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9 Amazing Apps That Will Keep You On Track This Year

9 Amazing Apps That Will Keep You On Track This Year

2019 is a busy year, so we have come up with 9 amazing apps to help you say productive during those peak times. Hopefully, these suggestions will keep you on track this year, and also inspire new forms of productivity and organization within your life. 


The first of many amazing apps we have to offer is the app called which is available on android and IOS devices. Not only is it universal, but it also syncs with any desktop, tablet and the web. In one app it allows you to make calendars, to-do lists, notes, reminders and gives users the ability to share their tasks or assign them to others. There is even a voice-entry feature which allows you to add/edit or delete anything by simply speaking into the app. 

9 Amazing Apps That Will Keep You On Track This Year

2. Microsoft Office

Some amazing apps for students are those that come with Microsoft Office which is Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These are great productivity apps for students and business professionals. By downloading it on your phone, or tablet you could even complete homework offline. Now, you won’t have to worry about internet connections, or never getting your work done. 

3. CamScanner

CamScanner is considered one of the amazing apps because it converts your phone’s camera into a scanner. With this app, you will easily be able to convert pictures or documents into pdf or jpg form that you can send to others. You won’t have to find a printer to scan a document anymore. You can simply use your phone. This is a great app for students who need to send documents to schools or professors, and professionals in any field! 

9 Amazing Apps That Will Keep You On Track This Year

4. Otter Voice Notes

Another of our amazing apps suggestions is Otter Voice Notes. This is a great app for people who are always on the go, and never have time to sit down to write notes. The app allows you to take notes via the microphone built into your phone or any Bluetooth extensions. At the same time, when it takes your notes, it adds punctuation, grammar and structure automatically. You might have to edit a few words or sentences, but overall the note-taking app will record everything perfectly. The app even allows you to sync your notes with other devices and apps, which makes sharing a lot easier. 

5. 24Me

24Me is one of the amazing apps to keep you on track this year because it combines everything productive into one app. Here, you can combine calendar features, note-taking and to-do lists into one app which helps you manage your business or school day. The app can sync with others such as iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and more. It also allows for voice control, so you can use the app while commuting. 

9 Amazing Apps That Will Keep You On Track This Year

6. Hours

Hours is another of our amazing apps for students. Within the app, you can schedule the hours you need/use for school and work which can convert it into a visual timeline. If you struggle with managing your time between part-time work and school, this is a great app for you! You can set up notifications, timers, time log and so much more to keep you on track of how long you work and when. You can even use the app to send out CSV and PDF reports to your business. 

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7. Google Drive

Google drive is essential to the list of amazing apps we suggest you download. Simply put, it is an online database or iCloud that stores your documents. All you have to do is obtain or sync your Gmail account and you have yourself a google drive. You can share, upload, download and edit images, and documents either on the web or any device. It is great for students and business professionals who work with teams. 

9 Amazing Apps That Will Keep You On Track This Year

8. Trello

Trello is a to-do list app that wins a place on our amazing apps list due to its flexibility. Either on the web or on any device, you can make boards and to-do lists for yourself or others. Here, you can easily drag a task from one board to another with ease. It is a great app for teams because you can see what each team member is doing and can edit their info as well. 

9. Teamweek

One of the amazing apps for teams is Teamweek. Here, you can manage your time and projects on one interface to help teams visualize who is working on what task. You can easily, drag-drop colour code and highlight any task for ease of understanding and accessibility for all team members!

These amazing apps will keep you on track in no time! Which one will you download first? Let us know down below!

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