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All The Items You’ll Want In Your Backpack When You Go Back To College

It’s okay to be clueless as to what you will need in your backpack for college. You don’t want to overpack it and look clueless. Go back to college like a pro! And it starts with the materials you have in your backpack. Not only will you be prepared when you walk into your classroom, but you will also be the epitome of a perfect student and on your way to graduating top of your class if you continue being prepared as you will be. And we will get you there because we know all of the things you need to be prepared. 

1. Laptop

Laptops are crucial in college because that’s where a lot of your work is stored and it’s how you communicate with your professor. Therefore, laptops are essential to have in your backpack. Now, a lot of professors don’t like it when their students use laptops in their classrooms because they consider it a distraction, which is weird considering almost everything is technology, including textbooks. But for those classes that allow you to take notes with your laptop, it’s a must to have it ready in your backpack. I highly recommend the 16-inch 2019 Macbook Pro and the Microsoft Surface Book 2, especially for graphic design majors because of its compatibility with Photoshop.

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2. Pens & Pencils

I know, taking notes with a pen and paper seems old school but a lot of people learn better by physically taking notes because they remember writing it. But even if you’re not a pen and paper note-taker, some professors require you to use the pen and paper method. Furthermore, not all of your tests may be online, which is why pens and pencils are important to have in your backpack. You can get them anywhere for various prices, depending on what type of pens you like. 

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3. Notebooks

You need paper to take notes for that class with the professor who doesn’t allow laptops. So, carry a notebook in your backpack at all times. Some people have different notebooks for different classes, but you want your backpack light when you go from one building to another. I suggest using one notebook for all classes and separating them into multiple folders for those classes. Notebooks aren’t expensive and essential in college. But don’t just buy one because you can quickly run out of paper. 

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4. Folders

Speaking of folders, you’ll want them in your backpack when you go back to college because they help with keeping your work and notes organized. But if you aren’t a fan of having multiple folders because you’re the type to forget to put it back in your backpack after that late-night study session, I suggest getting a huge binder and tabs. But folders help keep your backpack light and organized, preventing your backpack from getting stuffed with a bunch of loose-leaf paper. Folders aren’t cheap to buy and are a lifesaver when you go back to college. 

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5. Headphones

Headphones were frowned upon in high school but going back to college, they are necessary everywhere you go. When you think career, you see someone being busy, probably talking on the phone. College is a career and you’re going to have phone calls, which is why headphones are a must. Plus, walking to class, you’re gonna need the soundtrack to your life playing. I recommend the Apple Airpods 2 or Pro because they don’t have the problems that a lot of Bluetooth headphones have, which is picking up background noises when on the phone and that is annoying. After all, the person on the other end can’t hear you. 

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6. Scientific Calculator

For those who are taking some sort of math class, I recommend keeping a scientific calculator in your backpack when going back to college because if it comes down to taking a test that requires a calculator you are going to regret not having one. Believe me, I’ve experienced that. And it won’t take up any room in your backpack! I recommend getting the Casio fx-9750GII because it’s more accurate and has many features that are beneficial for you. 

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7. Tissues

You never know if you’ll ever have a runny nose or have to clean up your mouth after you eat lunch and you’re nowhere near a napkin. Consider buying tissues to prepare you for any of the scenarios mentioned. Again, you can never be too careful when going back to college. 

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8. Yeti

You must remember to stay hydrated throughout the day and keeping a Yeti on you for when you go back to college will be helpful. You may have bottles of water in your dorm room, but there will be moments where you forget to pack one, and having a Yeti will enable you to get water anywhere you go. The reason I chose a Yeti and not a Hydro flask because a hydro flask has a flimsier handle on the top, which can fall off and the Yeti has a firm handle. 

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9. Chapstick

It sucks to have chapped lips throughout the day. When you go back to college, carry chapstick with you at all times to avoid having dry lips. Plus, you want to make your lips look irresistible for that hottie in the classroom. 

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10. Mint Or Gum

We all have those mornings where we forget to brush our teeth because we have that early class that we wake up late for. Or we have that morning coffee that has our breath smelling like death. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for bad breath. You’ll most definitely want a pack of gum or mints in your backpack to freshen your breath. Just in case you have that professor who doesn’t allow gum in the class, you can choose a pack of mints instead. 

Freshen your breath, now

11. Snack

You get hungry and will want a small snack to keep you going when you go back to college. I strongly recommend a Nature Valley granola bar because it’s healthy, delicious, and small enough to get your day going. Remember, a snack is something you can eat after a class, it’s not meant to fill you up. 

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I’m excited for you to go back to college and I hope this helps you! Let me know in the comments other things you have in your backpack that you find beneficial.

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