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All Our Favorite Crystals and What They Really Mean

One thing that we love about our favorite crystals is the way they speak to a part of us we aren’t even aware of. That feeling when you walk into a shop and see the geode or crystal and just know you have to have it, even if you don’t know why. Working at a store full of gems and crystals, I heard stories daily from customers saying that the stone was speaking to them, and when they looked up its’ meaning and characteristics, it connected directly to a certain situation or stressor in their life. In case you’ve had a similar unexplainable experience, here is a list of popular crystals and what they represent and are commonly used for!

1. Rose Quartz

One of my all-time favorite crystals is rose quartz. A hopeless romantic in love with a stone that manifests love? Unsurprising. But what else is rose quartz good for? Rose quartz is used for the purification of the mind and heart to open it to love and unconditional love. Rose quartz is supposed to help build trust and harmony in preexisting relationships (whether romantic or platonic) and can help heal your heart and spirit for future relationships.

Rose quartz helps dispel negativity and replaces negative emotions with loving feelings and vibes, and is a good stone to have around for expectant mothers as it promotes fertility and safety for mothers and babies.


2. Onyx

A powerful gemstone, Onyx is perfect for anyone whose favorite crystals tend to manifest strength and willpower. Onyx is historically used in pottery and jewelry, and its qualities include strength, willpower, and focus. It’s meant to continue pushing you forward through your life, keeping your eyes set on your goal and moving towards that future. Onyx is meant to protect you on this journey through life and will keep you grounded to the Earth. This is considered one of the strongest protection crystals and works to keep the negativity away.


3. Amethyst

Another one of my absolute favorite crystals, Amethyst helps with tranquility and calm. Amethyst manifests peace of mind and its calming deep purple color has historically represented a state of calm emotions and sobriety of spirit. It’s also historically been known to help protect you from drunkenness as its meaning translates to “not intoxicated.” Also, amethyst users should avoid letting their amethyst sit in the sunlight as it can lose its purpleness, which is said to be the basis of its power.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the most royal of our favorite crystals as it has historically represented royalty and gods, and is the symbol for wisdom and truth. Lapis Lazuli has been highly sought after for its brilliant blue color, and it’s known to manifest wisdom and good judgment in the real world. It’s known to be able to activate the higher mind and help promote intellectual growth and openness. Lapis Lazuli is also good for bringing calm and open communication to your home.


5. Red Jasper

For those whose favorite crystals increase internal balance, Red Jasper is great for promoting emotional balance and clarity. Red Jasper users have said that it helps remove negative energy, stress, and worry. It’s good for creating emotional clarity and finding internal peace and is known to increase self-confidence, courage, emotional protection, and relaxation. It’s also supposed to help you remember your dreams (which is perfect for your currently empty dream journal).


6. Citrine

If Citrine is one of your favorite crystals, then your life is full of positivity and good energy. The bright yellow is used to represent joy, abundance, and spiritual transformation. Citrine is good for readjusting your spiritual balance in times of moderate stress – like a little energy pick-me-up. It’s not good for deep, profound healing, but can be extremely helpful for keeping the stress away early on. It’s a little ray of sunshine in your life and will bring you joy both through its spiritual guidance and its vibrant color.

7. Jade

As far as lucky favorite crystals go, Jade is the go-to stone for those searching for luck, prosperity, and wisdom. Jade is historically thought to bring good fortune in ancient China and has also held the properties of eternal youth and anti-aging throughout history. Jade is the perfect good luck stone for anyone searching for prosperity and abundance in their life. Jade’s support and prosperity work not only for wealth, but also for flourishing in love, friendship, and health.

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8. Obsidian

One of the most beautiful of my favorite crystals, Obsidian is perfect for transformation and the search for truth. Obsidian is a protective stone and good for keeping away negativity by absorbing the negativity from your environment into itself. Obsidian draws out your stress and anxiety to help you achieve mental balance and clarity in your daily life. It’s also a stone of transformation, helping you to evolve into who you truly are.


9. Aquamarine

While the 2000s mermaid movie was one of my favorites, the Aquamarine gemstone far surpasses anything else to reach peak favorite crystals territory. The color evokes the clarity and smoothness of the sea and symbolizes the purity and calmness found in the blue waters. Aquamarine is useful for cleansing both the spirit and the mind and pushes you to search for truth and the ability to let go of that which does not inspire you. Commonly used as a talisman by sailors for good luck and protection, Aquamarine is the perfect talisman for anyone traveling near water.


10. Labradorite

If it wasn’t before, Labradorite will definitely become one of your favorite crystals after today. Labradorite is used to manifest transformation and change, promoting strength and perseverance during tumultuous moments. It is good for balancing and grounding spiritual energy, and the best gemstone for strengthening intuition and protecting you from fear and anxiety. Plus, the way it changes from a grayish-blue to vibrant purples, golds, and greens in the light is inspiring.

Know of more meanings and characteristics connected to our favorite crystals? Tell us in the comments!

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