All The Summer Sandals You Need To Make A Statement

With the summer weather coming our way (woo!), you know that it’s time to put away all those boots and booties and get out your summer sandals. You’ll need the wedges, you’ll need the flip flops, and sure enough, it’s finally time to get out those Gucci slides (girl, those are fire!).

But, with the new season some new trends, and although the slides, the flip flops, and the wedges will never go out of style, you still want to be the fashionista who always has her shoe game on strong, right? Right! So, if you’re THAT fashionista or someone who just loves shoes and needs reasons to buy more kicks, then you’re in the right place.

Summer 2019 is all about adding oomph and edge to your look. So, keeping that in mind we’ve chosen five pairs of summer sandals you need to make a killer style statement this year (I bet you can’t just pick one!).

1. Platform Sandals With A Strap

You can go for a high platform or a smaller one, but these babies will go perfect with anything from cropped jeans to your favorite go-to denim shorts. The strap will ensure that these sandals don’t slip off your feet and it provides just the right amount of support for your ankle.

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2. The Bejeweled Sandals

Your vacation fashion never looked so good. These bejeweled sandals are everything you need to transition from the beach to a patio dinner when you’re away somewhere in the tropics. Because they’re so fancy, you can definitely wear them with a simple midi dress—anything lower than that will cover the shoes, but this is one pair you want to show off!

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3. Flower Bandage Sandals

They’re ruffled from the toes and tie up your ankles like a classic gladiator. These sandals make a classy-yet-edgy statement. Your best bet would be to wear them cut-off jeans so you so the bandaged look all the way to the top. You can choose them in any color you want, but this mauve is my favorite—it works with so many Summer colors that you can pick this pair up from your shelf, put it on, and hit the road in pretty much any outfit.

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4. The Chunky Sandal

This one even comes with a heel! Just like those chunky sneakers are a major hit with the crowd this year, you’d best believe that these chunky summer sandals are everything people want right now. Although they’re not as versatile as some of the other options you may have in this list, I suggest investing in a pair so you have something different to wear the next time you’re invited to a pool party. These chunky sandals will look bomb with a sexy bathing suit!

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5. The Furry Slides

These ones are a personal favorite. I think a pair of fury slides bring so much personality and oomph to any outfit. Of course, you can wear them with your leggings and a crop top for a brunch with your boo, or you can even have a little bit of fun with them and pair these cuties with something a little bit fancier. No, I’m not talking ball gown fancy, but what about a denim skirt and flounce bodysuit? You’ll be oozing style with these slides.

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So, which ones did you like the best? Did I hear you say “all of them!”? Yup, I don’t blame you, ladies! You should go ahead and get a pair of each—it’s ok to splurge…actually, we dare you to!

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Sandy Panesar

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