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5 Amazing Dumpling Restaurants In Melbourne You Need To Try

5 Amazing Dumpling Restaurants In Melbourne You Need To Try

5 Amazing Dumpling Restaurants In Melbourne You Need To Try

Dumplings in Melbourne’s CBD are some of the best you can find anywhere. China Town boasts a myriad of restaurants that all provide delicious, handmade dumplings. Gather your friends for a fun night catching up over cheap, tasty morsels or grab a quick lunch by yourself. Somewhere in heart of Melbourne lies your favourite dumpling house.

1. Empress Of China

This great dumpling restaurant is perfect to gather a large group of friends or family for a get together. With BYO and some of the cheapest prices for dumplings around Melbourne, this will soon become a favourite among many. The servings are generous and dumplings full of flavour.

Branch out and order some other dishes such as the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and Mongolian chicken to accompany your dumplings. Your taste buds will be firing and your wallets will breathe a sigh of relief at the value for money you get here.

5 Amazing Dumpling Restaurants In Melbourne You Need To Try

2. China Red

Tucked away in a little shopping centre in China Town, this dumpling house is a secret gem. It’s spacious with two levels of seating and a huge bustling atmosphere. Order off screens for quick and convenient service, which adds a new and exciting dimension to your dining experience. The spicy wontons come highly recommended, as do the shao long bao.

Enjoy a bit of theater as you walk in and watch the professionals perform their mastery with hands flying to produce the most delicate and perfect little dumplings. Delight your senses here and enjoy the consistent good food and great service.

5 Amazing Dumpling Restaurants In Melbourne You Need To Try

3. Shanghai Street Dumpling & Mini Juicy Bun

This little dumpling house seats 25 people and usually has a decent line out the front for lunch and dinner. Peruse the menu as you wait out the front and a staff member will take your order which is usually placed in front of you minutes after sitting down.

The chicken and prawn dumplings are to die for, as are the vegetarian dumplings for something a little different. You won’t be here for long, as the service is very quick and you feel a little guilty for the people waiting to eat the same delicious dumplings. Good food, good prices, and a great bustling atmosphere are what you come for.

Shanghai Street has now opened five more restaurants but this small little gem on the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke street captures the heart of Chinese cuisine.

4. Shandong Mama

This family-run restaurant in Melbourne is tucked away in one of the many arcade alleys in Chinatown and is one of the best. The mother and daughter duo Meiyan Wang (affectionately called Mama) and Ying Hou serve traditional recipes that come from a fishing town called Yantai.

The Shandong Province in China is well known for seafood and the dishes at this dumpling house certainly don’t disappoint. The fish dumplings are naturally the most popular and most delicious.

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This restaurant is simple and well loved. It’s sure to become one of your favourites too.

5 Amazing Dumpling Restaurants In Melbourne You Need To Try

5. HuTong Dumpling Bar

This is fairly more upmarket than the simple restaurants that line the streets of China Town but is no less delicious. With three levels of dining, you will find elegance and classic traditional styles on each one.

Find comfort and warmth on the first floor with a view of the kitchen and handmade dumplings being created before your eyes. The second floor is a suitable atmosphere for a family reunion and on the third, private dining areas for those looking for a more quiet dining experience.

The cuisine is none other than refined and delicious. Look no further for your classy yet authentic Chinese cuisine experience.

Which dumpling restaurant in Melbourne do you think you will try?

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