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The Only Airport Travel Essentials You Need For A Summer Trip

The Only Airport Travel Essentials You Need For A Summer Trip

Here are our top picks for airport travel essentials, that you'll need for a smooth day of traveling and to survive that gross airplane.

Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or a trip across the globe, there are a few necessities everyone needs for making the flight run smoothly. Here is a list of the only airport travel essentials you’ll need to travel this summer to get you feeling relaxed after those crazy long security lines and set you up for a successful trip upon landing!

1. Hand Sanitizer

Airports are known to be hotspots for germs. We all know that one guy on the plane that coughs the whole flight and never covers his mouth, right? Carrying hand sanitizer with you is a total airport essential. You can clean your hands after touching those gross security bins, after buckling your seatbelt and definitely after touching the bathroom latches. None of us want to arrive to our destination and spend half of our vacation sneezing, coughing, and maybe even worse. Yuck! Definitely one of the most important airport travel essentials!

Here are out airport travel essentials that you need when flying!

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

From screaming babies to that one guy that plays his movie out loud, good noise cancelling headphones are a must have for airport travel. In addition to cancelling out unwanted disruptions from those around you and helping you catch a quick nap, flight time without Wi-Fi is a good opportunity to jam out to that playlist you curated for summer (my favorite tune right now is “Wasted On Each Other” by James Bay, btw). Another super important item when choosing airport travel essentials!

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3. Sleep Mask

In addition to good quality headphones, a sleep mask is a very good thing to throw into your personal item on the plane. They’re small and compact, and if you’re trying to rest up on the plane before a big event, being able to cancel out the light and sunshine coming in through the windows is a nice option to have!

Here are out airport travel essentials that you need when flying!

4. Face Mask/ Lotion

Recycled air on airplanes is known for being incredibly drying to our skin. For some extra self-care during your travels, carry on a moisturizing face mask (maybe even a sheet mask for the brave of heart) to apply during your flight. This will seal moisture into your skin, prevent breakouts, and leaves you glowy and fresh for your summer vacation—and whatever you do to your face bring down to your décolletage. Hand lotion is also a good option to bring on a flight. Especially after all that hand sanitizer application, the recycled air can make your nailbeds feel insanely dry. Hand lotion is often small and compact but packs a big punch by guaranteeing wrinkle-free hands and moisturized nail beds.

Here are out airport travel essentials that you need when flying!

5. Cozy Socks/ Sweater

For some reason, no matter how hot it is outside, it’s always cold at 30,000 feet– and the perfect solution is a sweater or scarf that can double as a cozy blanket and a neck pillow. (Regular neck pillows aren’t that comfortable in my opinion, and they’re just so dang hard to store in your purse or backpack). Nice fuzzy socks are a great option to maximize comfort on the plane, as well. With these, you can take your shoes off, but still stay warm and not totally gross out everyone sitting around you. A great item for airport travel essentials!


6. Something to Keep You Busy

Whether it’s a book, video games, a downloaded playlist on whichever streaming platform you love– you need to have something in your personal item to carry you through the times that you’ll be awake on the plane to avoid total boredom. Even if you plan on sleeping the entire flight, conditions on the plane can never be guaranteed and you still have those 30 minute stretches without Wi-Fi options on either side of the trip to account for takeoff and landing. All in all, whatever appeals to you, bring it!

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So, there you have it! Our best airport travel essentials for a smooth traveling experience! What products are essential when traveling for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Here are out airport travel essentials that you need when flying!

Here are out airport travel essentials that you need when flying!

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