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All The Things We Need To Do Better Once Quarantine Ends

All The Things We Need To Do Better Once Quarantine Ends

Neither you nor I are anywhere close to being a perfect person.

We may like to think that we’re all pure hearted people who can do no wrong, but the cold truth for everybody out there reading this and even those that aren’t is that we are all far from perfect.

Yes, we all have our own set of flaws, some with more than others, but most of us are blind to our imperfections. It isn’t until we face something so adverse to our wellbeing that we have our eyes opened, our flaws exposed.


Insert a pandemic sweeping the globe: the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has forced us to change our way of life rapidly and has forced us to quarantine. With more time with ourselves, we’ve been given more time to evaluate ourselves and the world, and as time passes we see how clouded our way of thinking was before the pandemic and realize that we need to do better as an individual and as a society.

And yes, there are more than a few things we can do to improve ourselves, but here are some of the main things we should do movingĀ 


Focus On Living Cleaner And Healthier Lives

First and foremost, we need to do better at being cleaner as people and maintaining a more sanitary environment.

Individually, we need to do better at washing our hands more often when we use them and sanitizing surfaces that we touch at home. The coronavirus has made us want to be cleaner than ever, but it shouldn’t have taken a major pandemic to change our mindsets. Don’t let the dying down of the virus make us revert back to our old ways, either.

We should also work toward living healthier post-Rona. Anything from our diets to our workout regimen to even trying to get more sleep are smart things to improve as we move closer to the end of quarantine. This, along with keeping ourselves and our surroundings cleaner, will help us stay healthy and avoid illnesses.


Not Take Our Privileges For Granted

Being able to leave the house and go do whatever we want whenever we want is a privilege, not a right. Being able to go to the club, casino, mall, gym, sporting events and even school are all great privileges that a lot of us took for granted before the coronavirus closed everything down. Going to work is another great privilege that millions have lost out on, and a place that many once dreaded clocking in at is now one people wish they could return to.

Times in quarantine have been very tough not being able to go to any of these places, and hopefully it has humbled us and made us realize that we need to do better at not overlooking all of the great privileges that we really have.


Be More Respectful To And Appreciative Of Others

Why can’t we be grateful for the work that some people do? Why can’t we show respect to others and treat them the way we want to be treated? Why are we so rude to certain people? Why do we complain, curse out, degrade and make fun of many workers and people in general?

The shut down of all 50 states in America caused a large percentage of the working population to be put on leave from their jobs or be laid off all together, and one thing that we’re really poor at collectively as a society is being grateful for the work that these people do. This goes for our teachers, metro transit bus drivers, drive thru employees, food delivery drivers, grocery store cashiers and waiters just to name a few.

“We are all in this together” is a way of saying that we are all one, and has been a motto that we’ve ran with during social distancing. Truthfully, we were “in this together” before the coronavirus struck, and we’ll be “in this together” when we all get through it. Let’s keep that same togetherness energy by showing love, respect and appreciation to the people around us.


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Use Our Time More Wisely

Quarantine has really made those 24 hours we get each day really drag on, but when we start transitioning back to our more regular every day life, we need to do better at managing those 24 hours.


Its been hard to be productive these days, but when we get back to normal, we should focus on working things into our schedule. Get the right amount of sleep each night. Don’t skip that workout. Visit the family for a little while. Make time with friends and go do something fun when things open up again.

There’s so much more to squeeze into the window of a day than TV, video games, books and family game nights, and when our quarantine ends, we should try to work harder to balance our responsibilities, necessities and desires.

Take Things More Seriously

The coronavirus was played off as “just a bad cold,” and that led to the speedy spread of the disease and the increased amount of deaths.


The fact that we didn’t take this thing so seriously in the first place is what has made the repercussions so severe, and the fact that we continue to fight stay at home orders, make coronavirus memes and blow off being sanitary while people are losing their lives.

From the connections you have with your friends and family to the growing global issue of pollution in our land and oceans, we need to do better at taking matters more seriously. A lot better.


So yes, we’re pretty far from perfect, but the only way we can make true differences and make the world a better and safer place is making real efforts to improve ourselves. Coming out of quarantine, we need to do better at a number of things, but focusing on the things on this list is a pretty good start.

What else do you think we need to do better once quarantine ends? Give us something to improve upon in the comment section below.