10 Alternative Spring Break Options To Try When You’re Broke AF

When your broke and can’t afford the Bahamas, think about choosing an alternative spring break. It might not be glamorize, but you’ll be taking part in something that changes lives. So think about these 10 alternative spring break options to try when your broke AF.

1. Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

The Turtle Conservation gives the chance for volunteers to learn about protecting sea turtles for over two weeks for the price of $365 a week. When your not busy helping saving the planet, tour the countries diverse wildlife. With this being a popular spot on many peoples list, you could expect up to 80 volunteers at a time.

10 Alternative Spring Break Options To Try When You're Broke AF

2. Teaching English in the Philippines

Choosing from a range of teaching, kindergarten, renovation, or construction you’ll be sure to find yourself busy during your spring break. Spending only up to $5 dollars on meals this alternative spring break might be the move.

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3. Animal care in Romina

Go off the beaten path by traveling to this European destination for only $330 a week. You can choose between teaching, animal care, and NGO support for your two week stay. With airport pickup, orientation, meals, and accomdation this might be the alternative spring break for you.

4. Child or sport development in South Africa

Wanting to travel in a group, but still can’t afford anything too extreme? Why not try volunteering in this South African program? With program activity ranging from surf outreach to childcare you can enjoy time with friends while making a difference.

10 Alternative Spring Break Options To Try When You're Broke AF

5. Dog and cat rescue in Nepal

Want to spend your time with animals this spring break? Check out this spring break option. Aid in giving furry babies medicine, and meals while you play with them. Who knows you might even switch your major to become a vet after.

6. Organic farming in Belize

If your not wanting to stray to far from the states, why not travel to Belize? This program supports ¬†orphaned children by growing organic food on a small farm. Not only is it a good cause, but you’ll also save on air fare.

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7. Healthcare program in Mexico

Interested in yoga, and meditation? This trip might just be up your alley as you’ll be organizing classes and offering support for a wellness center.

10 Alternative Spring Break Options To Try When You're Broke AF

8. Elephant program in Zambia

Supported by Kaya Responsible Travel, you and a group of friends could all help care for elephants right in Africa.

10 Alternative Spring Break Options To Try When You're Broke AF

9. Temple restoration in Sri Lanka

Volunteer your time with repairing and cleaning ancient structures from the past this spring break. Not only will you get to see temples in person, but you’ll also get to learn all about their history as well. When your not busy learning about temples, travel around Sri Lanka for the rest of the day. It’ll be an adventure you’ll never forget.

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10. Close to home

Stick close to home this year by volunteering your time with a local homeless shelter, or even immigration refugee center. Giving back to your community can help make this alternative spring break one for the books.

See any alternative spring break options that you want to try? Comment below and tell us which ones!
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