10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

We’re forever searching for the perfect hot chocolate recipes to enjoy on a cozy Autumn evening, but why not spice things up and add a little liquor? You’ll feel as if you’re melting into the sofa as you sit back, relax and slurp your way to the bottom of the mug…

1. Baileys Hot Chocolate

My personal favorite. Adding Baileys to your hot chocolate is ideal for when you fancy a nightcap, but the ever-cooling autumn temperatures mean that Baileys over ice is the last thing you want! Retrieve your favorite mug from the cupboard and fill it halfway with Baileys, whilst making up half a mug of standard hot chocolate separately. Pour the hot chocolate over the Baileys and don’t forget the whipped cream, mini marshmallows and any other extravagant toppings you desire!

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

2. Chocolate Baileys Hot Chocolate!

If you’re the ultimate chocoholic, this one’s for you. Follow the same steps as before, just pour warm milk over the chocolate Baileys if you want to avoid too much sickliness! Or if you’re looking for even more chocolate, scoop some rich chocolate ice cream onto the top, making yourself a hot chocolate float!

3. Salted Caramel Baileys Hot Chocolate

You might have noticed a theme by now…but Baileys’ variations are the ultimate hot chocolate mixer! The hint of caramel dispersed through your hot chocolate will definitely please your sweet tooth.

4. Almond Baileys Hot Chocolate

For the nut lovers, this winning combo is guaranteed to please. Top with whipped cream and fresh almonds to get that Instagram-worthy aesthetic on a chilly autumn evening.

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

5. Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys Hot Chocolate

The last of the Baileys, I promise! If you’re looking for a more subtle way to jazz up your hot chocolate recipes, here’s your answer. Less intense than the previous flavors, the vanilla cinnamon Baileys is a great option for those trying out an alcoholic hot chocolate for the first time. Top with whipped cream, caramel sauce and a cinnamon stick to please both the eye and the mouth!

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

6. Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for more of a kick, adding spiced rum to your hot chocolate recipes will do the trick. In the same way as with the Baileys, use equal parts alcohol to hot chocolate to really spice up your evening drink. Chuck in some cinnamon if you can handle your spice.

7. Vodka Hot Chocolate

If spirits are your go-to, try using vodka in your hot chocolate recipes. You can add as much or as little as you like and this recipe also works well with ice, making a cooling vodka chocolate milk for those milder autumn evenings.

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

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8. Malibu Hot Chocolate

Imagine piña colada in hot chocolate form. Change up your hot chocolate recipes by using white chocolate and pouring the mixture over Malibu, throwing some coconut shavings in for good measure. Don’t forget to top with whipped cream and white chocolate milky buttons!

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

9. Dark Rum and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Feeling daring? Transform your standard hot chocolate recipe into a hot chocolate cocktail by combing it with both dark rum and salted caramel baileys. Go Hard Rock Café inspired and sprinkle bacon shavings over the whipped cream topping – what a treat. Maybe take this one to bed so you don’t have to tackle the stairs afterward…

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

10. Vodka and Baileys Hot Chocolate

Another one to take straight upstairs! This knock out hot chocolate recipe will warm every inch of your body and allow you to drift into a peaceful alcoholic sleep coma…Enjoy!

10 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For Autumn

Which recipe is your favorite? Tell us which ones you’ve tried!

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