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All Of The Nail Trends For 2020 You’ll Adore

All Of The Nail Trends For 2020 You’ll Adore

Entering a new decade sometimes feels like entering a new era when it comes to fashion and beauty. When looking at nail trends, 2020 has and is still gracing us with retro, convenient, and stylish nail art that will forever remind us what this year was all about. From metallic talons to abstract art designs, this year’s nail trends continue to tell us unique and diverse stories that reflect the aesthetic and movements of today. Here is a list of all of the nail trends for 2020 you’ll most definitely adore. Check it out! 

Modern French Manicure

Nostalgia has been hitting 2020 with a rock lately as we have begun to see the resurgence of the french manicure–except this time with a twist! The french manicure was THE mainstream nail trend of the 2000s and, as a society, we haven’t forgotten. Today, the french manicure really focuses on edgier and bolder designs outside of the basic white tip, even incorporating different colors to the manicure. We will only see variations of this trend going forward and we’re here for it!



Nude colors in the beauty and fashion world have been progressing and diversified in the last several years. More specifically, nude nails have been a minimal and classy look everyone has been rocking in 2020. With several nude shades today, the possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching or finding the perfect color to monochrome with your outfit. Out of all the nail trends on this list, this is a classic style that will last a lifetime. 

Butterfly Detailing

What has made people feel truly free during quarantine is butterfly art. The wistful 90s and 2000s symbol has made its way to the nail world. Butterfly detailed nails are beautiful and work with any season (from spring butterflies to monarchs). The exquisite insects are symbolic of rebirth and starting anew, a theme we will continue to see this year and the next few years to come. You can’t go wrong with this nail trend!



Just like the 2000s, the 80s are also making an appearance in the 2020s with the ever so bold metallic aesthetic. Nail trends this year are all about unique, statement colors and these nails are just that. With many influencers, like Kylie Jenner, rocking the nails, it isn’t far fetched to see this as the beginning of metallic mania in the nail world. What makes this look even more well-executed is the equally shiny jewelry and sparkly outfits that perfectly complement the style. 



The love for zodiac signs and constellations has deepened this year, so much so that people are celebrating this love through body art. Moreover, one way to shoot for the stars this year is by experimenting with constellation nail art. This design is current, one of a kind, and eye-catching. The minimal and tiny art design gives off a magical feel and is truly youthful. This is a nail trend you have to try once this year!

Dark Green Nail Polish

Dark green has become akin to nude, as the nail polish provides an elongated illusion to your nails and gives off a mysterious and moody vibe. Nail trends that are simple and more muted are just as important as colorful and striking nail trends. This polish allows you to switch up your look and looks great with just about any look. If nude colors are nowhere to be found, experiment with dark green nail polish. You won’t regret it!



Try taking your vision of a lit set of nails to the next step by hopping on the flames nail trend. This design and aesthetic is a body art icon at the moment. The trend is usually merged with the negative space nail style, which exposes nude nails within nail art. The simple, yet precise nail art on unpolished nails is a whole vibe that looks perfect with any edgy and grunge look. 



Another 2020 nail style out there is mismatched nails. This trend is an easy one to execute as it only requires you to paint every other nail a different color each time. The color coordination between your outfit/makeup and your nails is a definite mood booster that’ll make you feel put together. Mismatched nails also bring together other nail trends, like nude and metallic nails, and takes it to another level by showcasing a variety of nudes and metallic polishes. This is definitely a trend no one should sleep on!

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Abstract Art

Thanks to Rupi Kaur illustrations and Instagram tattoos, abstract art is the thing right now, with its one-line simplicity being absolutely breathtaking. The sophistication and artistry in abstract nail art are simultaneously seamless and ethereal in comparison to the other nail trends. It is truly art in miniature form. While abstract nail art depicts human figures and, at times, specific in design, it is still nonpictorial with its images and looks great with any overall look you have in mind. A beautiful nail trend that is a must!


80s color phenomenon and a super trendy nail color this year is neon! Similar to metallic nails, neon nails are beautifully bold and gives everyone a healthy glow. Neon is truly a versatile color that everyone is fashioning this year, with the statement nails being appropriate for any occasion depending on how you coordinate them with your attire. Neon blue, green, purple, orange, pink, yellow, etc. Every neon nail color is in vogue at the moment, so make sure to choose your favorite color selection and nail it!



Beauty and fashion as activism have always been a way to voice political and humanitarian concerns through art. This year, people took statement nails to another level by capturing everyone’s attention to what’s happening in the real world through nail art. From the Black Lives Matter Movement to climate change, people have been fusing their love for nails, creativity, and passion as a platform for larger issues. While this is a 2020 nail trend everyone can admire, it is also something beyond a trend. These fantastic nails deserve an award!


Clear Coat

A 2020 nail trend that is reminiscent of the 2000s and a result from the pandemic this year is clear coat nails. Many people this year have stayed indoors and have been doing the least when it comes to painting their nails. Minimalism is the new wave and simply having on a clear coat lets you admire just how amazing your bare nails look. It is glossy and a less messy process to go through. There is a good chance more people will be in line with this trend in the next years to come. 

This list is chock-full of nail trends that are all about nostalgia, vibes, aesthetics, and 2020 as a whole. What nail trend do you adore from this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!