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The Age Gap Relationship Advice You Need If You’re Questioning The Difference

The Age Gap Relationship Advice You Need If You’re Questioning The Difference

If you're in a relationship with a big age difference, check out this age gap relationship advice that will make you feel secure in your relationship!

There is always a negative stigma associated with a woman who dates a man that is younger than her or older than her. If the man is younger, the woman is deemed a cougar and looked at in shame. If the man is older, the woman is viewed as if she is a child looking for a “father figure” cause her dad wasn’t around. Men of course, can date a woman who is fresh off of drinking Similac or has an aunt the same age as his woman, and no one bats a damn eye! That is why so many people are seeking age gap relationship advice. Well lucky for you guys, here it is:

The age difference in a relationship, shouldn’t ever be a problem unless you are indeed a child dating someone who is incredibly older than you and he or she could get charged for statutory rape. However, if you are of legal age, you are indeed free to date whoever you please no matter how old they are. And most certainly no matter what nosey ass judgmental people have to say. This is some of the most important age gap relationship advice.

Having a relationship someone who is either younger or older than you, is perfectly fine. If he or she makes you happy then that is all that matters. Love doesn’t have an age requirement nor minimum. You cannot help you are attracted to and fall for; emotions don’t work that way. It can be incredibly hard to ignore the intense connection and developing feelings you have for someone regardless of the age gap between you.


What people fail to realize is that there can be quite a few perks to being in a relationship with someone who is younger or older than you. For instance, a younger partner can help keep you up to date on the latest music, fashion styles, fun things to do and have an immensely high sex drive. Having an older can make you feel appreciated more than you ever have before, teach you things you didn’t know, cater to your every want and need, and give you the best oral that you will ever have in life. I for one know the latter is true because I had a man who was 8 years older than, give me the most insane oral that left me feeling completely devoured.

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Don’t allow people’s opinions on you being in a relationship with someone where there is an age gap difference, deter you from being in the relationship. We have a bad habit of allowing people’s opinions to be a factor in our lives and what makes us happy. We live in a free country, for most part, so that slows you to love whoever the fuck you want, whether he or she is 8 years younger or 15 years older than you. There’s no accurate statistic or guarantee that loving, happy and successful relationships happen when you are with someone within your age bracket.


So, if you are currently in a relationship with someone where there is an age gap between you two, then I applaud you for following love. If you are currently being pursued by someone who is younger or older then you and you are attracted to them, go for it! You ever know what magic will occur!

Do you have any other age gap relationship advice to give? Let us know in the comments below!

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