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Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

Although the season of fall marks the start of the school year, people can still take a fall vacation when they have free time or want to unplug for a weekend. Benefits of taking a vacation during this time include cheaper hotel rates and flights and tourists spots being less crowded. There are several fall vacation spots across the country that would make great destinations for your next getaway. With that being said, here are 5 Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit:

1. San Fransisco, California:

The city in Northern California makes this list of hot fall vacation spots because the best time to go is September through November. During this period of time, the weather in San Fransisco is around 70 degrees and the skies are clear blue. There are several festivals and street fairs in the city during the fall months as well. The Mill Valley Film Festival, one of the world’s highly acclaimed film festivals, takes place in October (October 3rd-13th this year) and The Castro Street Fair is on October 6th.

Sonoma is about an hour away from San Fransisco and the area, along with Napa Valley, is famous for their wineries. Be sure to stop by if you want to taste some of the worlds’ best wines. 

Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

2. Stowe, Vermont:

Nicknamed “Fall’s Color Capital”, this small town in Vermont is one of the best fall vacation spots for fall foliage, the changing of colors of the leaves. Be sure to take a hike in the mountains or a drive for the most breathtaking foliage views. The best time to see the fall foliage at its most vibrant is between September and October. Besides the area’s scenic fall foliage, be sure to explore the town of Stowe and stop by Stowe Cider for its’ amazing drinks. Also, the iconic Ben & Jerry’s Factory, something you must do before you leave Vermont, is less than 10 miles away from Stowe.

Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

3. Savannah, Georgia:

This Southern City makes this list as it is one of the best fall vacation spots for those who want to soak in the warm weather although you still might want to bring a coat for cooler nights. Popular sites for tourists to see include the Wormsloe Historic Site, the Bonaventure Cemetery, and Forysth Park. The art scene at City Market is excellent. The historic squares in Savannah are must-sees for their magnificent archetecture. For any foodies out there reading this article, Savannah is also one of the fall vacation spots as The Savannah Food and Wine Festival takes place in November (this year from November 4th-10th. So, get ready to be treated to some Southern hospitality!

Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

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4. Newport, Rhode Island:

Although this place gains a lot of tourists during the summer, Newport, Rhode Island is one of the fall vacations spots you have to visit. One of the benefits of visiting Newport during the fall is that there are fewer tourists. Besides the beaches, be sure to visit Downtown Newport. There are a few events that take place during the fall months that make the town one of the fall vacation spots. The Newport Mansions Food and Wine Festival takes place from September 19th-22nd while The Newport Marathon is on October 3rd. 

Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

5. Mackinac Island, Michigan:

The island (also a National Historic Landmark) is located on Lake Huron and is also an island resort. Mackinac Island attracts visitors as it is known for its prominent and beautiful Victorian-style Architecture. To experience and truly appreciate this, staying at The Grand Hotel is a must. Motor vehicles are banned at this destination and the only modes of transportation are by foot, bicycle, horse-drawn carriage, and, in the winter, snowmobile.. Mackinac Island is one of the best fall vacation spots due to its lush fall foliage and delicious fudge

Amazing Fall Vacation Spots You Have To Visit

When you have a free weekend, which of these 5 fall vacation spots do you want to visit and explore the most? Let us know your destination in comments below! 

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