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10 Alcoholic Fall Drinks You’ll Love

10 Alcoholic Fall Drinks You’ll Love

Everyone has a go-to cocktail of some kind, whether it’s a cosmopolitan, a martini that’s shaken, not stirred, a tequila shot, or something else entirely. This fall, why not expand your repertoire of alcoholic fall drinks by trying something new? These 10 suggestions are all fall-themed and at least one of them is sure to become a new favorite of yours.

Mulled wine

Mulled wine is one of the most delicious alcoholic fall drinks, especially if you want to look super sophisticated. It’s easy to make, as well, which is a bonus. You add orange slices, cloves, and some other spices and fruits to a pot of red wine and let it simmer on the stove.

10 Alcoholic Fall Drinks You’ll Love


Apple cider mimosa

Few things say fall quite like apple cider, so try a fun alcohol twist by adding champagne to the drink. Rim a glass with cinnamon sugar and fill it with a combination of apple cider and champagne for a bubbly take on the classic fall drink.

Dark N Stormy

This cocktail is so simple, it only has two ingredients: dark rum and ginger beer. Don’t confuse simplicity with tastelessness, though. This alcoholic fall drink makes for a nice treat on a fall evening. Ordering this is a sure way to feel like a brooding writer frustrated with their latest novel and taking a break by having a drink at a local bar.

Hot Toddy

These alcoholic fall drinks are a classic at most establishments, and they combine hot water, lemon, honey, and bourbon or whiskey. It’s sure to warm you up when it gets chillier outside this season, plus, it’s delicious and the name is fun to say.



Always a classic, sangria mixes wine and fruit and sometimes other alcohol as well like rum, vodka, or brandy. The booze-soaked fruit chunks taste so great once you get to the bottom of the cup and they make it extra refreshing. If you want, add some orange juice or other juice to this alcoholic fall drink to make it slightly less strong while keeping it tasting delicious.

10 Alcoholic Fall Drinks You’ll Love

Hot buttered rum

This is a staple for the chillier months. You combine rum, butter, hot water or cider, a sweetener, and a bunch of spices for a drink that’s sure to warm you right up. While these are often associated with the holidays, there’s no reason you can’t make them a fall staple as well, especially if you use cider for yours.



Ever wanted to try the drink referenced in the Harry Potter series? Now you can! Mix whiskey, cinnamon schnapps, and rum serve in a shot glass. After a few of these, you’ll be feeling magically tipsy in no time with that alcohol content.

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Can’t get enough of those Harry Potter-themed alcoholic fall drinks? Try making butterbeer using butterscotch schnapps and cream soda. Finish off the cocktail with a dollop of whipped cream for the aesthetic.


Irish coffee

If you, like much of the rest of the world, consume a lot of caffeine, then Irish coffee may be the drink for you. It mixes hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, with cream on top. It’s really quite delicious, and a great way to feel cozy.

10 Alcoholic Fall Drinks You’ll Love

Spiked hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a childhood favorite for many people, so why not give it an adult upgrade by adding Bailey’s, Kahlua, or red wine? Bailey’s is my personal favorite alcohol to mix in, since it adds to the creaminess of the hot chocolate without much detracting from the flavor. If there was ever a drink to make you want to curl up by a bonfire with a big blanket on your lap while you sip from a thermos, this would be it.


What’s your go-to fall drink? Let us know below!

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