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10 All Most Popular Items At The Studio City Farmer’s Market

If you’re a local to the L.A. area you know for sure that the Studio City Farmer’s Market is among one of the best Sunday markets in town. Many amazing farmer’s markets happen on Sundays in Los Angeles,  but this one is definitely a favorite among residents of The Valley. Although it’s only a street long, quite tiny compared to others, it has an amazing variety of stuff.

From delicious fruits and veggies to fresh cheese, homemade yogurt and even unique items like jewelry, soaps, and homemade fragrances. So, although all of the produce and the products sold here are outstanding, here are 10 most popular items at the Studio City Farmer’s Market.

1. Jujube Fruit

A highly coveted fruit only sold by one merchant, the Jujube sells out incredibly fast. As soon as the market opens, the fruit is gone, that’s why it’s very rare to actually see the Jujube in person unless you’re one of the first souls strolling the market in the early morning. Loved by kids, and adults alike, the Jujube can be eaten raw and fresh like any other fruit, or else dried, which actually makes it a much more fun and unique treat.

Dried Jujubes are 100 percent more popular and in high demand. Kids love the dried Jujube because it reminds them of cotton candy, flavor and texture wise, which is a great way of allowing kids to eat healthy treats while pretending it’s candy. If you happen to venture into the market in the wee hours of the morning and find that precious bag of gold, make sure you get two since getting to buy Jujube is an all time quest and not always a success.

2. “Mama’s Products” Greek Yogurt

If you’re a fan of greek yogurt, you’ve got to get your hands on the homemade gems sold by “Mama’s Products.” This merchant is humble but well-known at the market. He sells all types of mediterranean edible products like hummus and dips, but they’re most famous for their incredible, creamy and fluffy greek yogurts, which come in a thousand different flavors.

If you’re going for it, you should definitely try the beet hummus, the vanilla greek yogurt, and the fig greek yogurt. No matter which flavor of yogurt you get, they will all deliciously melt in your mouth, as fresh as yogurt will ever be. Top it off with a bit of granola and some fresh fruit, bought at the market obviously, and you’ll have the most deliciously filling breakfast ever.

3. Mama Musubi Rice Balls

Mama Musubi might as well be another word for heaven on earth. These rice balls are among the tastiest you’ll ever try, and they are actually one of the most sought out and popular items at the Studio City Farmer’s Market. The line is usually pretty long, but it’s worth every minute. Plus, you can always order and pay, and then head out to explore the market while you wait.

If they call your number and you’re not there yet, they will gladly store your rice balls somewhere safe until you come back for them. The perk is that right next to the Mama Musubi stand you’ll find the most delicious mango and peach agua fresca ever tasted. A combination made in heaven. It’s not just the taste that makes these rice balls super coveted, but also the fact that Mama Musubi doesn’t have a permanent restaurant, meaning that Sundays are the only days you can taste this mouthwatering treat.

Unless you want to drive all the way to Pasadena, where they serve Mama Musubi rice balls at the community selling kitchen known as “Kitchen United”, but they only work till 3:00 p.m. and they’re usually sold out. So go ahead, and next time you’re walking around the farmer’s market, don’t just buy produce but also cooked goods like this mouthwatering Japanese delicacy. 

4. Gourmet Mushrooms

If you love to cook with mushrooms, either as the main dish or as a savory side, the Studio City Farmer’s Market has one of the biggest, rarest and prettiest varieties of exotic and gourmet mushrooms. If you’re a mushroom expert, you’ll die at the sight of perfection they have. If you’re otherwise a novice, you’re gonna fall in love with the color variations that “L.A. Fungi” has to offer. They look more like a pretty bouquet of flowers rather than an ugly bunch of mushrooms.

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Plus, you’re gonna want to come into the tent, at least, to take a quick look, since they’re actually irresistible and they look like pieces of art and ancient flower arrangements. This unaccompanied vendor offers a crazy array of mushrooms including Chanterelles, Morels, Porcini, Cremini, Black Trumpets, Shiitake and more! See for yourself, these might just be one of the most unique and popular items at the Sunday market. Grab em’ before they’re gone, and they go fast!

5. Organic Honey

Yes, you might think honey is nothing special since you can actually get it anywhere, at any farmers market and even at your regular go-to supermarket. But the honey merchant at the Studio City Farmer’s Market is a costumer favorite. “Bill’s Bees” sells more honey flavors than you ever knew existed, such Avocado Honey (yes, avocado), Buckwheat Honey, Sage Wildflower Honey, and Almond Blossom Honey.

It’s also every kid’s favorite due to the infinite assortment of colorful and addictive honey sticks. Buy one jar of honey, and you’ll want to buy them all! We’re pretty sure getting honey from “Bill’s Bees” will be your new all-time favorite Sunday tradition.

Whether you are an avid visitor of the Studio City Farmer’s Market or not, this is a place that definitely deserves a spot on your Sunday plans. A weekend routine would not be complete without a visit to this wonderful world of fresh produce, yummy food and popular items that you most certainly won’t get anywhere else.

Which of these popular items are you excited to try? Share with us in the comments!

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