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All Of The Trips You’ll Want To Be Taking After Coronavirus Is Over

All Of The Trips You’ll Want To Be Taking After Coronavirus Is Over

I DO NOT play around when I talk about traveling. It is a dream of mine to travel the world, and I am lucky enough to have been to some pretty amazing places! In this article, I will talk about the places I have traveled to and the places I have yet to visit. Anyplace that I mention in this article, it is a trip that you’ll want to be on after the coronavirus outbreak is over.

Paris, France  

I know it is a little cliché and everyone dreams of going to Paris but seriously you gotta go. I traveled to the magical City of Lights in October 2019 for a few days and I fell in love. As a fan of art, creativity, and fashion, I managed to find everything about Paris so enjoyable.

The first day my mother and I arrived we wasted no time. We checked into our hotel, changed clothes, and took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. Yes, I shed a tear. The next day, we visited the Louvre Museum, Yes, I shed a tear that day too. After your tour of Lourve, you have to walk across the street and walk around downtown and get lost in all the fashion stores in the Maison District.

After a short 3 days we were back at the airport ready to head home.

All The Trips You’ll Want To Be Taking After Coronavirus Is Over

Madrid, Spain

Though I only spent a very short 2 days here, it has found a place in my heart forever. Madrid is a city of life and nobility. This city may be the home of Spain’s’ elite but that doesn’t mean the lively city doesn’t have destination stops for all tourists and the just as lively visitors.

The motto is “Shop til ya drop”, right? Then visiting the El Rastro flea market has to be the first place on your Spain Travel Guide. After you’ve picked out the perfect night outfit, it’s time to get ready and hit the city. The number one club to visit in Madrid, Spain right now is the Medias Puri. This hidden club stands behind a women’s undergarment store, but behind the pantyhose and various tights is the hottest club with 3 dance floors that can hold a thousand party people. I’ll let you see it for yourself along with the many other clubs to visit.

Bangkok, Thailand

I spent 1 month in Bangkok, Thailand with an amazing group of people. This is a location put on your bucket list, for sure! Again, with the shopping, Bangkok has many, many, many malls and night markets. The shopping mall I spent lots of time at was Terminal 21. This 8 Floor shopping mall had fashion pieces from each country, London, New York, Paris, Thailand, and many more. You could get lost in this mall for days, like I did. Also, they have the best street food. Of course, you have to try the obvious, Pad Thai, Thai Noodles, and Thai Fried Rice. Compared to the American dollar, you can be in a food coma for less than $2.

All The Trips You’ll Want To Be Taking After Coronavirus Is Over

Cancun, Mexico

 Cancun may have been a little washed out for some, but the blue waters will bring me back any chance I get. The beautiful beaches and lavish hotels are to die for! You can literally do just about anything in Cancun, Mexico. Go shopping, get the perfect tan, and even have fun on the many excursions they offer. Cancun is the destination for the dream vacation.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This hidden gem in Central America will make for the backpacker’s dream. The focus on this untouched haven has to be the hidden beaches and the discrete nightlife. Plan a trip to San Juan Del Sur this summer and enjoy what this tiny miraculous city has to offer!

All The Trips You’ll Want To Be Taking After Coronavirus Is Over

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New York, New York

 Do I have to explain this one? The Big Apple is a concrete jungle where dreams come true. New York City is one of the leading cities in Art, fashion, Food, Music, and Theatre but if you just wanting to visit the Empire State one thing you need to do is have enough time to visit all 5 boroughs, Gaze at the Metropolitan Museum, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. All these places have an outstanding reason as to why they are honorable mentions. It has been many years since I have these specific locations, but I cannot wait for my return back to the city.

Orlando, Florida 

This wonderful city is one for the books. I lived on the outskirts of Orlando for about 3 months in 2019 before moving to Bangkok for a short while. I’m sure you have visited Orlando before for a family Disney vacation, or Universal Studios but let me tell you – Downtown Orlando is a wonderful place to be. The nightlife in this city is amazing and the food is spectacular. I can’t wait for my next trip to visit Orlando, Florida!

Los Angeles, California

Traveling back to the west coast, Los Angeles is another city where dreams are meant to come true. Where most A-List celebrities and upcoming artists live, Los Angeles is a place the place to be at for all things new in Hollywood. There are many things to do in this city like go shopping in Beverly Hills, Drive around Calabasas, and go on those TMZ celebrity sightings tour. I’m sure, if you tried hard enough you can get a cameo on the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode. Anyway, I am sure you can find lots to do in this A-List city.

All The Trips You’ll Want To Be Taking After Coronavirus Is Over

There you have it! A list of cities that you need to visit as soon as quarantine is over. I love each of these cities so dearly and I hope you like them too!

Let me know in the comments below which of these magical places on earth you have visited or want to visit. Where will you travel next?
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