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18 Amazing Coordinating Dorm Room Ideas

18 Amazing Coordinating Dorm Room Ideas

Having a theme for you and your roommate can make shopping a lot easier and set a really good vibe for your dorm. Here are the top coordinating dorm room ideas!

Having a theme for your dorm can make shopping a lot easier. Coordinating your decor with your roommate allows the space to feel more like a bedroom and less like a dorm! Integrating similar decor around the room is often associated with preppy style, but can also work with boho, posh, and monochromatic styles as well. These are 18 of the best coordinating dorm room ideas that we found on Pinterest!

1. Cozy cream and faux fur

Get comfy in a room full of faux fur and cream bedding and decor. Cream is a calming color that will allow you to relax before bed. Faux fur adds some much needed warmth in a cold room. Get ready to cuddle with your roomie in this cozy room .

Cream and fur is perfect for coordinating dorm room ideas!


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2. Bright Colors

Using bright bedding, throw pillows, and decor can create a fun theme for you and your roommate. You will definitely stand out with this dorm look.

bright dorm bedding is perfect for coordinating dorm room ideas!


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3. Frilly bedding

Using frilly or ruffled bedding adds a girly touch to the room. Pastel colors or white bedding also makes the room look airy and spacious.

Frilly bedding is so pretty for coordinating dorm room ideas!


4. Pattern and texture mixing

Mixing various patterns, such as stripes with dots, and various textures, such as sequins with faux fur, give the room more dimension. If you can successfully pull off pattern and texture mixing, your room will appear more luxurious and will definitely look different then your neighbor’s.

Mixing patterns is perfect for coordinating dorm room ideas!

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5. Tufted head board

A popular style on Pinterest, creating a DIY headboard makes your bed automatically feel like a princess bed. These two girls decided to create a vinyl head board with tufted fabric. Some other styles for headboards include: rounded edges, velvet fabric, and studded edges.

Headboards are great for coordinating dorm room ideas!

6. Loads of decor

If you have a larger dorm room, fill your room with decor. Adding things like paintings, wood cut monograms, metallic trays, and floral arrangements will help the room feel more like your personal space and less like an assigned living space. Coordinating color throughout the room decor will ensure you and your roommate have a cohesive room.

Having a lot of decor is great for coordinating dorm room ideas!

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7. Monograms

Etsy sells loads of customizable monograms for dorm rooms. Buy you and your roommate matching wood cut monograms as a welcome gift. Monograms are a go to for any preppy girls.

Monograms are perfect for coordinating dorm room ideas!

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8. Throw pillows

Throw pillows are a must-have for your dorm bedding and you can never have too many. Use them as a way to mix and match with your roommate for a fun dorm room look!

Throw pillows are perfect for coordinating dorm room ideas!

9. Warm grey tones

To make the space feel warmer and more homey add light tones of beige and cream based greys to your dorm room. These girls also added small touches, like tulle tutus for their ottomans, to make their room more personal.

Grey tones are perfect for coordinating dorm room ideas!

10. Matching duvet covers

Is matching all your decor a bit too much work for you and your roommate? Instead you can simply decide on the colors for the room and make sure you buy matching duvet covers. The duvet cover draws the eye and choosing two that match will make the entire room look cohesive even if some of the decor is different.

11. Rug

Buying items that eliminate a clear line of divide in the room will make the room more coordinated. Adding a furry rug or a chaise in the middle of the room will help you achieve a matching aesthetic in the room.

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12. Pink, white, and blue

There is something about pink, white, and blue that just blends so nicely together. Decide on which colors you want to emphasize on and try out this dorm look!

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13. Monogrammed headboard

Monograms are the best ways to claim your side of the room. These headboards are super cute and really sets your side apart from your roommates while still having that matching theme.

14. Fairy lights

Dorm rooms and fairy lights go hand and hand. They are the easiest way to give your dorm relaxing vibes. Plus, you can put them just about anywhere and use them for enhancing all different parts of your room.

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15. Large piece of artwork

Large pieces of artwork can sometimes be better than having multiple smaller pieces. Pick a design that goes with your room theme for a really cute look.

16. Rustic

if you and your roommate are going for the comfy bedroom theme, this rustic design is perfect for you. These beds scream “skip your 8 am and snuggle all day“.

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17. Matching closet doors

When you are doing coordinating dorm rooms you want to be able to still know which side is yours. Adding your initials to your closet doors is a really easy way to do that.

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18. Poufs

You cannot go wrong with having cozy poufs all around your room. Whether you get seats or pillows, poufs are a great dorm accessory.


Do you have more coordinating dorm room ideas?! Share in the comments below!

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These are the most amazing coordinating dorm room ideas!


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