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Alternative Ways To Make A Living During Covid-19 Quarantine

Alternative Ways To Make A Living During Covid-19 Quarantine

It should be no news to anyone that our country and our economy have been tossed into a state of obscurity. With quarantines being enforced due to Covid-19, and stay-in rules in place against all non-essential activities, our day to day lives are severely impacted.

One of the direst circumstances that have appeared during this quarantine is a lot of people have had their ways to make a living disappear. Living in Florida, I know plenty of people who work at Disney and Universal, and weeks ago, their livelihood was taken away from them. And it’s the same thing for hospitality staff across the nation.

With this being a new landscape that everyone has to navigate, there are a lot of people who are going to struggle greatly, and a lot of people who are going to find great opportunities, which I believe there is a lot of.


Over the last couple of years, podcasts have dominated the entertainment landscape. They have completely passed terrestrial radio in terms of viewership, and a large number of podcasts even outshine late-night television and news networks. 

In this uncertain time, podcasting is one of the only forms of entertainment that is pumping out fresh content, and it is showing to be one of the best ways to make a living for those who were already embedded in podcast culture. With sports going away, the box office is closed, talk shows having to find new methods of production, podcasts are the only form of entertainment that hasn’t skipped a beat. In fact, talk shows, and sports figures are even moving there shows to something that is more of a podcast format, which further proves my point that the medium seems to be bulletproof in this pandemic.

Now a podcast might not be the best way to make quick cash for those of us who are at home and out of work, but if starting a podcast is something you’ve been planning in your head, there is no better time to start than now. There are even several high profile comedians I know of who are using this same thought process and starting new podcasts to fill their time and bring in further revenue. 

If you start a podcast now, you have nothing but time to set up a room in your house to be a decent studio space, and you have nothing but time to backlog episodes of said podcast. Even if the podcast has a slow build, gaining thousands of followers during this quarantine can be extremely important for making this podcast one of your ways to make a living in the future. And what else do people have to do besides sit inside and listen to podcasts? If you record it, they will listen.

Alternative Ways To Make A Living During Covid-19 Quarantine


During this quarantine, I’m seeing that women are having the easiest time finding ways to make a living. As I mentioned earlier, I know people who got laid off from Disney pretty much the very first week of this thing. One of the Disney people I know was a girl, and being faced with losing one of her main ways to main ways to make a living, she decided to take a chance. She posted on her social media that she was out of work, and anyone who sends her 15 dollars would receive one nude photo from her. In just 24 hours, this girl had received twelve hundred dollars, and a lot of her financial worries were quelled for the time being. 

Another thing in this vein that I saw was in Portland. Portland is known for having a high concentration of strip clubs, and in this quarantine time, all of those strippers have lost their ways to make a living. A genius group of strippers decided not to take this fate lying down, though, and they realized that food delivery is still going strong, and no idea would be better than doing food delivery while naked. Now while I’m sure you can’t get a lap dance unless it involves some sort of bubble boy situation, I’m sure there are still plenty of strip club patrons who will take whatever comfort they can get. And having a few topless women deliver their sushi might be the thing that returns a bit of normalcy to their life.

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Alternative Ways To Make A Living During Covid-19 Quarantine


Not everyone who is out of work is a stripper, and doing naked door dash isn’t exactly their first thought when it comes to making money. But there are plenty of talented people who need to find ways to make a living, and relying on their talents may be the way to do that.

The world is ready to band together and help those in need, as I’ve already highlighted with my friend who worked at Disney, and simply telling your story can be enough to get assistance. If you’re someone who’s an artist, and you paint or make clothes, jewelry, crafts of any sort, use that as one of your ways to make a living. Make an Etsy or a Depop and let people know you’re out of work, and purchasing some of your art would go a long way. All it takes is a few people sharing your store to the word to get around, and before you know it, you could have more work and demand for your work than you ever have before. 

I know personally, my girlfriend, who is luckily able to work from home, still has ample amounts of free time due to being quarantined, and she is painting all kinds of clothes and figuring out embroidery on a wide range of items. There is going to be no place to store all of these pieces that she doesn’t plan on wearing, and selling them seems like the only option. And the exciting thing about this is that if people start digging her stuff now during this time of quarantine, then her art can possibly become one of her ways to make a living when we get through this crisis. 

Alternative Ways To Make A Living During Covid-19 Quarantine

What are some ways you are trying to make some extra cash during this quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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