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All Of The Best Chili Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter

All Of The Best Chili Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter

My favorite go-to meal in the winter is always a big bowl of Chili but this winter, I’m on the hunt to spice it up and make my boring chili have a little something extra. As someone who has been picky my whole life, having a staple meal for the winter months that I actually like means everything. No more cereal for dinner in the winter. Now, I just heat up a bowl of chili and boom!  Fortunately for me, my whole family loves chili so I am not always left responsible to make it but when I do, it usually takes less than thirty minutes to do. On the rare occasion I try out a new recipe that takes a bit longer, I’ll plop myself in front of the tv or on my laptop to get some work done while it cooks. Once you throw the ingredients in a pot, you are good to go. Just sit back, relax, and let that baby simmer. Below, I’ve listed a few ways you can add a new twist to your go to chili recipe so you have many easy options throughout the winter.

1. White Bean Chili and Winter Vegetables

If you want to add some zest to your chili this is a perfect option that is especially great in the winter. Start off with your normal chili recipe but replace your go to beans with a white bean. This will add a little something new with the taste but the texture will be just as warm and creamy as ever. From there, you can make chili as usual and top it off with an avocado and some cilantro. These simple twists will make this chili a showstopper and a crowd favorite. My personal favorite thing to do is make this chili and my normal chili recipe the same day so throughout the week I can switch off. That leaves enough variety each day while keeping with a simple to re-heat, warm meal that anyone would love. Feel free to add different garnishes on the top as well. I find that the avocado adds a very creamy and fresh taste to the chili that I personally adore but, I have tried almost every vegetable under the sun as a chili garnish and they’re all delicious. If you don’t have access to an avocado, I suggest dicing up fresh tomato and sprinkling on the top. 

2. Mexican Winter Chili

I found this recipe online years ago and have not looked back since. When I tell you, this chili is to die for, I mean it. To make Mexican Winter Chili is rather simple. Start by cooking up some pork, onions, and peppers. Once you let this all cook down for about half an hour throw in some spices and broth of your choosing. (I like to add red pepper for an extra kick). Then, finish by stirring in some canned pumpkin, whipping cream, and cocoa powder. This chili recipe is unlike anything I’ve tasted before but is guaranteed to change your life. For those of you that are skeptical about adding pumpkin and cocoa to chili, I was too, but it is delicious. This recipe is the perfect winter chili because the pumpkin and chocolatey kick make it feel like youre sitting by a fire watching christmas movies with your family. The pumpking also is responsible for making the texture so thick and creamy. 


3. Butternut Squash Chili

I am obsessed with squash in any way I can consume it, so mixing chili and squash is my ultimate dream come true. Similar to the White Bean Chili, This is basically your regular chili recipe at the start. Once you’ve got your chili made, stir in some butternut squash on low heat and let simmer until the squash is tender. My personal favorite is to add mozzarella cheese on top, because cheese makes everything better. Right? If you’re not sold on adding cheese, consider dicing up some tomatoes or cilantro to garnish it with. The little added topping goes a long way when it comes to a hearty chili recipe.

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4. Thick Homestyle Chili

My ultimate go-to cold weather recipe is a plain, thick homestyle chili. This is as simple as can be to make. I usually just used a lot more beans and a lot less liquid. The texture will come out perfect and be a little less soupy than other chilis can be. It feels like a hearty meal that will fill and warm your belly. Usually, when I make this, I try to mess around on my own with ingredients a little bit. Sometimes I’ll try new types of beans and other times I’ll mess around with new toppings for it. The good news is, no matter how good or bad my concoctions end up being, the base chili is always delicious and thick as ever. 

If you’re a chili lover like me, remember that chili goes good with everything. Obviously as the carbohydrate lover that I am, I enjoy putting chili with bread or in a bread bowl. (Yes, you can learn to make those online and you won’t regret it). If you’re avoiding the carbs, you can always shoot for cheese chips to dip into your chili. Cheese Chips are a keto approved food where you literally melt cheese on a plate untili it becomes all crunchy and melty. Throw some shredded cheese on a plate for 45 seconds and they’ll come out golden brown. Leave your comments below if you have other chili recipes or suggestions for things to dip in it. I consider myself quite the chili connoisseur and will not be content until I’ve tried it all. Let me know if you try out any of the recipes I listed and let me know how your experience goes (and dont forget to always add a photo because chili is very “Insta- worthy”.). Happy Winter Eating Friends!

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