfast foods your heart desires as well burgers, shakes and all the rest of your classic diner food. Black and white checkered floors and giant red leather booths make for some retro Insta worthy pics.


4. Bow & Stern

Also located in downtown Abby is an excellent seafood restaurant called Bow and Stern. Family owned and family run, they are all about creating an atmosphere that will make people want to come back and enjoy. The restaurant itself is the perfect mix of modern fixtures with a rustic touch. Their lobster mac and cheese is hands down one of my favorite dishes in all of Abby and they have a whole menu of ocean inspired dishes.

5. Lou’s Grill

Most residents of Abbotsford were pretty upset when local favorite Lou’s Grill burned down but thankfully they’ve rebuilt and come back better than ever. It’s always bumping on Friday and Saturday nights, tons of people inside and outside on their massive patio. And that’s not the only things that’s massive. Their menu is super long, stocked full of choices and then the portions are huge. I end up taking home at least half my meal and I’m lucky if I actually get to eat it, if my brother or boyfriend haven’t gotten their hands on it first.


6. Brodeur’s Bistro

Abbotsford has a few different prime locations for comfort food, but the go-to will always be Brodeurs Bistro. If you’re from Abby you’ll definitely know it, but outsiders won’t easily find it as it’s tucked away behind a gas station and near an elementary school. But it’s location doesn’t take away from it’s cozy interior and delicious comfort food. It’s known for delectable eats like chicken and waffles and sandwiches the size of your face.

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7. Famoso

Abbotsford is home to a fairly popular outdoor mall called “Highstreet” and if you’ve ever driven through Abby you’ve 100% seen it on the side of the highway. It’s home to a few different restaurants but my fav is Famoso. Very chic Italian place with all the specialty pizza you could want. And an extensive drink list full of fizzy cocktails to assist in your weekend adventures. Their dessert menu is something you shouldn’t pass on because they do Nutella and banana in a delicious way.


8. Midori

From Italy to Japanese, my favorite Sushi place; Midori. There are tons of Sushi restaurants in Abbotsford, I could name about 8 off the top off my head but Midori was my first love and always will be. Maybe it’s the emotional connection because my father took me there for the first time or it’s the awesome price for their all you can eat lunch buffet but it’s number one hands down. Like I said, lunch is the time to go because of their well known all you can eat buffet. I’ve downed more than 6 orders of avacado rolls along with sashimi, misou soup, a few cones and who can forget the green tea ice cream to finish it off. I always leave full and my wallet doesn’t suffer too badly.

9. Field House Brewery

I know the focus is on places to eat in Abby, but beer is just as important if you ask me and that’s why Field House Brewery is on my list. They have a really great menu with pizza that goes perfect with their beer sampler. That’s one of my favorite things about brewery’s, you can always try a selection of their beer and the food is always a perfect pairing. Field House is also a super chill spot to hang out, with seating outside on their front lawn so groups can relax and you can even bring your dog. Dog friendly spots are always top quality places in my books.


10. Cactus Club

And I believe I’ve saved the best for last. Cactus Club Cafe is a very popular restaurant throughout Canada. There are several locations just in the lower mainland and the one in Abbotsford is a very popular destination for couples, families and friends. Whenever I’m there I run into at least a few people I know, it’s always bumping, even on weeknights and it’s a great place to socialize. At this point I have most of the menu memorized and I always have my go-to’s. Their burgers are big, juicy and filling, their pasta’s are always flavorful and don’t even get me started on their steaks and mashed potatoes. A little pricey for a university budget but if my mans is paying ya girl is getting her perfectly medium rare peppercorn steak. The ambiance is perfect. If you want a nice romantic dinner the dining room is great, if you wanna have drinks with your girls and bump to some good tunes, the lounge is perfect and of course the patio is absolutely wonderful in the spring and summer. Their drink menu is always up to date, introducing new drinks for each season and of course keeping everyone’s favs like the Bellini. You can probably tell this is my favorite spot to hit when I get to decide where to eat, in fact might have to head there tonight.

If you’re from Abby and you’ve never tried some of these places I would 10/10 recommend and if you’re just visiting, pick any one you won’t be disappointed! Let us know if you have a favorite!

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