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8 Amazing At-Home Spa Day Products

8 Amazing At-Home Spa Day Products

At-home spa days are essential for anyone and everyone, because we all need a little relaxation. Being stuck at home right now, as most of us are, is the perfect time to give yourself the day full of pampering you so deserve. And really, you do deserve it. So, here are 8 products to give you the best at-home spa day possible!

1. Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Roller

Rose quartz rollers are a popular new trend in skincare and a great item to have for your at-home spa day. Rose quartz rollers aim to calm your skin and lower inflammation, which is exactly what you should want during a spa day. They also reduce puffiness and dark circles and tighten the elasticity of your skin as the puffiness decreases. They’re especially great if you put them in the fridge or freezer before use, making them even more effective and refreshing on your skin.


2. Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

We often forget about our hands and feet when we’re doing basic self-care, even though they’re so important. But this cuticle butter is the perfect addition to your spa day at home. It’s made with only natural ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, and lemon oil. It aims to soften your cuticles and other dry areas, like elbows or knees, making it ideal to use after you take your spa day bath. Trust me, you’ll feel like you went to a salon after using this product. And if you’re not a fan of lotion-style cuticle treatment, many places also make pure cuticle oil you can try instead. Still, I definitely recommend the butter!

3. Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Everyone knows a spa day at home means a long, warm bath. This coconut milk bath soak is gentle, vegan, and smells of warm coconut and vanilla. It doesn’t have all the chemicals many traditional bath bombs have and is instead filled with natural essential oils that will diffuse as you soak in the tub, hydrating your skin and relaxing you at the same time. The natural ingredients also should quell any fear that your skin might have a reaction to the soak, something I often worry about. Also, you won’t even need body lotion if you take a bath with this stuff, it basically acts as lotion itself. And seriously, it smells ridiculously good.


4. Artist Print Tin Candle

You can’t take a relaxing bath during your spa day without candles. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be nearly as relaxing. These candles are small so they won’t get in the way of your bath. They also come in soothing scents like green tea lavender, sandalwood & honey and, jasmine & lemongrass. Obviously almost any candle would work, but I love the design and scent options of these candles and have a bunch of them myself. Even better, they’re currently on sale, so get them while you can and enjoy every second of your at-home spa day!


5. FRESH Brown Sugar Body Polish

Sugar scrubs are a great addition to any spa day at home. They help to soften skin by buffing away dead, dry skin cells and revealing the healthy fresh skin that’s waiting underneath. This scrub in particular is made with real brown sugar and citrus oils that help to make your skin glow and look more toned. You won’t regret adding this product to your spa day and you’ll love the smell.

6. Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask

Every spa day at home needs a face mask. Wear it in the tub or after the tub in a cozy robe. This mask is meant to detoxify your pores and reveal clear glowing skin. It is made with activated charcoal that draws out dirt and oil to fix impurities without drying out your skin. It’s especially great if you have an oily T-zone! I also recommend using pore strips after this mask, as it brings everything stuck in your pores to the surface. Using pore strips immediately after just helps you finish what you started!


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7. Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccan oil is a great natural hair treatment for your at-home spa day. It is filled with antioxidants and vitamins that help dry and damaged hair recover. It also adds a natural shine to your hair that will make others envious. It’s super easy to use too. All you need to do is put the oil in your hair for a period of time and then rinse it out. It’s also great for getting rid of dandruff and for your skin.The results will speak for themselves!

8. Teddy Bear Faux Fur Robe

My favorite part of a spa day at home is getting to sit in a cozy bathrobe all day. And it’s hard to feel like you’re actually at a spa, even at home, without one! This robe is so soft you seriously won’t want to get out of it. It’s on sale right now too, so get it quick! That way while you’re rolling your face with rose quartz, you can also be cozy. I also  suggest the matching slippers that go with this robe, that way your feet won’t feel left out of the coziness.


A spa day at home is a terrific way to spend your time right now. Relaxation and self-care are important for mental health and overall wellness. Having a day fully dedicated to you allows you to decompress, to think inward and to realize that you do deserve to feel good; everyone does. The next day you can wake up and feel refreshed and ready for business. But I promise, it’s worth it to take time, to take an entire day, for yourself and to actually, truly let yourself relax and see how it makes you feel. And right now, with everything going on in the world, it’s the perfect time to do it!

Ever had an at-home spa day? What products do you use? Comment below!

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