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30 Amazing Baylor University Dorm Rooms

30 Amazing Baylor University Dorm Rooms

If you're looking to decorate your dorm room, we've put together some of the most inspirational Baylor University dorm rooms! Try copying them!

Moving into a dorm is a pretty stressful time. It’s your first time living without your parents and you are moving to a new place, so everything can get kind of overwhelming. Whether you are moving 20 minutes away or 300 miles away, moving into a dorm is kind of scary. It’s comforting to be able to put your own personality into your room though. Whether you want to match everything with your roommate in Collins, or decorate your bedroom by yourself in Texana, decorating your dorm room is your first little step into adult world. Here are 30 examples of awesome Baylor University dorm rooms to help get ready for the upcoming school year.


Pastels are always a good way to go. You can do a light colored bedspread with a pastel throw blanket and pillows to add some color to bland Baylor University dorm rooms. Target is a great place to go from a super comfy throw blanket, but if they don’t have your color, you can check out Sam’s Club for a wider variety. A bed skirt that matches either your comforter or the pastel colors is perfect to hide the stuff you are storing underneath your bed.

Blackout Curtains

College classes can be stressful. You will have homework, tests, papers, quizzes, and projects. So what better way to get a quick break than to take a nap? Napping in the day can be a little hard with the sun streaming in though, so blackout curtains or blinds are great because you can just shut them and have a nice nap in the middle of the day. Another way these come in handy is if you and your roommates want to watch a movie in the middle of the day and want it to be dark.


Wall Decorations

Wall decorations are a great way to really customize your side of the room. Even if you decide to match with your roommate, the pictures you hang up really stand out to show how the two personalities in the room differ. You can hand some lights up and then attach little pictures to them or get some command strips and hang up little signs and picture frames.


Statement Color

A statement color is great for those who like more neutral colors. You can get a black and white or beige, or any other neutral color and pair it up with a statement color. Pops of color are great for a blanket on top of your comforter or some decorative pillows. You can also get those plastic drawers from Target or Walmart in the color you want to make a statement. If you choose to have one, a bed skirt is another good option for a statement color. If you don’t want that extra blanket, have the pillows match you bed skirt and you are set!



Back to neutrals. If you are not a person who like all the bright colors and mismatched patterns, then neutral is the way to go. Even if you decide against a statement color, neutrals look very sophisticated (which is perfect to make you feel like you have your life together during finals week). You can do a beige or black and white color pallet. Get some twinkly fairy lights and a scentsy that matches your room and you are golden for this option!


Fully Lofted Beds

Not a personal favorite of mine, but a good option nonetheless. Fully lofted beds loft up to anywhere between three and six feet, and you can easily put your desk and/or dresser under there. Some people also choose to bring in small couches or beanbag chairs to have a little chill space underneath their bed. It is basically like living in the top bunk of a bunk bed.


Funky Rugs

If you decide to live in Collins then your room is coming with tile floors. Not the best thing to wake up to after that late night cram session you had the night before. Bringing in a funky rug to put next to you bed is great because it is cute and practical and will really spruce up those Baylor University dorm rooms. If you’re using a statement color then get a rug that ties into that color. If you are going to more neutral route then a plain rug to match your room is great too! However, don’t get a white rug because by the time you go home for Thanksgiving that thing will look really dingy (coming from someone who made mistake of getting white bathroom rugs).

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Matching Beds

If you are going to be rooming with someone you already know, or if you and your roommate are both down for it, matching bedspreads are super fun! You can each get the same bedspread and put your own spins on with your decorations and pictures! There are tons more examples of this one literally all over Pinterest!


Black and White

Black and white is amazing because you can literally do what ever you want with it as you’ll see with these Baylor University dorm rooms. It looks good with any colors, so you can basically have a rainbow if you want (although this might not be the best idea). Throw some twinkly fairy lights or the cloud lights above your desk or bed and get some clothes pins to clip pictures to them. For a rug you can get a black fluffy rug from Target, Walmart or Marshalls!

Bright Colors

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the bright colors. You can basically take the last option and invert it. Have a bright bed spread and do accents of black and white around your room. This is another good option to make it look like you have your life together, because all of the bright colors will distract from the mountains of stress you are experiencing during one of the test weeks you will face.




Which of these Baylor University dorm rooms are your favorite? Comment below!
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