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Air Pressure Stimulating Vibrators: The Best New Thing For Your Sex Life

Air Pressure Stimulating Vibrators: The Best New Thing For Your Sex Life

If you have a clitoris, you absolutely need to buy one of these new vibrators. As opposed to your typical array of toys, (such as vibrating dildos, magic wands, and bullet vibrators,) all of these toys focus exclusively on the clit, using revolutionary new technology to provide a touch-free sensation that is to die for!

How They Work And Why They Are Different From A Normal Vibrator

When you hear the word ‘vibrator’, you likely picture a rounded, buzzing service that provides equal stimulation across its head by vibrating against your body when they touch. This is not the case for this new style of vibrators at all! Air pressure stimulating vibrators are designed with a handle that has the power and control buttons on it, and a head with a circle or ovular opening inside. To start using one, simply pull back the hood of your vagina and insert your clit into the head opening, using a gentle pressure to create a seal against your skin. It may be helpful to put lube on the head to make this process more comfortable. You should be able to tell once you have a good seal, because the sound volume will cut in half and become significantly less noticeable.

Once on there, the vibrator doesn’t actually touch you or your clitoris at all. Instead, they use pulsating waves to create a suction feeling that is supposed to mimic oral sex. Not only does this feel amazing, but it has also led to a slew of testimonials from hundreds of women who finally had their first orgasm using the vibrator, are having more intense orgasms than ever, or feel like the device is powerful enough to rip the orgasm out quickly. There are varying speeds and intensities between the devices, so be sure to look int which one is right for you and your body!

Womanizer Brand

The original brand name in the suction toy company, Womanizer has a wide variety of vibrators specifically made for indirect clitoral stimulation. The pressure of Womanizer toys tends to be fluttery and thuddy, like a light tapping, and is a vibrator you can take your time with more so than the other brands. Each toy comes with two heads, one larger and one smaller, so you are sure to have an attachment that fits you perfectly! With a softer head and less intense vibrations, the Womanizer products allow you more control to add additional pressure by simply pushing down with your hands. 

Womanizer has a wide variety of products to choose from, outnumbered only by Satisfyer, and are ever-expanding their market. (They released another new vibrator between the time I started conceptualizing this article and when I finished writing it!) Let’s talk about just a few of the options available:

The Womanizer Classic starts at only $129 and offers 8 pulse speeds. The Womanizer Premium adds 4 new speed settings, bringing the total up to 12, and includes an autopilot feature. The autopilot automatically increases the speed after a designated amount of time and then backs off gently as the pressure intensifies in a wave of feelings much like your vagina is riding a roller coaster.

The Womanizer Duo and Womanizer Inside Out are two of my favorite products from the list. Unlike other clit vibrators, they also have an insertable portion for double stimulation for those who enjoy the pressure of penetration against the vibrations. These have 12 settings for the clitoral stimulation and 12 vibration intensities for pinpoint accurate sensations fit to your desire. 

The Womanizer Liberty is a top choice for frequent travelers. It looks discrete and carries safely without getting dirty due to the built-in carrying case and on-the-go design. There is also a new Womanizer 2GO product which is discreetly shaped like a tube of lipstick but still packs a huge punch.

Satisfyer Brand

Satisfyer is another leading name in the suction vibrator world, boasting the largest array of products with seven toys to choose from. The pulsations are flappy compared to other brands, which appear more thumpy.

Satisfyer starts with simply ‘Number One’; their original vibe which features 11 intensity settings and starts at only $20, making it by far the most affordable reusable option. Like the Number One, the Number Two has a bit of an uncomfortable shape to it, making holding it a little awkward.

The Pro 2 includes the same 11 settings, but has some major improvements made to it, including a more natural shape, more flexible head, and the ability to move the settings up and down as opposed to only being able to amplify the intensity as in the original generations. It is their best seller, going for only $50.

If you are a fan of aesthetics, The Penguin features all the same content with the addition of a design of a penguin wearing a bowtie, all for the same price. The Deluxe, which features an entirely new shape and design, is also in this price category.

Much like the Womanizer Liberty, the Satisfyer Traveler is specially built to be taken on the go. In addition, Satisfyer sells a trial vibrator called One Night Stand for only $10. It cannot be recharged and has a limited battery life, but is the perfect option for anyone who is still unsure about the sensation of touch-free stimulation.

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Lelo Brand

The Lelo Sona and Lelo Sona Cruise are two extremely popular choices when it comes to air pressure vibrators. The biggest difference between the two is the addition of cruise control in the Lelo Sona Cruise, which many have stated seems to have amplified the intensity of the original sensation.

The sonic waves offered in Lelo Sona products offer a more pulsating sensation than the other vibrators, which tend to feel thuddy. In this case, the intense waves come across more as direct pulsing or tapping. The smaller opening allows for a tight seal, but may be something to consider with your body type, as not all clits are the same size. These vibrators use vibro-pulsation, which makes the product resound a little deeper into your internal clit than with the other vibrators.

We-Vibe Brand

We-Vibe sells one clit suction vibrator: The We-Vibe Melt. It comes with the most variation in settings, with the most suction provided to mimic oral sex more closely than the other brands of vibrators. The sensation is largely suction-based, but with a good amount of thuddiness beneath. Its slim shape makes partner use significantly easier than with some of the bulkier products, like the Satisfyer.

Like all other We-Vibe brand products, the Melt vibrator can wirelessly connect to the We-Vibe app to allow discrete control by you or a partner from a distance. It also comes with a firmer head than the other brands, which will up the intensity but may make some people prone to discomfort. This is one vibrator that I have little experience with, but cannot wait to learn more about myself!

I hope that this list helped you decide which one of these amazing touch-free clitoris vibrators you want to try first! Please share this article with your female-bodied friends and let me know in the comments below what you thought of the options listed.

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