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Alternative Workouts For Those Who Don’t Like Working Out At All

Alternative Workouts For Those Who Don’t Like Working Out At All

Working out is not always an easy or enjoyable task for many. But never the less, working out and being active is important not just for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional health. If you are searching for the right kind workout that doesn’t feel like your typical form of working out, try one of these alternative workouts. You never know, one of these may turn you into a gym junkie!

Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is a great activity to do with a group of friends, and it is offered in many different places, so it shouldn’t be too hard to track down. Rock climbing, which can also be known as bouldering, is an amazing upper body workout. It is a challenge and can push you to get out of your comfort zone through height. Rock climbing can help to build your relationship with your own body by having to trust yourself in order to not fall. So give it a go! this is an amazing alternative workout if the gym is not your scene. 



If you need to air your frustrations, this is the one for you! This is an amazing workout if you decided that one day you are just a little bit more angry than usual. Nothing makes you feel better than punching someone in a safe and controlled environment. Boxing not only is amazing for your arms and back but also, if you are doing it with proper form, you will feel the burn in your abs as well. This is a great workout to include in your already established workout plan, it will keep it fresh and fun! Give this alternative workout a go! 


Now this one may be a little bit harder to track down. Aerial or silks will allow you to live out your circus dreams as you climb up and down the silks. This is an especially fun alternative workout for you and some friends. You may be surprised how good you could be, because after all, you won’t know if you have a secret talent for this until you try. Aerial is typically done in small groups so that the teacher can keep a close eye on you, so that you remain safe. This is one of the most alternative but the most fun workouts you can find. So if you are able to track down a studio, or the circus is in town. Give it a go! 



This may not seem overly alternative to many, but some people may not even consider trying out yoga. Some people who have never tried yoga, may not be aware that it is more than just meditation. Yoga can help with mental health, core strength and stability. Yoga is great if you don’t like high cardio or high-intensity workouts. Yoga studios are also incredibly easy to find. So this may be the least alternative workout of the bunch but it is probably the easiest to get on board with. 

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HIIT Classes 

HIIT is an acronym that stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This means that the workout is shorter than many, usually around 45 minutes. Workouts consist of multiple short interval workouts that are done in a round-robin fashion. This keeps you interested in the workout and tricks you into thinking you are less tried than what you actually are. What more could you want! HIIT classes are usually found at most gyms that offer classes, so you are guaranteed to find one in your area. 


Did any of these peak your interest? Do some research and see if there are any studios that offers these classes. Let us know what your new obsession is! 

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