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Amazing ESU Dorms For Dorm Decor Inspiration

Amazing ESU Dorms For Dorm Decor Inspiration

Decorating your dorm room is definitely on the top of the list of exciting things to do when moving in. These are ESU dorm rooms for dorm decor inspiration!

Figuring out how to decorate your dorm room for the first year is definitely a top priority before you start school. Every year I work on changing my style just so that my room always stands out. Sometimes it is tough to get the creativity flowing. Here is some inspiration from fellow students to help you figure out what you want your room to look like this year! Keep reading for these amazing ESU dorms for dorm decor inspiration that are sure to give you creative inspiration!

1. City skylines make for great wall decorations!

2. Hanging your dorm decorĀ from the ceiling is never a bad idea

3. Symmetry is important, especially when you have a double!

4. Loft your bed or put it on risers so you can keep extra storage under your bed!

5. Hang loose Christmas lights across your ceiling to create a cozy, warm feel.

6. Even if your room comes with them, invest in your own pretty curtains to help pull the room together.

7. Mix in a color scheme (and stick to it)!

8. Don’t be shy to bring some furry friends from home if you think you might be homesick.

9. Place your microwave on top of your refrigerator to save space.

10. Invest in some heavy curtains if you think you will need to block out the light often.

11. An area rug does wonders if your dorm room doesn’t have carpeting.

12. Use up every square inch of room so you can fit a futon inside!

13. Add your own personal touch- it’s your space, make it unique to you.

Do you know of any other ESU dorms for dorm decor inspiration that should be on this list!? Share in the comments below!

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