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10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine

10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine

Oh quarantine, how we all wish you’d end. Don’t get us wrong, we’re doing our part, staying home, only going out for essentials, keeping at least 6 feet apart, but man, we are over it. We never thought we’d say this, but we miss going to get drinks with our friends. However, if you are just as paranoid as we are, there is a great chance you probably won’t go to the bars and clubs as soon as it opens up. So, once quarantine is over, you’re distancing yourselves safely, bring some friends over, grab some beer and any of your favorite liquors and start with one of these alcoholic games! Remember to drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive!

F*ck The Dealer

All you need:
A deck of cards
Any kind of drink – beer is usually the choice of alcohol, but go hard if you’d like

The instructions:
With this deck, it has never been specified whether Ace is higher than a King or counted as 1. Honestly, that’s up to you to choose. We keep it as 1.

Okay, so you don’t need to shuffle these – whatever is in your deck is fine. Pass a card to each player, and whoever has the lowest number, then becomes the dealer.

Dealer, you’ll grab the deck and discreetly take a look at the top card. Turn to the person on your left, and they need to pick a number, and if they get it right, you need to take that sip. For example, if the top card is seven and the person on the left guessed 7, then you as the dealer need to take seven sips.

All right, they got it right, let’s move on to the next person, again, take a look at your top card discreetly, allow them to choose a number, and if they get it wrong you tell them higher or lower. They get two tries. For example, if the number is seven and they chose 3, you tell them higher, and for their second chance, they chose 7. They have to drink four sips. However, if they say 3, then you tell them the number is higher, and they chose 5. They need to take the seven sips of the amount they got wrong.

Dealers can either go as long as around the players or can go as low as three people. However, out of all of the alcoholic games, the reason for the name of this game is to get the dealer as drunk as possible hence the name f*ck the dealer.

King’s Cup

All you need is:
Deck of cards
Red Solo Cup
Drinks for all players

Set up of the game:
On a table, the deck of cards is spread in a circle around an empty red solo cup and make sure the cards are facing down.

This is relatively easy; each player takes turns picking up a card. Each card has an action they need to follow. Out of all of the alcoholic games on the list, this will probably get your drunk the quickest!

Ace – Waterfall
Once someone picks an Ace, everyone needs to start drinking. The person who picked up the card can decide when to stop drinking. So, once the person who chose the card stops, the person on his right can stop and so forth. However, the person on his left cannot stop drinking until the person on his right does.

Two – You
The person who chose the card can choose anyone else to drink.

Three – Me
The person who chose three needs to drink.

Four – Chicks
All women in the circle have to drink. If you are not playing with women, you can either choose to ignore or come up with something else like truth or dare.

Five – Never have I ever
When someone chooses this card, all players need to put up five fingers. The person who chose the card starts with something they’ve never done, and whoever puts all fingers down first loses and has to drink.

Six – Dudes
All dudes in the circle need to drink. If you are not playing with men, just go ahead, either ignore or make up another rule like truth or dare.

Seven – Heaven
When this is chosen, everyone needs to raise their hands to the ceiling, the last one to raise their hand loses and needs to drink.

Eight – Mate
This is a crappy card! Whoever chooses this card can choose one player to be their mate, and whenever the person that picked the card has to drink, so does their mate! This continues throughout the game.

Nine – Rhyme
This is fun to play. The person who plays the cards thinks of a word to say. The person next to him needs to say a word that rhymes with it, and each player continues to do so until someone can’t think of a rhyme, whoever stops rhyming drinks.

Ten – Categories
The person who chose the card needs to come up with a category, for example, countries or Walmart, and everyone else needs to come up with something inside of that category. For example, if we chose Walmart as the category, someone we are playing with can say Takis as something that you can get from there if someone can’t come up with something they have to drink.

Jack – Rule
Whoever chooses this card must come up with a rule, and the rule is set for the entire game, whoever doesn’t follow through drinks. For example, if we chose the Jack card and we say everyone has to only drink with their left hands, that’s what the players have to do.

Queen – Questions
The person who chooses the card must come up with a question. Then the players must go around and answer the question with a question, and whoever doesn’t respond with a question loses and needs to drink. For example, if we chose the queen, we would ask, “who is wearing the color pink?” Then the person next to us can ask, “Is Jared wearing the color pink?” Then it continues until someone can’t think of a question or answers the question.

King – King’s Cup
Every time someone pulls the King card, they need to pour some of their drink into the cup in the middle. Whoever draws the fourth king loses the entire game and must drink the cup!

10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine


All you need is:
Deck of Cards
Drink of Choice

Set up:
We love this game because from the list of alcoholic games this is best played with three or more players, but two can work as well.

Everyone must sit around a table, whoever is the dealer sets the cards facing down on the table in a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid format. Once that is dealt, the dealer then deals each player four cards, facedown.

First, each player takes a quick glance at their four cards that are face down but don’t let anyone know what you have. All you need to do is memorize what you have and make sure the memorization is in order because you won’t be able to look at them again. You can BS your way throughout the game, but if someone calls your bluff and you flip your card over. You have to throw that card out and grab a new one.

Once everyone is good, each card in the pyramid is flipped over one by one. After a card is flipped, players can assign drinks to each other based on either them having the card in their hand or based on a bluff.

If you are assigned a drink by someone else, you can either call their bluff, and they have to find the card in their hand in one guess or drink whatever they assigned you.

The bottom row represents one drink and going upwards to the top, which serves six drinks.
If someone calls out their bluff incorrectly, the person that called out needs to drink twice the number of drinks they were assigned. If they bluff correctly, then the bluffer drinks twice the drinks.

Do Or Drink

This is a game you can get off of Amazon! Think Cards Against Humanity, but in drinking form. The cards give you a dare or the option to drink.

For example, cards can say:
Call a pizza place and ask for a pizza in the shape of a penis or drink.
Name three sex positions or drink three times.

10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine

See Also

Truth Or Drink

This is another card game you can get off of Amazon. The set above resembles the dare in truth and dare. This one resembles the truth in truth and dare! The rules are super easy!

The seller wrote, “The rules are simple: Set out the drinks and shuffle together decks of your choice. Draw a card and ask the questions printed on it. Will you have a nice stiff drink, or tell the cold hard truth? By night’s end, you’ll all be better friends after asking the questions you’d never dared ask out loud. Recommended for groups of 3 to 8 people.”


This is a never have I ever card game, and once again purchasable on Amazon!

How to play, “It’s simple — take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck. When it’s your turn, read the card out loud, and either you or the group will drink based on the prompt on the card, depending on what it is. Lather, rinse, repeat. Designed for 3 to up to 20 players.”

10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Now, to combine Truth or Drink and Do or Drink.
The game is super simple; every time someone grabs a card, they either do what it says, confess to what it’s asking, or drink!

Trust us; you will be plastered by the end of the game!

Drunk Jenga

All you need is:
Jenga Blocks
A Sharpie
Drink of your choice

Set up:
Write the rules on the Jenga pieces. For each piece, write a different rule, dare, game, how many shots to take, and so many other things. It’s pretty much straightforward. Once you’ve written something on each piece, put the blocks down, side by side rules facing down. Whoever allows the blocks to fall loses and needs to jug their drinks.

If too lazy to make it, you can always just buy pre-made Jenga blocks on Amazon.

10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine

Drinking Roulette

The thing about this game is that you’d typically have to buy the roulette spinning thing. However, out of all of the alcoholic games out there, this is one that has multiple ways to substitute it. You can even get an app that does the same job! In the Apple App Store, they have an app for Drink Roulette, where you input everyone’s name and choose the level you’d like for everyone to drink. From there you can play the game!

If you do have the roulette part or can make a makeshift one, then you’re in luck. Place your drinks in the holes of the roulette and spin. Whatever it spins on and lands on the spot with a drink, drink, and if there is no drink, then you skip a turn!

10 Alcoholic Games You and Your Friends Can Play After Quarantine

Most Likely

Oh my, another take on Never have I ever! What we love about this game is that you can find an online one to use, buy the card game version, or make up your own Most Likely questions. It isn’t too hard, and the rules are even a lot simpler. All you need to do is ask the question aloud and whoever you think is most likely to do it drinks, and if they aren’t, then you need to take a drink. For example, we can say, “Who’s most likely to drink until they’re drunk?” We chose a random person in the group. If the person we decided on says they are, then they can drink. If they say they aren’t, then you, the asker, will drink.

We hope you’re looking forward to quarantine ending because we are. Hopefully, you play one or two of these alcoholic games during your next get together with your friends. Just another quick reminder: please drink responsibly. You all are very important. If you did end up trying these games, let us know how you liked them below!