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10 Alcoholic Drinks That You Need To Try In College

10 Alcoholic Drinks That You Need To Try In College

The college years, for many, are a usual point in a young adult’s life to begin experimenting with alcoholic drinks. It’s a phase students reach where they gain the most independence in their young lives and are surrounded by others who are old enough to buy alcohol, or are old enough themselves to purchase a bottle. With a high accessibility to alcoholic drinks, college is a common place for young adults to take their first sips, shots, and chugs of liquor. Many students who haven’t drank before are unfamiliar with different alcohols they should try, but luckily I’m here to give you some assistance. Here are 10 alcoholic drinks that you need to try in college!

1. Fireball

Really bringing the heat with this first one.

Fireball is a popular whiskey with a strong cinnamon flavor; right up until you finish swallowing your first shot. Once its down, you’ll get a very quick sense of just where this alcoholic drink gets its name from. Its after taste is sure to scorch your throat and ignite the flames in your chest with its intense, spicy kick. Whiskies tend to have quite the kick to them, but Fireball definitely adds a special sizzling heat along with it.


If you’re into sugar, spice, and everything nice, this is a drink you should definitely give a try!

2. Crown Royal

This right here is whiskey royalty, and its got the crown to prove it.


This alcoholic drink is another very popular alcoholic drink that comes in a handful of nice flavors, such as maple, peach, vanilla and my personal favorite, green apple (fully recommended.) Crown royal goes down nice and smooth, and punches hard with whatever flavor you choose to sip on. And depending on the flavor, Crown Royal mixes well with sodas like sprite and coke as well as cranberry juice (goes great with crown apple, just saying!) You can even make your own vanilla crown and root beer float!

If you’re looking to see just what royalty tastes like, look no further than Crown Royal.


3. Smirnoff

Yes, it’s affordable, but it sure don’t taste cheap.

Smirnoff is a vodka with an incredible variety of flavors. Pick a fruit, literally any fruit, and I bet they’ll have a Smirnoff flavor for it. This is one of the perfect alcoholic drinks for first timers because it mixes really well with household juices like lemonade and cranberry juice that you can find at any local grocery store and is served at likely every bar in existence.

Most college students are balling on a budget, and Smirnoff is a good choice if you’re looking to drink on one, too!


4. Cîroc

Cîroc; a more upper echelon vodka.

This is another alcoholic drink that comes in a wide variety of flavors, including peach, pineapple and mango. Like mostly all vodkas, mixes well with a number of your favorite juice flavors that mix for quite a tasty drink. Cîroc is a little more costly than its counterpart Smirnoff, but it more than makes up for it with a finer, stronger taste.


If you’re looking to add a little more oomph to your vodka experience, you should definitely give Cîroc a try!

5. Hennessy

They don’t call it a “very special cognac” for nothing!


Hennessy (also known more notably as “Henny”), one of dark liquor’s elites, is an alcoholic drink that should make it onto your booze bucket list. With a very bold, rich taste, this brandy beverage is exceptional either as a mixed drink with some coke or straight from the bottle.

See for yourself just why Henny is a proud member of the Mount Rushmore for cognac liquor.


6. Tequila

This stuff right here is tough. Real tough. 

If you’ve ever been slapped real hard across the face, you’ll get a good sense of what tequila does to your taste buds. Slamming a shot of this will have you feeling the burn, the sting, with an after taste that’ll keep throwing powerful haymakers at your poor tongue that hang around for awhile. It’s recommended to squeeze some lemon juice into your mouth shortly after daring to take a shot of tequila to try and wash down the burn, so fair warning to you.

A good friend of mine describes tasting tequila real simply; “this right here will put some hair on your chest.” Oh yes it will.


Everybody has a story about a night they had this alcoholic drink. When will you write your chapter?

7. UV Blue

Bet you can’t guess which color this alcoholic drink is.


UV is another one of those drinks that are good for beginners because it has a real juicy taste to it, so much so that you don’t really need a mix for it. UV Blue does come in other colors and flavors, however, like cherry, pink lemonade, and even a real interesting flavor like birthday cake (it’s really scary how much it tastes like cake).

Blue, red, pink, no matter what color, UV is a drink you should for sure try at some point in college.

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8. Bacardi

The alcoholic drink that inspired the stage name Cardi B just had to be on this list.

Bacardi is a potent rum that is quite tasteful. Coming in unique flavors such as dragon berry, grand melon and razz(berry), Bacardi offers blended tastes that you won’t find in any other liquor.


As one of my more personal favorites, I advise you to pour up a shot of this while you’re in college. You won’t regret it!

9. Beer

The most famous alcoholic drink of them all.


A beer. A brewski. A cold one. Whatever you like to call them, beer is a drink that all college students should try at some point during their tenure. Beer can have an absolutely smooth, soothing taste to many that crack open a can, but can just as easily have an overly bitter wheat taste to others. Long story short; beer is one of the most acquired tasted out of any liquor.

Beer is iconic in the sense that many college themed games and objects are inspired by the beverage, like beer pong, beer bongs, and shot gunning, a race for the label of champion beer chugger. Beer can be served in cans, bottles, and kegs, and can come in packs of 12 and 24 beers a pop. Talk about quantity!

Beer is the GOAT of alcoholic drinks, an unmatched legend to college life that should be one of the very first things you try while you’re a college student.


10. Wine

Last but not least, we have this dining room delight.

Wine is an alcoholic drink made out of fermented grapes. This beverage, unlike most, is hardly ever aged, giving it a robust, ripe fruit flavoring. White wines offer a crisp, sweet sensation compared to the heavier, more rich tastes found in red wines.


Make sure you have a fancy glass, and sip slow with your pinky out! (Please don’t actually do all of that.)

With so many different brands of white, red, and other wines to choose from, the limits on your wine and dine experimentations are endless!


There is such a wide variety of alcoholic drinks that you will have to choose from once you’re in college, but these 10 are ones I’d highly recommend giving a go for rookies. Drink up, party hard, and as always, drink responsibly!

What was your first time drinking alcohol in college like? Am I missing your go to drink? Let me know in the comment section below!

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