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10 Amazing Decor Themes Perfect For Your Home

Never worry about your home feeling drab and unconnected again, as long as you remember these unique home decor themes.  Your house can gain a unique atmosphere and feel like a connected work of art.  Just pick out some furniture and decorations that fit your theme and you’ll be impressed with your living space in no time!

1) Art Deco

If you want your home to reflect the cutting styles popularized a hundred years ago and have stayed relevant since then, then art deco is the perfect decor theme to take inspiration from.  The popular way to characterize art deco is bring up The Great Gatsby— ideas and concepts used by the well-off, party-hosting rich in the 20’s through 40’s.  This style of decor features smooth, refined geometric shapes and patterns, as well as tons of reflective surfaces like shining brass or chrome and plenty of mirrors and glass.  You’ll want strong, bold light for these rooms to truly highlight the amazing colors and rich atmosphere that this style brings with it.  Art deco is all about looking sleek and classy, polished and poised while still accesable and entertaining.

2) Classicism

Classicism is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a level of sophistication and class in their home decor.  Classic decor patterns are very formal and ornate.  Symmetry is a huge factor, so you should be getting your furniture and decoration in sets or bulk, if possible.  Classicism is centuries old, but has endured due to how plush and well-planned it is.  Impressionist artwork, with it’s subtle, soft colors, is the perfect fit for classic decor homes, as they originated during the same period, and thus have influenced each other greatly.

3) English Country

This decor theme is all about creating a calm, simple, and comfortable atmosphere.  Cozy might just be the perfect word to describe English country decor.  Polished, wooden furniture is a great way to start building to this theme.  Plush, plump pillows, chairs, and blankets are other choices that match this theme very well.  For the book lovers, your bookshelves will be right at home all about the house, pilled high and contributing to the cozy, homey enviroment of the English country.  You’ll find yourself ready to relax and sip a warm drink when your living room has embodied the spirit of the English country. 

4) Mid Century Modern

Mid century modern might just be your decor theme of choice if you find difficulty in home decor, and just wish things were simpler.  Mid century modern is all about minimalism.  Most colors in a mid century modern home will be deep, dark, and neutral.  You’ll find a lot of exposed materials that compose the furniture or home itself, like polished woods and smooth stones.  Mid centurty modern homes also are a good fit for artistic works that are three-dimensional, like sculptures or pottery.  This theme doesn’t like to be too busy or complicated, making it one of the easier choices of decor to go with.

5) Rustic

Similar to English country, and country in general, the rustic decor theme is defined by raw, unfinished materials and many elements of nature.  Rustic rooms feel like you’ve managed to organize the wild.  Raw woods, rock, and leather are all good fits for this type of room.  Unfortunately, these types of rooms can be hard to replicate at home if your walls are painted or covered in wallpaper, but a good amount of furniture and decorations can easily make up for those factors.  You may note this theme is popular in hipster establishments, like coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest.

6) Retro/Vintage

Inspired by the psycadellic sixties, the style of retro/vintage is all about colors.  Retro rooms should have tons of bright pastel colors side-by-side, contrasting with each other and making them pop.  Of course, you don’t want to overdo these strong color combinations and make the room difficult to look at, so these rooms require a certain balance of neutral and strong colors that you’ll most likely need to find out for yourself.  Vintage also draws from older, more worn-out furniture and decorations, allowing you to repurpose anything that might not hold up in a more modern style of room.

7) Minimalist

Similar to mid century modern, minimalist may be used an excuse by some people to not decorate their homes.  While minimalist homes do not have a lot of decoration, it is more challenging and effort-intensive than simply not decorating your home.  Minimalism is all about placing your furniture and decorations in very key areas that allow them to make the most of an open space.  You also need to take good care of a minimalist room through plenty of cleaning.  Keep in mind that your negative space is just as important as the space you use, and all of it should be kept organized and tidy.

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8) Bohemian

A Bohemian style of decor is a good choice for travelers and collectors.  Bohemian decor is less rigid than a lot of the other decor styles, considering most of them are combinations of goods found all over the world.  Bohemian rooms can feel cluttered with prized items found, but everything has its own place.  These rooms tend to have rich, cooler colors, like deep blues and greens.  When they do stretch into the warmer spectrum of colors, it is still kept cooler with maroons and magentas, colors that invite calm and relaxation.

9) Contemporary

Contemporary is another decor theming that chooses a more subtle, minimal approach to decoration.  Contemporary, however, uses its subtle blankness to draw the eye to certain areas.  Contemporary tends to use a lot of modern furniture and art, usually in shades of gray, beige, black, or white, which are all nuetral and easy on the eye.  However, a few aspects will be bright in color and extremely visual, like a specific painting or table arrangement.  This ties the entire room together, drawing the eye to the bright colors while letting the overall mood be more relaxed and subversive.

10) Coastal

There are a few various names for this decor theme, such as cottage or nautical, but you might summarize it best by calling it the beach theme.  Using mostly white furniture with a few accents of teal, you create a subtle, ocean-like atmosphere that makes one feel close to the sea.  This atmosphere is further enforced with collections of seashells, jute rop furniture, and other water-related decorations.  Just looking at the peaceful atmosphere of these homes, you can almost smell the salt and feel the ocean breeze.

What themes have you chosen for your home?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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