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All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420

All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420

Why We Should No Longer Stigmatize Marijuana

There are a total of eight states that legalized weed. The holiday of 4/20, you can either choose to go on the east coast or the west coast to party. It all depends if you want to be cold or warm during 4/20.


This state is way up in the corner of the U.S. As you can imagine, it can get pretty cold in Washington and in order to smoke legally here, you must be at least 21 years of age. You see, there are limits. Nevertheless, like many other states that have legalized marijuana, there are spots in Washington where weed dispensaries are set up. You can buy marijuana-infused products, oils, and bags of marijuana itself. However, you must remember the age limit to possess marijuana and you cannot smoke publicly, but on private property. Have fun people!

California Love

The state of California is different. You must be 18 years old to possess marijuana. You are allowed to smoke legally in the public eye as well as on your private property. There are many dispensaries to choose from over a hundred kinds of weed. It is advertised all over the state, especially in Los Angeles, and you even have the pleasure of doing fun activities with other weed smokers on 4/20. It is very celebrated out here!

All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to Las Vegas for my birthday two years ago and I had no idea the state legalized marijuana. There were people smoking on the strip and no one, not even the police, said anything! That’s when I knew this was real. Like Washington, you and your friends all must be 21 and older to smoke here. Once that’s cleared you’re good to go. There’s nothing better than sharing a blunt with your friends while walking the strip at night. I’m telling you, it’s going to be a top-level experience.


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Colorado, the first to ever do it

You would think that since Colorado was the first states to legalize weed, their laws would be a bit lenient. That’s not the case. Their law has actually changed quite a bit since the state legalized weed smoking and it matches a couple of the states above: you must be 21 to smoke and have possession and you cannot smoke in public areas. But don’t fret, I hope you all get a hotel that has a view of the mountains’ so you can get high and enjoy the view.

All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420


Let’s just say to be on the safe side, you and your friends must be 21 years of age in order to smoke marijuana in the states unless you’re going to California. I am not sure what fun there is to do in Vermont for 4/20, but if you enjoy the country life and the wide open spaces, then, by all means, go. But remember, you can only smoke on private property.

All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420

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You are at the tippy top of the U.S. and I heard Maine is a nice refreshed state to go to. You will have fun here because Maine has a Kush tour on 4/20 day. The same rules apply though; you must smoke on private property. So if allowed, I hope you and your friends are okay to smoke in the hotel room or a friend’s home by the water. Other than that, you’re sunk.

All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420


Michigan is one of the stricter states that legalized marijuana. You cannot smoke publicly, only privately AND there is no legal place to purchase marijuana. Those state laws will change later in the future. Nevertheless, on 4/20 there is usually a big concert in town and it attracts many weed smokers. You are allowed to smoke and listen to good music, as long as you have a marijuana card. You must be valid because they will be checking at the door. Happy travels!


YAAY!! Party with the Harvard kids on 4/20!! I mean, it’s just a thought. But, if not, for the 4/20 holiday, this state has a whole three-day event planned for the passionate weed smokers. You have concerts, cannabis and paint sessions and more! They even have many events leading up to the day of 4/20 so, if you and your 21 and older friends would like to hit up Massachusetts for the holiday, go for it!



All The States That Legalized Weed You Can Travel To This 420

The states that legalized weed… bless their hearts. What some people do not understand is that 4/20 is a day of honoring the cannabis and what it has done for the world; provide clarity and relaxation for those that smoke it. What are you and your friends doing for the 4/20 holiday? Comment down below so I can know details. Until next time, see you soon.

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