All Of The Best Mediterranean Grill Recipes For This Summer

There is an entire rainbow of fruits and vegetables that would look beautiful on your backyard grill this summer. Together, these Mediterranean grill ideas will create a bright spread bearing stripey grill marks all across your table.


After grilling your tomatoes of choice, they will be wrinkled like little raisins bursting with tangy juice. Halve bigger tomatoes or grill grape or cherry tomatoes whole. Toss them in herbs and oil before serving. Just try not to burn them like the ones in this picture.

All Of The Best Mediterranean Grill Recipes For This Summer


For distinct marks, grill these dry and season afterwards. If you want something more flavourful, marinate them and put them in a pan to grill so that you can save all the juices. Either way, finish them off with a generous drizzle of melted butter.


One of the best cheeses to grill — this chewy cheese will satiate your cravings for protein. You will be able to get perfect grill marks without it sticking. If you have a salty-tooth instead of a sweet-tooth like me, this will satisfy it!

All Of The Best Mediterranean Grill Recipes For This Summer


What is a Mediterranean grill without some sweet and tender aubergine? Halve it down the middle for longer cook time and retained moisture or grill in slices for quick-to-cook and easy-to-share portions. In slices, these would be great as a base for sauces and other toppings.


Cut up some bell peppers so that they have even contact with the grill. Perhaps cut them into inch-wide slices lengthwise down the peppers so that they are big enough to retain their sweetness but small enough to have contact with the grill.


I don’t know about you but for me, there is nothing better than an overcooked, squishy, and sweet courgette. Of course you can grill it for a normal-person amount of time so that it is still a bit crispy. Just cut in half down the middle of the courgette so that it is shorter and easier to handle, then slice lengthwise into thirds.


To add some carbs to the backyard Mediterranean grill, buy some basic flatbreads and grill them till they have pretty marks. Like the aubergine, these will work well as a base for other toppings. You will even be able to make your own wraps or pizzas.

Sweet Potatoes

For something starchy in your spread, you can throw some whole sweet potatoes onto your grill as soon as you get it hot. Or, if you are not in the mood to wait so long, cut them into slices and grill them separately.


For some in-season hot and juicy fruits, cut some nectarines and peaches in half and take out the pits. Grill them face down until you have distinctive (not burnt) grill marks.

All Of The Best Mediterranean Grill Recipes For This Summer


Now for a ultimate Mediterranean grill treat (in my opinion), grill some figs! Halve the fresh figs and grill them face down. The seedy, beautiful, adorable little treasures will ooze nectar by the end of your Mediterranean grill sesh.


To tie all these wonderful grilled fruits and vegetables together, serve them with a selection of sauces and dips. Offering a range of basic flavours and textures like yogurt, raw honey, lemon juice, herb-infused oils, and chili sauce will greatly widen the possibilities for new and personalized flavours. You may mix the basic sauces and flavours to create a blend that suits your taste and selection of foods perfectly.

All Of The Best Mediterranean Grill Recipes For This Summer

If you are having a backyard barbecue this Summer, these ingredients will come together to make a colourful, healthy, and delicious meal. Since each dish is simple and basic, everyone at the table will be able to create a plate of food that suits their tastes nicely. Happy grilling!

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