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20 Amazing Dorm Room Ideas

From bright and cheery with a preppy feel, to dark and ominous with a bohemian vibe; everyone’s vision of an ideal dorm room is different. No matter what your style is, you’re bound to find an idea you like somewhere in this article. Here are 20 amazing dorm room ideas to help inspire you!

1. Complementary Colors

This dorm room takes advantage of red and green complementary colors to create a sense of balance. The lights add to the warmth of the room and the crisp white of the shelving unit seals the whole thing off.

2. Matchy Matchy

This room gets points for having accessories that match the furniture. The black decals accompany the comforter and the pink chair sits comfortably with the umbrella and pencil holder. While the pink chair and curtains collaborate with the light to soften up the room, the bright green on the bed adds a pop of color.

3. Limited Space

The designer of this room was able to make the most of the limited space. Dressing up the bleak walls with pictures was an excellent move, not to mention adding the cozy frames on the bedside table.

4. Contrast

The dark velvety blue of the comforter creates a stark contrast against the clean white walls, while the light illuminates the large ‘M’ hanging at the head of the bed. It definitely shows a sense of personalization.


5. Picture love

The highlight of this room would have to be the colorful pictures on the walls. They really add dimension and a bring about a sense of home.

6. Simple But Cozy

The green wall really brings life into this room and the woodsy picture on the other wall works with it to create a forest-like ambiance. If you love the serenity of nature, this room is perfect for you!

7. Rustic Vibes

The brick wall gives the room a nice rustic atmosphere. It was an ingenious idea to dress up the picture garlands with lights. The layering provides depth and warmth. This space is great for late night projects or chats!

8. Light And Bright

The light from the window is the best accessory this room could have. Adding more bright colors would dress it up even further. After a long, hard day you could definitely unwind in a place like this.


9. Pop Of Color

Again we see contrast between the black comforter and the white walls. However, the spot of purple breaks up the black and white. To make the space feel warmer you can add some white Christmas lights.

10. Geometric

This room employs a geometric theme as can be seen in the arrangement of the pictures and the zig-zag pattern on the comforter. The throw pillows are a must as they can make any room comfier.

11. Nautical Adventures

If you’re into sailing, this room’s for you! Not only is the comforter and pillow ensemble made up of a rich variety of blue, the blue-and-white striped decals scream nautical adventures! The regal initials above the head of the bed aren’t so bad either!

12. Twinkle Twinkle

The tiled pattern is a cute piece to have anywhere in your room. The twinkling lights make it all the better! This is one place to crash at during a rainy day.

13. Twinsies

Sharing your room at some point in your college career is inevitable. So get your roomie’s help to decorate! You can even get matching comforters!

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14. Lots Of Energy

While dorm lights can be drab, life-sucking devices, Christmas lights, or string lights bring new energy into your space. They take a little bit of work to hang up, but they’re worth it!

15. Canopy

Like I said, having a roommate is not a bad thing. Having double of everything means double the fun! Experiment with what colors schemes and furniture setups you are both comfortable with. Get creative! You can even add canopies like in this room!

16. The Nook

Rearranging your furniture can make a room go from drab to fab! Sometimes, it also means that you have more space. For example adding a futon under a loft leaves room for totes and shelves and also gives you a little nook to chill out in.

17. Color Crazy

Colors are your friend! Go crazy!! Combine different fabrics and patterns to create the look you want!

18. Tapestries

To fill up wall space, instead of turning to posters, try hanging tapestries. They come in a large variety of colors and patterns and are easy to wash as well!

19. More Leg Room

When you have friends over, your dorm can get really small, really quick. Most schools only give the bare minimum of furniture required for two people. Invest in a small sofa or couch as a space for hanging out.

20. Feels Like Home

Your dorm is going to be your home for at least the next year. So make it as cozy as you want it to be. Bring pictures from home to ease homesickness. Have your stuffed animal close by. What’s important is that it screams YOU!

These are 20 amazing dorm room ideas to inspire you! How will you decorate your dorm? Share in the comments below!
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Niharika Kalla

Niharika Kalla is an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. She wants to go into the medical field after graduation. During her free time she enjoys drawing and listening to music.

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