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10 Amazing, Affordable Vacation Destinations

10 Amazing, Affordable Vacation Destinations

Vacations are great way to relax and destress, however, the expenses can sometimes break your bank and feel like you can just never save up enough for that perfect getaway. We have rounded up a few places that are sitting at the top of the chart when choosing affordable vacation destinations but the wow-factor is not at all compromised.

Yarra Valley

Who said that vacations had to be far, far away? Sometimes the best locations are just a short trip away and the scenery will brush off all that stress and you might even forget that you didn’t even leave the country. The vineyards not only provides amazing food and wine tasting but also offers accomodations within the valleys surrounded by greenery. It is also a famous spot for hot air balloon rides during sunrise. This is a must for those looking for affordable vacation destinations during short weekend getaways.

Mornington Peninsula

This gem of a location have the advantage of enjoying both the beach and country style living. You can simply rent a beachside apartment or  small house in the middle of a valley  and jump into the hot springs when winter hits. This place is an all year round destination that is suitable for anyone that enjoys some nature and quietness away from the busy city life.


Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Hiking, surfing, snorkelling, fishing are just some of the few things that you can choose from, but most of all, Rottnest Island is home to the happiest animal on earth – Quokkas! They are super friendly and can be found just about anywhere on the island. It is a short ferry ride from Perth, WA, if you are planning a road trip around Australia, Rottnest Island is definitely worth putting on your bucket-list.

Hamilton Island, Queensland

A slice of paradise off the coast of Queensland where the famous heart island and Whitsundays is just a short trip away. Taking a seaplane ride to see the scenery below or day trips on speed boats to nearby secluded beaches. Simply you can stay within your resort and use the free beachside activities that are available all day and relax by the pool.

Who doesn’t enjoy a beachside vacation where you just simply don’t have to do anything and just soak up the sunshine for a healthy glowing tan? We rounded up a few of the most recommended tropical locations.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a must visit for those who love a great resort during the day and an eventful nightlife. Apart from relaxing at the traditional beach side resorts there are also treetop resorts with endless views of the rainforest and mountains. Not only are the resorts affordably priced, the quality and variety of food is also amazing. A great destination for Instagram worthy photos.

Palawan Island, Philippines

The island is a slice of heaven that is abundant with exotic wildlife, quaint villages and untouched natural sceneries. Explore one of the best diving sites in the world at Coron Island, or  take a guided boat tour of  the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Palawan Island will take your breath away and it definitely wont break the bank.



Cambodia is one of the most affordable vacation destinations and gaining more attention over the years due to it’s historical sites in Siam Reap, as well as, the traditional palaces in Phnom Penh, after exploring the historic and cultural sites head down to the coasts of Cambodia for some great relaxation time at the beachside resorts.

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Ko Lanta, Thailand

Thailand is the go-to tropical island vacation, however the numerous amount of beaches are now filled with people and the many untouched, smaller islands are becoming frequently visited to avoid big crowds. Ko Lanta is one of these newer places that are becoming popular among those that want to enjoy a nice tropical vacation that is affordable and tranquil.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands, the biggest being Langkawi Island. In addition to the usual tropical locations with sand and beaches, the island also have other places ready to be explored, hiking in the mountains or taking a stroll in the rainforests and maybe island hoping isn’t such a bad idea either to switch up the scenery. To top it off this Langkawi is also duty-free!


Sri Lanka

The West Coast is the most modernised area where you can enjoy local culture and experience the city life. Travelling towards the South Coast is where you can find all the tranquil beaches and wildlife parks. The accomodations and food are amazing at a relatively cheap price which attracts many tourists over recent years and has become one of the best affordable vacation destinations.

Is your travel bucket-list mentioned in the above destinations? Where in the world would you want to travel next?

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