Allure Beauty Box Review: Is Allure Beauty Box Worth It?

Want an Allure Beauty Box subscription? Beauty box by Allure is A+. Allure beauty specialists pull the best makeup so here's an Allure Beauty Box review.

Just like fashion, beauty is constantly transitioning and evolving. In the past couple of years home delivery packages have become a popular commodity – we’ve seen Sephora’s beauty box, Alexis Ren’s new Ren Active subscription and Birchbox. So what’s the latest and the greatest – the Allure Beauty Box.

The History.

Birchbox was the first monthly makeup subscription to get the buzz going around. Unlike the Allure Beauty Box, this subscription is for those who aren’t necessarily beauty obsessed. With your subscription you get a mix of five makeup, skincare, fragrance and hair samples for $10 a month. Sounds like a pretty good gig? Wrong!

Why It’s Better Than Birchbox.

In comparison, the Allure Beauty Box is next level. While it is five dollars more a month ($15), you receive the top-trending beauty and makeup picks that are usually $50-$90. This month’s beauty box values over $120 and you’re getting it for just $15. The six items, note that’s one more additional item then Birchbox, are top notch: Living Proof Dry Volume Blast, Tarte Amazonian blush, Drunk Elephant cream, Kiehl’s eye concentrate, a beautyblender and Doucce X smoky eye palette.


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The Steals.

What’s more? As someone who is entirely beauty challenged, you receive tips, shortcuts and step-by-steps on how to use and apply your products. The membership also includes full and travel-sized products and free shipping. Additionally, you get a new member gift: an eyeshadow palette that values at $35. I’d say the hookup is pretty sweet and worth giving a go.


The Allure Beauty Box goes a step further by giving you subscription options which is something we’ve rarely seen as far as beauty subscriptions go. You are given two options in regards to your own subscription: a monthly subscription for $15 or the yearly subscription which marks at $150 per year. With the yearly subscription you save $30 off the regular yearly price. Subscribers are also given the option to choose a gift option, allowing you a 3 month, 6 month and yearly option to give a gift to a friend. Not too shabby.

If you are a beauty freak, the Allure Beauty Box is hands down worth it. Overall grade: A+
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