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Album Review: Happiness Begins By The Jonas Brothers

Album Review: Happiness Begins By The Jonas Brothers

It is no surprise to any of my closest friends and family that I was at one point, to put it lightly, a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers when I was in middle school and early high school years. So much so, that I was literally called Mrs. Jonas by most of my relatives. Naturally, as the years went on, the obsession faded but I would support their works if I really enjoyed them. 

A few months ago, Kevin, Joe, and Nick reunited as a trio. The Jonas Brothers came back together as a band and it has been an entire decade since they released their last album. Happiness Begins is the three brothers’ latest body of work, and I figured as a former Mrs. Jonas/Jonatic (lolol who else remembers that nickname), I would see how their sound as changed with a song-by-song review of their newest album.


This song was definitely the smartest choice for the band’s first single off of the album. It is so unbelievably catchy that it reached #1 almost immediately after it was released. This is such an upbeat anthem and you can’t help but dance along to the quick beat, the playful whistle, and rhythmic clapping and snapping. There are so many layers of sound that you notice the closer you listen.


My personal favorite part is Joe’s pre-chorus intro. The way he sings “I’ve been dancing on top of cars, and stumbling out of bars, I’ll follow you through the dark, can’t get enough,” is hypnotic and really stands out in the song every time; it also blends beautifully once Nick comes in to harmonize the rest of the line, “You’re the medicine to my pain, the tattoo inside my brain, and baby you know it’s obvious−”

Overall, “Sucker” is definitely one of the best songs on the album and it deserves the attention and love it has deserved since they released the song and the amazing music video (which has over 190 million views on YouTube) featuring the stunning and talented Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Sophie Turner Jonas.



“Cool” is the second album from the album, which the brothers released not too long after “Sucker.” This song is very uplifting and carefree; it gives off a laid back and breezy vibe and would have been a perfect summer single. The music video is unique and quirky, and you can tell that Kevin, Joe, and Nick enjoyed themselves making this song and video.

Two lines that specifically stand out that are fantastic are when Nick sings, “When I grow up, I wanna be just like me.” It was a subtle but very powerful line to remind everyone that we’re great just as we are. Another surprise egg that fans who are a bit more familiar with their past may pick up.

At one point Joe sings, “Now that we made it, how complicated was last year?” This line references when Nick made a documentary when he went solo after the band broke up, which was titled Last Year Was Complicated. It is a nice reminder that they added to show that they have worked through and moved on from that rough patch of time they went through.


“Only Human”

The second I heard “Only Human” I knew it was going to be another favorite on the album. The song has another dance-inducing beat and is extremely catchy. It simultaneously feels like something completely different from what this band would do, but it also feels like the perfect song for them. It’s refreshing and new. Joe’s voice carries the same energy as the upbeat rhythm and makes you want to keep up while you dance, while Nick’s voice gives off a sultry, wave-like vibe in the chorus and second verse that encourages you to slow down and enjoy his tone.


This song is a wonderful mix of mellow with a steady beat that keeps you interested. “Believe” is a sweet love song that is directed towards their wives, and professing that they can’t live without them. Nick and Joe’s tone in this song is particularly soothing to listen to. You can feel the love and comfort they all feel in their relationships and this song was definitely a lovely addition to the album. 


“Used To Be”

“Used To Be” is a song that is directed at a former love who seemed to end things in search for something better. It is hinted that they don’t talk as much anymore, but they want their former love to enjoy their life. You can definitely pick up on a hint of anger and frustration in these lyrics, but overall it feels like this song was their way to make peace with what happened in this relationship and shows they have moved on.

“Every Single Time”

“Every Single Time” feels like a precursor to “Used To Be” while the relationship was crumbling. This song insinuates that a significant other did not seem as interested as one of the guys was, and apparently used them whenever they wanted because one of the Jonas’ was loyal and would always help regardless of what happened. “Every Single Time” carries the frustration of a turmoil filled relationship.


“Don’t Throw it Away”

“Don’t Throw it Away” gives off a lot of similar vibes as “Believe” and is a song that is pleading with a loved one to reconsider one last time before they decide to leave the relationship. They are hoping to work their issues together and wishing that their significant other would think about taking a pause on things rather than ending the relationship completely. This song has another smooth beat where Nick’s voice gives off a wave-like rhythm, especially when he sings, ” ‘Cause I know you think you’re better off without me now, sayin’ all you need is space, baby, we can work this out.”

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“Love Her”

This may seem a bit unfavorable for some, and I mean no disrespect to the Jonas Brothers by this comment, but when I listened to this song I could not help but be reminded of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” The overall rhythm and flow of the song sounds eerily similar to Bieber’s song. “Love Her” is definitely catchy and smooth, but it feels like it has been done before.


“Happy When I’m Sad”

Normally I am not the biggest fan of songs that have choruses which just repeat the same line over and over again. However, I love “Happy When I’m Sad” because it is just so catchy to listen to. Despite the bittersweet lyrics, the upbeat sound completely contrasts the heaviness and emotion behind the words. Joe’s voice is wonderful and smooth in each verse and Nick carries the upbeat energy in the chorus.


“Trust” gives off a very sexy vibe and the lyrics equally implicate this vibe. It’s a song reflecting how sometimes you get lost in the moment and passion with some people that you just can’t resist. This song emanates a similar vibe to the Weeknd’s sound, but it reflects a true Jonas Brothers spin to it. It is different than anything they have done as a band thus far and it works.


This song was a cute homage to the idea of soulmates and that feeling that you have definitely met someone before. It’s a cute song and maintains a common sound that the album carries.



One of the best ballads of the album is “Hesitate.” It works because it embraces the sound of a ballad unlike the other love songs and the lyrics truly reflect the love that this song carries. The guys promise their wives that they will be a shoulder to lean on and that they can always share their feelings and emotions with each other. I particularly love the energy in Nick’s voice when he belts out the second chorus; you can feel the sincerity in his voice−Joe’s voice equally carries heavy emotion when he softly the bridge of the song.


“Rollercoaster” is such an amazing song for this album. It really represents where Kevin, Joe, and Nick have come from and how hopeful they are as they look to their future and this new chapter. It truly carries their happiness and light-heartedness as they embrace making music again for the sake of enjoying the craft−especially when they make music together. 

You can feel the love that they have for one another as brothers and the respect they have for each other as artists and musicians. Despite the hardship they faced, they would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Embrace the journeys you have gone on because they contributed to the strong person you are today.



For some reason, this song always gets stuck in my head for hours after I listen to it. The notes that Nick and Joe hit in this song are amazing when they sing, “Come back to me baby and I’ll come back to you…” It’s a song that reassures that they and their loved one will always meet each other in the middle and come back to each other.

What do you guys think about Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers? If you’ve been a fan since they originated, how do you think this album compares to their old music? Do you like their new sound? Fans that are new to their music, did you enjoy this new release? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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